March 17, 2014

The Grand Budapest Hotel & more

Unlike most days off, this past Friday I had plans - to get on the train to Union Station and work my way down to downtown LA to visit the Arts, Fashion and Flower Districts. But before doing so, I needed to stop at the Arclight Cinemas to see the Grand Budapest Hotel model.

I loved all the details and colors. Sadly, I couldn't stay to watch the movie due to the fact that since it's only playing in "selected theaters", you have to get tickets ahead of time. Clever marketing to promote an indie movie, ha; well, I guess it makes sense and builds up the hype. Still, as much as I rave about it, I am going to watch it and enjoy it and probably talk about it again.

Speaking of details, did you know that this movie is meant to be projected in 3 different ratios? You can read more about that here and here.

Oh, and if you fancy making one of those decadent Courtesans au Chocolate featured in the movie, you can learn how to in this video shot by Anderson himself.

But wait! This post is not over just yet! On to more movie-related stuff. If you're ever in downtown LA, don't hesitate to head over to the FIDM Museum, their current exhibition includes costumes worn on Catching Fire, Anna Karenina, Superman, Star Trek, The Great Gatsby and the list continues. 

12 Years a Slave

47 Ronin

Romeo & Juliet

I particularly enjoyed another exhibit about 19th century wedding gowns. Admission is free.

Ok, this journey has ended until my next post where I'll take you on a tour in the Arts District.

Hope you have a wonderful day and week! ;D


Ana said...

I LOVE Wes Anderson's movies. Can't wait to see The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Katie Frank said...

I can't wait to see The Grand Budapest Hotel! I just love Wes 'movies <3

seelvana said...

qué maravillosidad de post! no sabía que viene en tres partes, pero no leí los artículos porque en inglés me da fiaca, sólo te leo a tiiiii!

me vi el video de la receta y es un hermosor, me dio ganas de comer cosas con harinas, azúcares, chocolates y colorantes :P

Besazo genia del buen gusto!

Victoria said...

yo soy de las que tienen cero onda con Wes Anderson y sus películas, las pocas que ví me embolaron atrozmente PERO el otro día fui al cine y pasaron el trailer de esta y quiero verla YA! (en algun ratio comun, dudo que por acá lleguen cuestiones innovadoras, jajaja) pinta re linda. Y esa maqueta es una preciosura...


Unknown said...

I'm so excited to see The Grad Budapest Hotel. It is a great marketing strategy but it does make, making plans to see it difficult doesn't it?
That museum looks incredible! I love everything you've said about it. What a great find!


lissa said...

the movie trailer looks fun, I'll probably watch it on the small screen.

hope you have a great day.

Katrin said...

So cool! Thank you so much for sharing this, Miki! I can't wait to see the movie! I am really really really excited! Hopefully I can go and see it soon! Let me know what you think! Hugs!

Unknown said...

I can't wait either to go see The Grand Budapest Hotel, thanks for sharing those must sees in LA, I should definitely drive up there sometime!

lisa said...

How cool to see that model! I loved the movie but I need to see it again because of the whole selected theater thing, we ended up the the front row :/ Yuck! You're so lucky to live a hop, skip, and a jump from LA!

Unknown said...

I love it. Unfortunately I will not be able to see The Grand Budapest Hotel until it is out on DVD. Super sad face. I think the closest it will come to me is 3 hours away! The last movie I went and saw in the theater was Moonrise Kingdom!!!