April 25, 2014

As seen on Instagram

Hello, hello, hello! Happy Friday, everybody! I may have to work tomorrow, but I honestly do not care. I'm pretty pumped by the fact that we're visiting a very cool place with friends right after work (photos to come). Plus, I have Monday off, so, yay! :p

I meant to drop by the blog earlier this week, but I got sucked up in meetings and a lot of reading. I'm waiting for a new book to get in the mail and 2 other ones to be returned to the library I work at, so I can check them out. I want to keep up the rhythm, since soon I might not be able to read as much when (if) I go back to school :).

So, anyhow, here are some images from Instagram that have caught my eye and I wanted to share with you.

Isn't @milkandsun's kitty and furniture just adorable?   

This picture by @funkytime made me smile big time. If you haven't checked out her blog, what are you waiting for?! It's one of my top 10 favorites. 

I've found some interesting photos over at @thewhigs.

Awe! @pepaloves is right up me alley. I want one of everything!

For Argentinean Game of Thrones lovers, hehe.


@mrsbellerlollipopqueen makes the cutest lollipops. 

@thegirllikesrainbows totally does justice to her IG name. And I love this bed she has designed for one of her kids.

Is it weird that I love @mrramano's statue? I think it's amazing. David disagrees.

Yes, please! I need one for the weekend.

Do you have any IG accounts to recommend? ;) If you want to be friends with me there, you can find me here.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Oh, wait! One more thing - if you're not watching Broad City already, you definitely should (on Comedy Central and Hulu Plus). Just saying.


Katrin said...

Aww Miki, you always find the greatest things! The animal pictures definitely brighten my day! So cute! I have started watching Broad City too! Hope your weekend is going fine! Hugs! <3

Beate said...

Can't wait to see the pics of that place you went to yesterday. Loved the Instagram pics - now I wanna know more :) What do you want to study if you go back to school?
Love all the Instagram pics you chose to post. Especially the first two! :)
I hope you had a wonderful weekend :)

seelvana said...


no sólo no tengo IG en el celu sino que en el laburo me bloquean estas fotos :((((////

bueno, capaz tengo que dejar de mirar blogs en horario de trabajojijijiji :*

vero mariani said...

hay un señor con un gato en su cabeza :p

muy buen martes miki linda mikiiii

lisa said...

I love the kitty with that pretty green furniture! And I've always adored that pic of Morrissey with the cat on his head- 2 of my faves :) I've been noticing a lot of Pepa Loves popping up lately, I sure do want a dress, or 2, or 3... Broad City is so funny! I'm new to the show but I've been loving it to! Hope you're having a good week!