January 24, 2014

Buenos Aires eateries

One of the things I couldn't stop doing while in Buenos Aires was eating. Every time I met an old friend, we schedule gatherings at restaurants, bars or cafes, so naturally, I would eat and drink. I ate old things I missed, I ate new dishes that sounded interesting (such as spinach and brain ravioli, yum!), I ate for fun, I ate like a pig. Do I regret it? Nah, not really. I might be 8 pounds heavier, but I'm working on losing them already. 

These are some of the places that stood out to me the most.

Malvon. This is one of the cutests cafes I visited during this trip. My opinion might be highly affected by the fact that this is where I met 3 awesome bloggers for the first time - VeroSeel and Ceci. I had such a wonderful time! Having them in front of me, listening to their voices and seeing how awesomely cool they actually are in person was a priceless experience. I am so happy to have had the chance to see these girls :D.

Coming back to Malvon, I must admit that what I ordered was not really my cup of tea, but that was my mistake; I hate sweet sauces on salty dishes and my chicken and mushroom sandwich just happened to be loaded with some sort of sweet sauce :/. I need to go back and order something different.

I loved the atmosphere and all the little details everywhere.


Seel's Norwegian popover was huge :p.

La Esperanza. I was lucky enough to meet Vero for a second time :p. She suggested meeting at this neat cafe which I knew was not going to disappoint even when I had never heard of it; I mean, come on, she visits restaurants (among other awesome things) for a living! :p

I could totally use some Campari + orange juice right now!

I want chocotorta, too! Too bad I'm on a diet, ha.

La Biblioteque. This Parisian-like cafe located within the Sofitel hotel is the best place to have tea. It might not be cheap, but it's worth every penny. It's really quiet, there's AC (super important if you're in Buenos Aires in summer!) and you can stay for hours without employees telling you that you should leave, haha. The pictures I took suck, because this was my first time seeing my best friend this trip, so my focus wasn't really on taking photos :p. My focus was never on taking photos, actually, but on having fun and soaking it all in :).

Awe! I sure wish I could back to any of these places today!

 Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! ;D

January 20, 2014

An emotional journey

Well, hello, there! It's been forever since I last posted! I think this has been the longest hiatus to date. I was planning to publish posts when I was still in Buenos Aires, but I didn't have WiFi in the house and the room where I could use the internet was a freaking oven, so I never really felt like spending time in there. Boy, was it hot and humid over there! As you can tell, I'm already back in California, still trying to adjust to life here. I took quite a few pictures that I'll be sharing with you soon. This is just post #1 about my adventures in Buenos Aires City.

This trip was the very first one ever since I moved to America almost 3 years ago. A lot of things remained the same while others changed completely! What stroke me the most was how my perception of my house had changed; everything seemed way smaller and dingier. I have to admit that the first almost 2 weeks were kind of hard; I felt a bit depressed because I realized how much I'd missed my dad and how much he needed me. He's being well taken care of, but he seemed lonely in a big house that's literally falling apart. If anything, this has been an emotional journey more than a physical one. 

This is a photo of the Japanese cucumbers my aunt is growing in our little garden. She's such a blessing! She goes check up on my dad every single day even when she lives over an hour away. She cooks for him, takes him to the doctor, gets him his medicine ... She does everything my sister and I would do if we lived there.

It's funny how I now miss those things that first made a negative impact on me - humidity, cracks and mold on the walls (not that mold is any good! It's just that it's so connected with the image of my house I have imprinted on my head), dusty boxes containing little treasures ... I can't help getting teary-eyed every time I remember the moment I found so many lovely little notes and cards my mom had written to me on my birthday, Christmas or just because. Her words are still so powerful and current even when she's not a part of this world anymore!

I finally had the chance to bring old photos, cards, little trinkets that bring back so many memories and are loaded with all sorts of feelings, and of course, shoes and clothes. There are still a lot of things I need to bring, but I'm satisfied with what I did pack in just one huge suitcase. Side note: did you know that overweight costs between $100 and $200 depending on much weigh exceeds the standard limit? I should've had paid $200 on my way back, but the employee was kind enough to let me just pay a hundred :). It'd have been perfect if the bottle of sugarcane liquor hadn't broken and ruined some of my stuff :(. 

These are probably my favorite flats ever, which I had forgotten to pack when I moved.


My first 2 weeks in Buenos Aires were pretty much spent at home with my dad and the frequent company of my aunt and cousin. However, my state of ostracism did not last long. Once I started leaving the house and eventually seeing familiar faces, I felt a lot happier and at ease with my surroundings. It was nice to be reunited with my so beloved city! :) 

It was so neat to discover new little shops and check out cafes, bars and restaurants! :p

It was also so cool to have had the chance to see one of my favorite singers live again! If you like experimental music, I recommend you check out Isol/Zypce. This was a concert + photo exhibit at Malba.

Last but not least, it was amazing to see my best friend again and from second 1 start a conversation as if we had never been apart :).

I think her pet, Noel, was happy to see me, too, hehe.

There are lot of things to say and pictures to be shown, stories that I want to tell, but I'll leave them for a future posts.

I certainly hope you've all started 2014 with a big smile! May the New Year have a lot of awesome things in store for all of us! ;D

It's good to be back ;).