March 21, 2014

Graffiti in Downtown LA

Whenever I tell somebody I'm planning to go to LA, the most common reply I get is "Why?". I feel like responding "Why no?", but I always keep it to myself. There's something about Southern Californians that live on the outskirts (or at least the ones that I know) that repulse the city. I first believed it was jealousy, but I've discovered they truly mean it; they don't feel the urge to go to the city, they just don't like it. They loathe the smoke, the traffic and think there's nothing there that would interest them enough to get on their vehicle and drive there. If you mention the beach, dirt-biking, hiking, now that's a different story; they're always up for all of them.

I came to the conclusion that being a city person myself, living in a quasi-rural area, I'm always craving it. I just love the fact that there's always something different going on in the metropolis; there are shows you need to pay for and there's the other ones that are completely free and just consist of witnessing simple moments, taking in your surroundings.

"Why would you want to go to LA? It's dirty, noisy, the traffic sucks and the people ..." Dirtiness is an evil every city faces in a larger or smaller scale, it's not neat, true. As for the traffic, I don't drive, ha, so I take public transportation, which in SoCal is kind of scarce, but whatever, I'll take what I have to make it work for me. "Public transportation? Ewww! Poor you!" I take the train, which even has restrooms, tables, AC and is very clean. And the people? I have no problem with people as long as they don't mind my business.

Well, I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree. I enjoy the colorful chaos, do not fear its people and embrace its craziness. Look at all the wonderful graffiti you can find in LA! All the photos below were taken at the Arts District, which I'd been meaning to visit for a long time. The one above were taken in Downtown LA, between the Fashion District and Little Tokyo.

There's so much to see!

The drawback is that since the Arts District is rising in hype, it's hard to dine without having to wait. I wanted to get some coffee at the Pie Hole when I was there, but I soon gave up the second I saw the line and people gathering by the door.

There are little pieces of art even on the tiles :).

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! ;D


Niken said...

ha, i was almost move to LA. though i'm a country girl at heart, i live in the city. i move around pretty often due to my job, and right now i live in Bali at the time. i think it has the right amount of honking vehicles and green paddy field, where i can escape from all the rush of the city. so it's perfect for me.

i agree with you. there are things that just too bad to not noticed when you live in the city, even though sometimes for me it's too crowded. nice graffiti.

Unknown said...

Love all the art. To each their own my dear. Honestly I don't like bigger cities in general. Not that I don't see any value in them. It's just not for me. When visiting my sisters in MN we were trying to pick a place to eat (my mom is beyond a picky eater) and my nephew suggested the mall of America cafeteria. We'll I vetoed it because I never ever want to go to the mall of America. This just baffled him and he couldn't wrap his head around it the rest of the weekend.

Chrissy said...

Those are awesome! Love the one with the wolves!
Hope your weekend is wonderful!

Victoria said...

me llama la atencion que odien tanto LA... igual LA es mucho mas que todo eso que vemos en peliculas y series y entregas de premios, ¿no? De hecho me llevé una gran sorpresa con la pelicula 500 days with Summer porque para mi esas imagenes eran de cualquier lado MENOS de LA, que siempre me la imaginé como playa eterna y apecto tropical con palmeras y todo eso. Y los personajes de esa pelicula estan en otoño/invierno, la vista me despistó totalmente y fue grato descubrir ese otro costado menos "veraniego" de Los Angeles.

¿A cuános kms estás de Los Angeles? (yo con minutos no me llevo bien, necesito saber distancias para calcular cuán lejos o cerca queda algo, jajaja)

Unknown said...

What a beautiful ode to city life! I'm a city girl too and I miss it so much sometimes! That feeling of being at the heart of where everything is happening, the atmosphere and all the people trying to get somewhere... I love it :)

Katrin said...

Oh wow, those are awesome! I love to go to a new place and discover all the graffiti! Thanks so much for sharing! I am still not sure if I am a city or country girl. I grew up in a very small town and I like that it is so quiet there and people are friendly. But I also love being close to the "action" so I guess I need to move to a suburb. :)
Have a great week! hugs!

uncustomary said...

Look at you, after my heart. :) My favorite is the dripping heart. <3

lisa said...

I have the same outlook as you- I always love visiting cities and sometimes wished I lived in a bigger one. I've considered LA but I am a little freaked out by that daily traffic ;) One time we were in LA and took the subway the whole time and people made fun of us for it :) These are great photos, I love your eye for noticing things!