December 25, 2012

Postcards of my Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone! (Well, if you celebrate it :p). Boy have I been neglecting my little blog :/! I really want to go back to regular posting, but juggling work, chores and all that the Holidays imply is not that easy apparently. But today I am popping in indeed :p. 

So how have you guys celebrated Christmas/Eve? What have you been up to? Please, do tell! We need to catch up :). As for us, the last couple of days we've been doing last minute shopping, wrapping little gifts and cooking (well, kinda). I'm happy to have been more well prepared than last year (my first Holidays in America). This time, I knew that we had to come up with gifts (because it felt awful to receive a bunch of stuff and give none!) and a couple of dishes. Here's one of them:


OK, I could tell you that I spent hours in the kitchen kneading dough and baking, however, that's not at all true, haha. I got these breads at Stater Brothers but in order to add a personal touch (I wanted to be forgiven for not actually baking, he), I wrapped the slices in cello bags and added wiggly eyes. Because, hello! Wiggly eyes make everything cooler! :p

I also made Caprese salad snacks (thank you, Pinterest!), but totally forgot to snap a picture. There are also no photos of the finished soda samplers we prepared for most families;  yay me :/. I did take a few during the wrapping madness, though. 

This time Anthro had a nice selection of goodies in their bargain section and I couldn't help myself. I bought soap and bowls for my fellow volunteers. I got boxes that I ended up using for other presents :p.



My mother and sister-in-law have been really nice, so Christmas was a great excuse to thank them.


The small ceramic berry basket was on sale, woohoo.


We decided to give our adorable nieces gift certificates this year so they can get whatever they want/need (or are forced to? Ha, nah, their parents wouldn't do that). Instead of just handing the cards, I put them inside balls and filled them with a bunch of trinkets.


I was supposed to give this swan scarf from Target away, but I liked it so much that I kept it. I have a thing for animal patterned pieces of clothing.


As for the celebrations themselves, we started partying on the 23rd in David's uncle's house in San Diego. We loaded my father-in-law's truck with the soda samplers and off we went. We ate like pigs, watched an old Christmas movie starring Chavy Chase, Juliette Lewis and Leonard from the Big Bang Theory, the kids made gingerbread houses and we left with a bunch of presents.





We'd said no presents but everybody got everybody something :/. My favorite item is this soft coat; I'm so going to wear it!


I'm not hiding, by the way, I just so happened not to take photos of myself. But here's a crappy hand-held one. 


Ok, we're almost there. For Christmas Eve I wanted to try a festive hairdo, so I put Rudolf the reindeer on my head pretty much, hehe. I almost gave up because the parts wouldn't stay in place, but David made it happen with extra bobby pins and pipe cleaners :p. I'm proud to say that my bun and every single piece held up all night.



Hmm, try to imagine myself in these shoes instead of the slippers you can see above.
And, yup! It's the same outfit from the previous post minus Rudolf. I swear I do have other clothes in my wardrobe.


In case you want to have Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer on your hair, too, here's how to do it. The photo is pretty self explanatory, it's really easy, the only hard part is to poke the bobby pin all the way through the red pom-pom. And I recommend applying hair spray on the bun before you start putting on the parts so you can re-adjust them without making a mess of the bun ;).


It was a fun night spent with the other side of the family. Of course, we kept on eating like pigs, we also played games and there was even a little play.



Now, it's almost 4am on Christmas Day; I'm tired but happy to know we have the whole day to relax :p. I'm also kind of looking forward to New Year's; there are still no plans whatsoever, but I feel totally ready to start 2013 and begin working on meeting new goals ;p.

How about you? Are you ready to start a new year?

Enjoy the very last week in 2012! ;D



seelvana said...

me encantó tu navidad, el chal es hermoso y tu peinado más!

Laura said...

Merry merry and happy happy! You did a fantastic job with all the gifts I agree that it is so difficult to manage working, and chores and getting ready for the holidays. I struggled this year too.

I hope Dante and Dimitri also have a lovely Christmas. My mom sent gifts and spoiled Tex and Harry. ;)




Bubbles said...

Happy christmas! It looks like you had an amazing day and I love the reindeer :)

uncustomary said...

Absolutely adore the googly eyed bread and the snowglobe gift certificates! Perfect. I hope you have a really relaxing day and thank you again for my package! You're a doll. I'm so glad to have met you this year and now we get to start a new year from scratch together. <3 Mary Christmas!

Elizabeth Murguía said...

Merry Christmas!! :D

Yelle said...

Love those Anthro finds! Their things always make great gifts. Merry Christmas!

Sian said...

love your christmas post and hope you had a great time! i also adore the little eyes on the bread and your rudolph bun!! so cute.

Katrin said...

Merry Christmas, Miki! Wow, I love everything about this post! Thanks so much for making me laugh! My Christmas was very uneventful but your hair cheered me up a lot! You are so wonderful!And I would have kept that scarf too! I love anything with an animal pattern! I got a top with little dogs on it! :)
Merry Christmas, dear Miki! I'll write you soon! Love & hugs!

Kirsten Renz said...

I'm glad to hear your Christmas went well! It looked amazing! Love the coat and hope you have a great end of 2012, too!

Lau said...

Great!!! Kisses from Argentina, I'm new reading your blog! I'm Lau and my blog bye!!!

Maria said...

Merry Christmas, Miki!! So glad so see you had a wonderful time with your family!! You're always so thoughtful and clever - love the berry basket w/polishes!! And the fun way you wrapped the giftcards!!
Hasn't this month just flown by?! I hope you get to relax and enjoy the last few days before the new year! Thanks so much for always leaving kind, supportive words! Glad the card made it to you! :) Sending love and thoughts your way! Xoxox

vero mariani said...

me subo a un avión por esos bowls! jajaa! si te desaparecen, NO fui yo jijijijijijiji jajaajaj!

qué linda navidad querida miki! que sea así tu año nuevo, tu pelo genial y tu vida entera!

Marisa Noelle said...

That little rudolph hair adornment is cuteness times 1000! You are one clever gal Miki! I wish I would have dressed a little more festive this year definitely! Sounds like you had a fabulous time with your family. I'm going to Anthro tomorrow, so I hope I scope out some things that are just as lovely! xoxo Marisa

lisa said...

I've been neglecting my blog too- it's hard to juggle everything around the holidays! That Rudolph in your hair is so cute, you are so creative! I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday and thank you again for the amazing package (I hope you got my email!), it was such a great surprise to come home to!!
Have fun celebrating NYE!!

Melanie said...

I was very impressed too with Anthropologie this year! Those lil peppermint ornaments were so cute and they were so giving w/ them and the boxes! Love your reindeer hair!!! =)

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Erin Dawn said...


Unknown said...

What a cute Hair idea!