July 27, 2014

What to send with a forever stamp

Hello, everybody! Well, my posts are becoming too scarce, but I honestly don't want to blog unless I have something to say or show you, you know. So, as it turns out, today I do have a little something I want to share; it's a post that actually took a while to take shape and it's about one of my favorite topics: snail mail! :p

I love sending things to my friends, but I realized that I was being too reckless, so to speak, with what I was mailing. The post in America is cheaper than it is in other parts of the world, but still, I became aware of the fact that I needed to buy lighter things to mail. For the past few weeks, I've been trying to send out envelopes that are no more expensive than the value of a forever stamp. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, a forever stamp is the necessary postage to mail bills, postcards or letters up to 1 ounce/28.3 grams within the United States. It's called forever stamp because even when its price does change through time, if you buy forever stamps today at 49 cents per unit (its current value), you'll still be able to use them years from now when they'll probably be pricier. There are also global forever stamps which cost $1.10 and allow you to send a postcard or light letter to recipients in foreign countries. I usually need only one global forever stamp to send 4 photos and a letter to Argentina. If you used oddly shaped envelopes or plastic ones, or if the envelope can't be bent additional charges may apply.
What to send with a forever stamp
Aside from the obvious such as regular stationery, cards and envelopes, here are some different suggestions:
1.- Fortune teller miracle fish
I found out about their existence only a few days ago at the library, when kids who attended a program were given these cute fish. They are super light and fun to play with!
2.- Die cuts
Craft punches are not the cheapest thing in the world, but they can certainly go a long way! My latest acquisition is a circle with scalloped edges; I freaking love it! You can use the die cuts for decorations or as labels. Use your craft punch on maps, magazines, old books, sticker sheets ...
Even on old packages.
3.- Foam stickers
I usually get them in the bargain section over at Target or at Michael's. Obviously, I only go to Michael's when I have a good coupon ;).
4.- Bookmarks
Well, I work at a library, so I get them for free, but Target usually has a good and inexpensive selection.
5.- Paper bags to be used as envelopes
And DIY envelopes, as well.
6.- Paper doll sets
You guys, if there's a Daiso Japan nearby, please do yourselves a favor and go. It's become my favorite place to shop for gifts and stationery. On Saturday, I bought this lovely notebook with paper dolls; it comes with a few sticker sheets to dress them up, but I actually had more fun using clothes I cut out of fashion magazines, haha.
I'm sending paper dolls and clothes to my pen-pals this week :).
7.- Decorated photos
Many of my friends from Argentina aren't on Instagram, so every now and then, I print the phone pictures I've posted there (full size) and then either write captions with a Sharpie or print them with my label maker. I've even sent a couple of these as postcards.
Other light things you can mail
The following are a little heavier than what a single forever stamp will allow you to send, but I thought I could still include them in this same post. If you ever want to send candy that's wrapped individually and that fits in a regular envelope, check out Party City; you can buy 15 pieces of candy for a dollar. In the picture below, you can also see powder juice sticks.
I usually also grab party favors; these Hello Kitty mazes are 56c each.
Crayola tissue paper found at Target.
Lastly, if you don't want to use regular packing peanuts, head over to Daiso Japan and get these adorable heart-shaped ones :p.
Hope you're all doing great!
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Katrin said...

Hey Miki! So many great ideas! You always inspire me and you send the best mail ever. :) I have never heard of forever stamps by the way! Thanks for teaching me something new! <3

Ana said...

Qué lindas cosas!
Pero sí, lo que más me gusta de todo esto es que puedas comprar estampillas y enviar cartas por centavos!

Emoción total que llegue el cartero!

Laura said...

Miki, I really enjoyed this post!
I, too, have a fortune teller miracle fish. It's so fun! Although the last time I used it I got "Dead One" as my fortune. :(
I love the idea of printing Instagram pictures. How do you do that?
XO Laura

Marisa Noelle said...

Miss you around these parts Miki! You are the cutest with your thoughtful packages. I always love how you use old boxes to send stuff in. Really gives it a sweet and personal touch. And those packing peanuts....seriously so much more adorable than the standard white ones.

Have a lovely week darling gal! xo, Marisa

uncustomary said...

Great post, Miki! Lots of inspiration for snail mailers :)

Unknown said...

You know i love mail just as much as you do!! hehe. Great ideas there, shall be looking forward to my next letter to see what i get! hehe! Ive been collecting a few things to send out in your next parcel too!
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vero mariani said...

love itttttttttt!

Unknown said...

Hi, Miki!!

I love getting amazing ideas from you for my snail mail. <3 I'm currently writing you back but I'm also trying to figure out what to send you!! lol. Question, do you like getting bookmarks from other places??

Also, I really want to invest in a die puncher b/c I LOVED getting those in your last letter!! =)Here's to snail mail and you making it so cute!!

Marina said...

Quiero un good cupon de Michael´s jajajaja!
PD: a mi se fe desafilaron todos los punches y leí recién que si puncheas papel de aluminio se vuelven a afilar, lo probaste?

Corina said...

Hi Miki! I'm finally back here and I must say I love this post.
You've always been so creative :) I wish I could be as creative as you. I'm doing my best!
Thanks for the ideas!