December 01, 2013


These past couple of days have been weird and busy. My trip to Argentina is approaching faster than I had anticipated - which basically means that, as usual, I've been procrastinating a lot; the clock didn't start ticking any faster just because.


I am happy, excited and a bit anxious. I haven't seen my dad and the rest of the family and my friends for over 2 years and a half. Time did fly by! But it also feels as if I had just left my home country. I remember all those butterflies in my stomach right after I'd said my goodbies and was about to board my first plane. I had no idea what future held for me, I only knew that I was making a huge decision that would change my life for good. Following my heart sometimes feels selfish, but I don't regret it, not a little bit. Sure, I wish distances between my better half and my other loved ones weren't so big, that I could be more present in my dad and sister's lives, that I could go to my favorite stores and coffee shops in Buenos Aires in the blink of an eye, but no, I don't regret my decision. I am happy with the new journey I embarked on, I feel more loved than ever before, I'm learning a lot in so many different ways, I'm being faced with completely different challenges and I love it all - I love what I love and I try to embrace those things I don't like that much and learn from them as much as possible. Life is good; there are so many things to be thankful for!

Next week, on Tuesday to be more precise, I'll be boarding a plane to Buenos Aires (via Texas). Seeing my people makes my heart jump with joy :). Not only will I be spending time with them, but also with fellow bloggers that have become friends thanks to this little blog of mine :). I can't wait to meet them!

As I was saying a couple of paragraphs above, along with the excitement there's also some stress. I'm using this post as a means to let go of some of those not-so-happy feelings. There are so many things in my mind and honestly, probably 50% of them do not deserve any mind space at all. I've decided that in order to travel light (not literally, my suitcases actually weight a lot, haha), I need to prioritize, to do only the things that really matter in my to-do list.

... And as I go through my list, let me have a couple of rum shots, ha. Aren't these mason jar shot glasses the cutest?

Very important:

* Place all the necessary paperwork in my carry on bag. Since I'm not an American citizen just yet, I need to carry extra documents; they will guarantee my entrance back into the US.

* Schedule a doctor's appointment asap. I need a prescription filled; if I fail to visit the doctor before Tuesday, I'm screwed.

* Remind my boss' boss that I'll be away from work for a month and schedule a dreaded meeting if necessary. He's nice and all, but I hate having work-related meetings; am I the only one?

* Do not feel I'm a jerk because I'm not telling certain people I'll be visiting. This is the reason why I deactivated my facebook account months ago, I wanted to avoid acquaintances asking for favors (bringing them stuff and such). It's silly, but this was easier to me than having to explain why I couldn't please them in the event they had the nerve to ask for such favors. I'm weak and I like to please, but I don't really feel like having to run extra errands right now.

Not so important:
* Buy extra gifts. I already have 2 suitcases packed with an insane amount of objects that are not for myself. I was planning to buy very few presents and somehow, I ended up with too many things and still, I don't feel I have enough. I know my loved ones just want to see me and don't care if I've bought them gifts, but I want to show them that I love them and I don't know, a gift seems like a nice gesture. 

* Worry about Dimitri. I know David will take great care of him and he'll be fine, but because of a previous experience where he missed me for a week and stopped eating, I can't help to worry.

* Sweat over how much time I'll be available to people. I know a lot of people will want to see me more than once, but a month has only so many days. I'll do my best to see everybody and will try not to worry if I just can't make them all happy.

Well, I guess I didn't have that many things to stress over! :) Thank you for reading! I feel relieved already!

And another huge thank you to the always kind Vero Mariani for the massive shout-out last week ;D. She published an article about me and my blog and it can be read here. I got new followers to due that, so thank you, new friends as well! I promise I'll check your blogs soon ;).

May you all have a wonderful week!



seelvana said...

gran Mikiiiiiii
agradezco estar en la lista wiiii!

buen vuelo y besos a Dimitri! ♥

Ana said...

Acá una de esas nuevas seguidoras!
Preciosos regalos y sí, son un lindo gesto!

Que tengas un fabuloso viaje y una increíble bienvenida!!!

Bubbles said...

I'm sure all will go well, the main thing is to enjoy yourself and to create a few new memories. The month indeed does fly by though as we usually got in the summer holidays.

ceci a. said...

Qué ansiedad!
De mi parte espero que algo de lo que te espera te alivie la saudade por Dimitri.


Gingham Ginger said...

Oh my gosh how exciting! Hooe you have a wonderful 'holiday'.

Katrin said...

I totally understand your feelings about all these things, Miki! I feel/felt the same things. I am sure Dimitri will be fine but I always worry about my pets as well. No matter what. I hope you will have a wonderful time seeing your loved ones. And don't feel bad about not telling everybody about it, I would do the same. I am thinking of you and sending you lots of hugs! (By the way, I will send you Christmas card in the next couple of days, should I send it to Argentina?) Hugs!

Cindy said...

Have a great trip and enjoy your time with those whom you love!

muy Luli said...

Buen viaje Mikiii!! Que emoción tu emoción!.

Besos y feliz 2014! :)

Ali said...

Hola Miki. Que bueno que puedas ver a tu familia finalmente. Sé que ya estas de vuelta para estas fechas, y debe haber sido díficil la partida de regreso, pero bueno, es la vida...
Hermoso regalitos llevaste!!! Me encantan los body splash de Vic. Secret.