March 07, 2014

Eye candy from Instagram

Happy weekend, my lovelies! I'm in the midst of havoc at home getting the house ready for a bbq with friends tomorrow. I shouldn't be sitting, but hey, I needed a break. For those of you who asked about Dimitri, let me give you a very happy update - we took him to the vet first thing on Monday and were told that he needed stitches or that we could let his wound heal on its own, which would take longer but is much cheaper; we opted for option #2 and fortunately, he's doing great. Thank you so much for the good wishes! ;)

Now, let's dive into the weekend with a big smile on our face, shall we? Here's some eye candy from Instagram for all of you to enjoy.

@Heysp is one of my latest followings on Intagram. Her photos are just wondrous, wouldn't you agree?

I want to visit all the places @jaymieoc goes to, especially this store in England. 

And the little restaurants in Japan that @shewhoeats frequents, too! The second time I went to Japan it was for very sad reasons (my dad had had a stroke and I needed to stay there for a month to learn his rehab routine at a hospital), so back then I thought I was never ever going to want to come back ... I was so wrong, haha.

I usually dread pictures of kids who smudged food all over their face, but @sarawithoutan_h's offspring is such a cutie!

In my dreamworld, I own these @tattydevine necklaces ...

And this Tanya Taylor sweater. Is is too lewd for your taste? I apologize.

Aaaand all of @carolinbrigelius' dresses. 

I had to post pictures of food, you know that.

Instagram is as much about cats as it is about food, right? So, here's a dose of cuteness multiplied by 2 :p. I bet my dynamic duo, Dante and Dimitri, would be jealous if I told them I posted these pics instead of theirs hehe, but @claire_monster's kitties are too adorable not to share. And one has a single white whisker!

This one cracks me up so bad, bahaha. I so empathize with Christine. I'll be doing this a lot tomorrow.

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody! ;D



Blue Eyed Night Owl said...
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Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Very nice! And I think I have decided to get myself a smartphone. It happened yesterday, all of a sudden I though, you know… it will actually make life easier. Now just to find one that doesn't leave me broke… ;)

And then I can finally get on instagram as well!

Niken said...

Oh, gosh, what a creative people. i really love that instagram logo pic.

RoVille said...

buenisimo! gracias por las recomendaciones ya me voy a chusmear! ;D

Katrin said...

Hey Miki! I am so happy that Dimitri is doing fine! Phew! So relieving! Thanks for the update! And thanks for the Instagram recommendations! I will check them out, especially the kitties! :) And that sweater is fabulous! :)
Have a great Sunday!<3

lisa said...

Haha that sweater is awesome and I'm always drooling over @carolinbrigelius' outfits too. Thanks for introducing me to some fun stuff to look at! I'm so, so happy Dimitri is healing up nicely!

seelvana said...

Hermoso post!
Buenísima la intención de no coser al gatito! ellos con sus ronroneos se curan más rápido que nosotros ;) y de paso no le hacen más agujeritos nuevos y molestos con la aguja ;D

Quiero instagram! pero hasta que no cambie mi celu no va a poder ser posible!

y quiero ese sweaterrrrrrrrr! lo quiero de veras por diooo jajajjaja, me imagino llevándolo a mi trabajo nuevo (una biblioteca en una escuela militar), las miradas que generaría! ♥

te quiero Miki, tu blog es LO genial! =)

Adorebynat said...

Love your finds on Instagram! :-)

Sara Downton said...

so many good instagram accounts to start following!
happy weekend! :)

ceci a. said...

Wowww qué ojo captador de belleza!
Cierto Mikiii!

Gingham Ginger said...

Glad to hear he is doing well. That kid has such a cute bob haircut. Love the sweater.