January 29, 2011

Movie task: Garden State

I don’t know how to start this post, because to be quite honest with you, I haven’t done anything special this week. The reason why I’m still writing this is because it’s my last Movie task from Buenos Aires and there are so many images and feelings involved in this movie that I can relate to right now, that is impossible for me not to go ahead with it.

This is one of my favorite films ever and yes, I totally recommend watching it, if you still haven’t. I remember that I rented it because I used to love Zach Braff and I needed to see what story he’d written and how good of a director he was. After seeing it, I loved him even more. How can you not love a person who describes such normal characters so well and is intrepid enough to add hilarious humor to this drama only to make the film even more real and blunt?

As for how this film relates to me, well, at this point of my life I no longer feel lonely as Andrew (Zach’s character) in the beginning of the movie, but I certainly did feel like that in my teenage years. I share that feeling of being detached in parties and social events (which, as most of you know, I don’t care much about). I’ve spent some time in airports crying and saying goodbye. I’ve buried most of my pets in my garden just like Sam (Natalie Portman’s character). God, I can’t even tell you how I absolutely sympathize with Andrew when he says that the idea of home is gone! When my mom passed away, my home disappeared with her; my house is now a place where I dwell, but the concept of home has been deleted from my mind and heart. I’m confident that side of me will be healed once I start a new life with David and eventually make a family, but right now, I feel I’m dangling.

Oh, I have the feeling I made this paragraph sound sad and tragic, but don’t get me wrong; it’s the opposite. I’m super happy to start a new life and I look forward to making my new house my home. Great times are coming just like at the end of the movie :D.

Go ahead and watch Garden State! You'll enjoy the story and its soundtrack ;).
By the way, its trailer is probably the best one I've ever seen.

January 28, 2011

Are you a nerd?

If you add more than three of these items to your wishlist, I’m afraid you are! As for me, I want them all!

Cardboard picnic boxes
OMG! I need one! And you can use it as a lunchbox, too.

Inspirational pad
Yes, please! Send in a few!

Super cool bokeh kit
No comment. The pictures speak for themselves ;).

The prettiest bike tyres I've ever seen
I need these tyres and, oh yes, a bike, too.

Wooden sunglasses
I wouldn't mind owning a pair.

Periodic table shower curtain
Ever since I saw it in The Big Bang Theory, I've been meaning to get one. Now I know where to buy it :).

Happy Friday, everybody! Hope you're making plans for the weekend! ;)

January 27, 2011

Contrasts: public transportation

The bus in the morning

The train at night

Train station

Subway station

January 25, 2011

Weddology: low budget ideas

I've always believed that it's not necessary to spend a ridiculous amount of money to hold an unforgettable wedding party. People can tell when things have been done with love and that's what they appreciate the most. I know I've talked about this before, but I particularly pay attention to those little details that make things special; so, for that reason, here's another post with lovely low budget ideas :).

Food & food related
I suppose the catering is one of the most expensive items in a wedding, but isn't it a great idea to provide guests with pic-nic supplies? I love these cardboard bags; I'm totally for this! :)
A simple buffet lunch or dinner can work, too. It's not necessary to offer pricey food; as long as you display everything neatly and choose varied colors or have an original idea, your dishes will look just as appealing and tasty as any fancy dish ;).

I adore these cute (and custom made) table mats; and they're so easy to make!

Nowadays there are lots of inexpensive supplies to embellish glasses, cupcakes and sweets.
You can even find free downloadable stuff, such as these straw tags! Just click the link below.

Home made favors
In all the wedding blogs I usually link here, there are lots and lots of DIY favors; some of which are really cheap and nice.

Wild flowers
Well, tulips are my favorite flower, but I wouldn't mind having wild flowers only; they look great on the table, don't you think? In fact, I want my bouquet to be made with daisies because that was my mom's middle name ("Margarita" in Spanish).

Other lovely details
Here in Argentina, we normally throw rice on the newlyweds. I'd love to be thrown colorful pompoms instead.

Yay for silly strings! They're so much fun! ;)

Simple hairdo (or no hairdo at all!) and a simple and pretty headband.

Hope you've liked my last weddology post from Argentina! ;D Have a nice Wednesday!