February 04, 2014

Find me on Instagram

Today I called in sick; it was my first time doing it in this year and 3 months that I've been working at the library. I feel exhausted even though I have done nothing at all. I've been fighting what feels like a cold ever since I came back from Argentina and it hasn't even been cold in California! I can't help to wonder what my health would be like if I lived on the East Coast.

Enough whining. I am in the comfort of my own home, heater on, kitties warming up my feet, bottle of water on my nightstand, I see a cup of hot cocoa in the near future; I can't really complain.

Anyway, this post is about Instagram or what I like to call my latest distraction. To be honest with you, I fought it; I didn't want to succumb to it because I was already involved in enough social media and at that point, I was getting really sick of facebook. Plus, the fact that it was linked to Iphone users only in the beginning make me not like it even more. Naturally, I got hooked on it in no time, haha. It's more drama-free than facebook, there's not so much tagging or spam, and most importantly, not as many people on it. It lets me share just enough of my life with my workmates (who have no idea I have this blog, by the way).

It's a time-killing activity I do while waiting for my bus to and from work, or when I'm sleepless in bed or whenever I feel like it; it lets me keep up with my favorite bloggers when I have no time to turn on my computer and read their latest posts, it's a simple way to check in with people and (guilty pleasure) to keep up with some celebrities I like (especially since twitter never grew on me). 

I follow Cara and Jamie Oliver and I have fun taking a glimpse at what they do behind the scenes or on the scene.



I follow non-humans as well; Hello_Oskar and Katetsai being my favorite :p. The English captions in the latter are hilarious.


I admire Akimoto Kozue's make-up and cuteness ...

I learned that not only does Jamie Oliver have the cutest kids ever, he also has the dreamiest house that I ever did see. Useless information, I know, but entertaining (I guess?).

However, I did discover a thing or two; things I might actually put into practice, places I now want to make a point to visit and such. I find crafts to do on Pinterest, I check reviews before eating out on Yelp and I save screenshots on Instagram of places I want to go to, mostly restaurants, stores and interesting locations. * Pic below taken from Meiko's IG.

I found out, for instance, that there's a company called Bon Puf (founded by a teenager!)  which provides for gourmet cotton candy for parties.

I accidentally discovered interesting accounts like Ugly Belgian Houses, to name one. 

I've used discount coupons published there and even got stuff for free.

It's more than photos of shoes, food and Kinfolk issues; although I enjoy those, too. 

I'm amused by the fact that some people create their own personal hash tags and that others "steal" them to gain popularity (try #theblondesaladneverstops, haha). 

So, yes, you can find me on Instagram, too. And my cats :p.

What IG accounts do you follow?

One more thing - have you seen this VelBeeta Breakfast Biscuits commercial? I saw it today for the first time and it made me smile :).


Nathalie G.M. said...

Haha I tried to fight it too, but it's pointless I guess! I like IG a lot more than Facebook and I hope they don't let it get that far :) Hope you feel better soon!
PS: I discovered that ugly belgian houses account through you and it's hilarious. Thanks for that!

uncustomary said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're sick, but I love following you on Instagram, ;)

Ana said...

I was just thinking about getting an account on Instagram. I really don't know how it works yet but I will be following you, that's for sure!!!

Te con miel, perfecto para el resfrío!


Vix said...

Yo sigo chorromil usuarios en IG (bueno, no, más de 500), entre ellos a Jamie Oliver y a su mujer xD
Me llevo a los de los gatitos y las casas feas belgas (que no son feas!). Gracias!!!

get well soon, dear!!

Katrin said...

Oh no, I hope you will feel better soon! Poor Miki!
I love Instagram and always love seeing your pictures! And I definitely follow a lot of non-humans. :) I just love to see cute animal pictures. :) Hugs!

Chrissy said...

So sorry you're not feeling well! Hope you get better soon!
I love IG and love browsing through all those photos from humans and non humans! Happy Wednesday and get better, sweetie xxx

Santa Clara Artesanato said...

Estou com um espaço dedicado a divulgação de blogs, venha participar!

seelvana said...

holaaaa, no tengo insta pero me hiciste acordar a estos MiniMikis y fui feliz!

ceci a. said...

I complete understand you MIki
It s just that -on the contrary on you- i didn t find out what I use Instagram for.


Gingham Ginger said...

I was really upset when I found out Instagram was only on iPhone and then jumped for joy when I heard it was going to be on android. I never got into twitter either. I have been thinking about giving it another shot but just haven't been able to bring myself to do it.

luzmaría Alam said...

Feel better soon!!! I love instagram :D I will follow you.
I follow alexa chung, Lauren Conrad, Whitney port, Betsey johnson, Kelly osbourne, etc. Also I follow many bloggers, musicians and underground stuff jeje


lisa said...

I really love that picture of you in the VW bus- you are so cute :) I love your unique perspective on things and how you always find the best/quirky things!

Alyx said...

I do love instagram. And the fact that there's less drama and crap on there is definitely a plus for sure!

Maria said...

ahhh, i'm with ya! the IG is ADDICTING!! :) it makes taking pictures so easy and fun. and i love how easy it is to document them!
you follow some awesome peeps! :) gonna have to check them out! i follow a few cat pages too. hahaha!
i hope you're feeling better and having a great start to your week! <3