January 30, 2013

If they could speak ...

Have a great day, everyone! ;D

January 26, 2013

Outfit post: A new old dress

2 outfit posts in a row? I don't know how that happened, but I'm happy I'm finding the time to take crappy outfit pics (I wish they weren't crappy, though, ha). The truth is I'm actually enjoying fitting in my old clothes again and feel more comfortable being in front of the camera. On Friday I reached my goal of losing 30 pounds, woohoo to that! I'm still debating whether I should share my weight loss story or not, but for now let me just say that I feel happy with where I am at. I celebrated the event by trying on this black dress which had never fit right and to my surprise it did fit this time! I should also say that I celebrated by eating a big doughnut, hehe. Not that I'm depriving myself of too many things anyway, but it was a victory doughnut and it tasted darn great.

So, about this dress (or whatever it is), this was my very first purchase on Etsy years ago and my very first purchase using a credit card (best/worst thing ever!). I placed the ordered very excitedly, waited for it to come in the mail and when it finally did, I tried it on only to discover I didn't like the way I looked in it :/. I guess I was expecting to look like the girl in the ad on Etsy, who was I trying to fool?! But I still brought to the States, so I guess I was never completely over it. 

I decided to give it another try and even though it's not flattering and its top part is a couple of inches too long for me, I think I'm ready to wear it on a somehow regular basis. Normal clothes are not designed for someone who's as tall as an elf, I get it.


I decided to take Kirsten's advice (thanks, Kirsten!) not to think what colors match and took the items I felt like grabbing: a red belt, some superhero kinda shoes and my favorite purse to date.

I really need to buy more plain T-shirts. I have no solid tees at all, what the heck?

This Mod Jumper Dress can be found on this etsy store.

This is probably my most cherished purse; you can't see its details but it's covered in Astro Boy holographic pictures, it's like a giant ruler from the 80's, remember those? ;p I bought it in Harajuku during my second visit to Japan. That was a sad trip, let me tell you. Long story short - my dad had had a stroke (he'd been working in that country for about a year), so I traveled there by myself to bring him back to Argentina. I arrived one month before he was released from a rehab center to learn his therapy and get as much info as I could to continue treatment in Buenos Aires. I can barely understand Japanese but everybody trusted my memorizing  the exercises and grasping as much as I could. That purse and another one for my sister are the only fun purchases I made.

I've never completely liked these boots because of the strange superhero looking wings on the sides; I thought they were modern when I saw them at the store but later realized they just look weird. They were incredibly cheap, though, and I usually wear them with long pants.

FYI: when I write Arg. between parenthesis it just means that brand is from Argentina. If you ever have the chance to travel there, go, go, go! I can't stress it enough, it's a beautiful, beautiful country ;D!




January 21, 2013

Outfit post: The 70's meets the 80's

I love fashion from the 60's and 70's: bell bottoms, platform shoes, lovely patterns, synthetic fabrics that make you sweat but look pretty. Fashion from the 80s hasn't stuck with me at all except for shiny neon colors; but when it comes to music, I can't deny that I loved and still enjoy listening to a bunch of bands from that decade. This simple outfit is to honor my favorite things from both :).

The jeans and the T-shirt are from Argentina; I've had them for a few years now. I remembered to pack this pair of denims but totally forgot to bring my very favorite ones :/. My sister held a garage sale some months ago and I'm too scared to ask her which of my belongings she's sold ... I have the feeling she got rid of my fave jeans (+ who knows what!). I don't blame her, though, I left a shitload of unorganized clothes.


You can purchase the feather extension in Gale's etsy

I let my hair grow for almost 2 years and now that's long, I don't know what to do with it, ha. 
I look mad, but I'm not; promise!

I'm not a fan of the brand, they just sell cheap stuff. I'm a friend of bargains, not gonna lie.

Candid shots.


Too many pictures! You can totally slap me in the face; I won't complain.

And you can slap me again for wearing too much pink. I have no idea how this happened; I used to dread that color.

Hope you all have a wonderful week! ;D


January 19, 2013

It all happened in California

Soon, I will have been living in California for 2 years; 2 whole years, people! I can hardly believe it myself. I feel time has gone by so slowly and so fast at the same time; does that make any sense? But anyway, the longest I'd ever lived abroad before moving to the States was a little over 1 month (once to England and once to Japan). Those experiences were very fulfilling and taught me a lot. I stopped for a little bit wondering what things I have learned by living in California. I guess the fact that I'm not going anywhere anytime soon led to my forgetting that I'm constantly discovering new things (but, aren't we all, regardless of where we're living, actually?). This is the kind of shit that goes on in my mind as I'm shelving books or commuting, by the way, haha.

So, I've written down quite a few things that have happened and that I've learned here, most of which are probably not amusing at all, but I decided to make them a blog post.

* I got to see a man-made colorful mountain. Geez, visiting Salvation Mountain was such a unique experience! 

* I set foot on a ghost town. For reals. And a Renaissance fair, too (a very Gilmore Girls experience if you ask me).

* I've tried foods I'd never eaten before: chili and Mexican food in general, real pancakes and waffles, peanut butter, American candy (Jelly Bellies, jaw breakers, dots, candy corn, etc.), marshmallows, Pop Tarts, Twinkies, buffalo wings (why are they called that?!), Sriracha (I'm addicted to it!), pumpkin. Foods I am yet to try that I'd never heard of before moving to Cali: Korean BBQ, Pho, Pay Day, Ding Dongs, Lucky Charms.

Sriracha goes with everything. I use it on polenta, rice noodles, beef ...

The best chili cheese fries from The Hat.

Raspberry M&Ms, coconut M&Ms ...

* I wore sunglasses for the first time. Seriously, I had never needed/worn sunglasses before. One of the first things I noticed when I moved was that the clouds look completely different, like real cotton clouds that pop out from the sky! And the sun is oh-so-shiny; like insanely shiny.

* The 101. Oh, had I heard about it in songs (like Phantom Planet's) and movies! We've experienced it with and without crazy traffic; I prefer the latter, naturally.

* The weather. Dry summers and bearable winters? Yes! They do exist. The weather is something I definitely do not miss from Buenos Aires.

* I now have dinner at 6:30 pm. Geez! I thought I was never going to get used to that. In Argentina, I ate whenever I got from work sometimes at 9pm, sometimes at 11pm, never earlier than 9pm. Now, at around 6 I start getting hungry :/.

* You can find the most creative products here such as the cutest sidewalk chalk ;). (More examples to come in a later post)

* There are drive-thus & drop-off boxes everywhere! You practically don't need to get off your car at all. Aside from the typical fast food drive-thru, the post office has a drive thru, the libray I work at has one, too, and it's common to see drop-off boxes like the one below for clothes and shoes. I wonder if it's the same in all American states.

* Vintage stores are the best! Love Melrose Avenue.

* Dimitri moved from being anorexic (that's what his medical history states!) and having a chronic kidney disease to being a chubby, healthy kitty :p.

* I got to meet Meiko. She was really cool and down to earth; there's a picture of us together, but unfortunately I don't like the way I look in it :/. Speaking of music, I think I now hate the Red Hot Chilly Peppers, well, hate might be too strong of a word, but they play them so freaking much on the radio! Why?! Whyyy?! I'm so sick of listening to their songs. I bet you're ruining it for a lot of people, radio stations!   

I guess I've experienced a lot of neat things! It's funny how sometimes you get caught up in a weird spot where you tend to focus on what you want and don't have instead of realizing that you actually have a lot of good things going on. Now that I have a job, I feel more laid-back and can look back and enjoy things I've done in a different way. Funny, huh?

And before I leave, here's a video from an SNL skit called The Californians; have you even seen it? I really didn't think Californians had a funny accent; if anything, I feel it's one of the mildest American accents there are. But after watching these skits, I guess they do kind of talk like that, haha! I say "they" because I have a weird foreign accent of my own, ha.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! ;D


January 14, 2013

Outfit post: Pink jeans and a kitty lady tie

Well, hello, there! It's time for an outfit post! :p I've been meaning to wear my new cat lady tie for a while, but I realized that I don't have many pieces of clothing with a suitable collar or in matching colors (but really, practically 95% of my wardrobe is impossible to match, so ...). And then I remembered this forgotten dress-up shirt that I used to wear quite often to go to work in Argentina. I didn't want my overall outfit to look formal, so I paired it with, hmm, some very informal jeans, ha.


I want to make it a point to wear more color this year :p, so when I saw these pink jeans in the sales rack at H&M, I couldn't help myself.



If you want a lady tie, you can get it at Flapper Girl's etsy store. There's a wide variety of colors and patters, so you'll find one to match your style for sure :).

When I was taking the pictures, a certain someone decided to show up, hehe! :p As you can see, the sun was already going down :/; why are days so short this time of the year! I hate that.

Time for some captions!

Hope you're all having a great week! ;D