February 26, 2014

San Luis Obispo

This past weekend we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. I guess it's become a tradition of ours to go on mini road trips to celebrate such event :p; this year San Luis Obispo was the chosen destination. Catalina Island and Palm Springs were the other two places we visited in past years, in case you're wondering. 

So, Saturday morning we got into the car and drove almost 4 hours up north; we stopped halfway through in Santa Barbara and then continued our journey to lovely SLO. The first spot we visited was Bubblegum Alley; its name is pretty self-explanatory, right?

Yep, pretty gross, but I had to see it. And leave my piece of gum, too, naturally. Why I'm interested in seeing silly stuff like this is beyond me, but I'm lucky to have a husband who understands and is willing to make my wishes come true even when they gross him out, haha.

10 minutes and a bunch of hand sanitizer later, we arrived at Morro Bay and Morro Rock. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see the squirrels, otters and seals that usually hang out there, but we got to enjoy a beautiful sunset and well, we actually did see a few seals but not a whole lot as I had expected. We'll have to come back in spring or summer, I'm fine with that :).


Next stop, the Madonna Inn, but that deserves a post of its own :p. Now let's fast forward to the next morning and the piece of free cake we got at a restaurant when the waitress found out we were celebrating our anniversary. Funny cake toppers, no? Geez, I almost forget that the piece of cheesecake was accompanied by a very awkward sorta poem recited by the waitress herself. Hahaha, that was hilarious! I should've recorded it. I'll have the camera handy when we eat out on our next anniversary.

Also,  it was really neat to drive through the fog. 

Have a wonderful day, everybody!


Ana said...

What a nice trip!

Gingham Ginger said...

Sounds lovely.

Cindy said...

The sunset photos are beautiful!

Katrin said...

Happy belated anniversary, Miki! :) Glad you had a fun trip! That bubblegum alley looks so cool! Gross but cool! I would love to see it too!
Have a great weekend! Can't wait to read more about the place you stayed at!

Katie Frank said...

oh <3 this place is amazing *_*

Marisa Noelle said...

So dreamy! Though being that I have a weak stomach, I'm not sure how I would handle walking by the gum wall...hehe. Happiest belated anniversary Miki! Wishing you many many many happy years together.

lisa said...

Happy anniversary! We have the same tradition and our anniversary is in a few weeks. It just makes it feel special to get out of town but a mini road trip doesn't break the bank :) Plus it's a good excuse to explore nearby areas. This looks like such a perfect trip!