February 11, 2014

Colon Theater

One of my favorite outings while I was in Buenos Aires was my visit to the Colon Theater, one of the best theaters in the world because of its acoustics and artistic value. It's over 100 years old now and and it a must-go if you're ever a tourist in Buenos Aires.

Back in the day when I was in university, I used to go see musicians play for only 2 pesos to kill time between classes. I'd been there a handful of times to see opera as well, but this was my first time seeing professional ballet. It was such a wonderful experience! So moving. I have to thank my best friend Val for having purchased the tickets to Swan Lake months in advanced.

This theater is very strict when it comes to starting shows on schedule. We got off the elevator 20 seconds after the band started playing (20 seconds!), so we weren't allowed to take our seats until the first interval. The usher kindly offered to take side seats till then or stand on the back where the view was quite good; naturally, we chose the latter. It's such a formal event, yet accessible to random people like us.


Once the first act was over, we rushed to take our seats, but there were people sitting there very comfortably. They tried to pull a fast one and insisted that those were their seats, but after much arguing, my friend got them to show her their tickets and of course, it turned out their seats were actually farther away. As this was going on, they started dimming the lights and a few seconds later, the second act started.

It was so much nicer to see the show sitting comfortably on the first line. There were padded edges for people to lay on. You can see what I mean on the picture below.

I couldn't help taking an occasional glimpse at the musicians below the stage; watching them do their thing was just as interesting.

I was so moved by the music and the ballet itself that I have to admit that I shed a tear or two during the final act. The main ballerina this day was Japanese :p and she played both the white and the black swan.

If you ever have the chance to visit Buenos Aires, don't miss this place. Even if you don't want to see ballet or opera, there are guided tours both in English and Spanish which I've heard are totally worth it. And maybe before or after you do, you can get something to munch on at a nearby restaurant called Petit Colon, too ;p.


Before I wrap up this post, I'd like to say RIP Leonard Knight. He was the creator of Salvation Mountain, which we had the pleasure to visit in 2012. He died at age 82 this past Monday. If you want to learn more about him and his work, check out this link.

Have a wonderful week, everybody! ;D


Lula said...

you should add the accent on Colon otherwise they're gonna think is like colon cancer.

Say it's Colon for Columbus/ Sorry didn't read the whole post, maybe you did say it!

I miss you!!! How was the trip, email me!! are you driving yet!?

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

That looks amazing! If you are ever in Amsterdam, you need to see a movie in the Tuschinski theater, it has the same vibe, but it's a tad smaller and very art deco. I love it there!

P.S. Hope you got my email;)

Ana said...

Swan Lake!! I visited the theatre a long time ago, but never been to any ballet or opera.

seelvana said...

qué burra, nunca fui!

Vix said...

hermoso, hermoso, hermoso. Yo fui hace varios años a hacer la visita guiada, la sala estaba cerrada por refacciones pero pudimos igual asomar la nariz en el palco presidencial. breathtaking. debería volver a hacerla de nuevo!

Katrin said...

This place looks fantastic, Miki! I hope I will be able to travel to Buenos Aires someday! Thanks for sharing. I have been to the ballet once and it really was exciting. It was at the Teatro Alla Scala in Milan, loved the atmosphere there!
RIP Leonard Knight. I love your pictures of Salvation Mountain! Hugs!

Nathalie G.M. said...

Wow, that looks amazing! I've never been to the opera or the ballet, but when I do it'll have to be in this sort of setting. It just feels right :)

Sian said...

beautiful theater! i was also sorry to hear of the death of leonard knight... and loved your pictures.x

Laura said...

Oh Miki, what a treat! The theater is beautiful. I imagine it was a fabulous time! I am enjoying learning about your trip, here on your blog.How are the kitties?

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures! That theater and ballet looks amazing!


lisa said...

All your photos are making me realize that I need to make South America a travel priority! What a beautiful place! Love your collar too ;)

Katie Frank said...

omg this theater is so beautiful *_* i wish i could watch ballet livet too *_*!

uncustomary said...

Wow! So fantastic :) I'm in love with the architecture of this place.

Katherine Lacabe said...

Just ran across your blog and saw this post! I haven't been in the theater, but I've seen if from the outside several times. My family is from Argentina and I've visited many times. I'm going back in May for my honeymoon and we will be spending some time touring BA. I'm going to make sure to stop by the theater and eat at that restaurant!