February 02, 2014

A tour in my favorite clothing stores in Buenos Aires

One of the things I miss the most about living in Buenos Aires is its unique stores. When it comes to clothes, I love to wear color, playful patterns and all sorts of materials mixed together. Undoubtedly, DAM is one of my very favorite independent stores there, so I couldn't leave without checking out their new location and trying some garments on.

Too bad I could only afford a single dress. Can't wear for summer to be here so I can wear it :).

Pesqueira was another unavoidable stop. I have a considerable number of pieces from this store and every single one has proven to be of great quality and has lasted for years. Valeria Pesqueira works with artists who design the patterns on the fabrics she uses and lucky me, the theme is usually animals. No wonder why I like her so much. You can also find her designs in Japan and at Open Ceremony here in the US.

Isn't this armchair in the fitting room just adorable?


The bears on my shoes resemble the grizzly bear in the flag of California :p.

Last but not least, there's Chiche by Rodrigo Abarquero. When I left he owned another brand called Objeto which no longer exists; Chiche is pretty much the same brand with a different name, it's all sorts of pretty patterns and whimsical dresses and accessories.

So this virtual journey has concluded but only for the time being; I think I have one last post about my trip to Argentina.

May you all have a wonderful week!


Vix said...

viendo las estampas de estas marcas y locales... ¡yo soy re aburrida para vestirme!
A pesqueira y Chiche los conocia pero DAM no asi que tendré que ir a verlo cuando vuelva a BA!

esas zapatillas, las espero en SMYS eh!

Katrin said...

Oh wow, I need the kitten blouse, and the armchair, and the shoes...and everything else! I would love to go shopping in Buenos Aires but it seems like that would ruin me....:) Have a great week, Miki! Hugs!

Cindy said...

That bear pattern reminded me of CA's flag too :)

uncustomary said...

I love that straight-out-of-a-story-book dress! You always impress me with your taste in collars, as well.

prusig said...

I want these dresses, beautiful:)

ankyl said...

Thank you for comment! :)

What a cool items! :)
Greetings from Poland

Beate said...

Wow, those stores are amazing! I love the pics of the DAM store. Such a cute dress that you chose! And those shoes with the bears on them...I want those!
I was in Argentina last March and I LOVED it. Such an amazing country, wonderful people and beautiful nature. I wish I got to spend more time in Buenos Aires, such a fascinating city!
Have a wonderful week, hope you feel better soon!

lisa said...

These stores look amazing- it must have been hard to resist everything! I have always loved the unique pieces you have from when you lived there and now I see the shopping is so much better! What fun prints!

Lula said...

Looks like a super expensive boutique, those I could never afford while I lived there.. Good thing you took dollars :P