November 06, 2013

Celebrating friendship

Hello, everybody! Hope you're all having a wonderful week! I gotta say it's been super hectic in this neck of the woods! There was a bachelor's party, projects to be submitted at work, preparing and doing story time, may I also add a little breakdown due to a mess up at the hair salon? (Yep, I got bangs, hate them, but fortunately, I'm able to clip them to the sides, phew!); oh, there's also a wedding this Saturday and its rehearsal the day before, i.e. tomorrow. I can't catch my breath. But I'm thankful I was able to put this little post together, because it's not just for me, it's also a part of Mary's link up. When she contacted me to see if I was interested, I couldn't refuse her offer, first and foremost because I love Mary so much and secondly, the subject is "celebration". Who doesn't love to celebrate, right? Even a total wallflower like myself likes to celebrate, in my own introverted way, sure, but who says there's only one standard way to honor the word.

... Speaking of which, may I rant about this topic for a little bit? It really bothers me when I'm at a party or gathering and people (strangers or people who don't know me that well, typically) ask me "why are you so quiet?" How on Earth am I supposed to answer that question?! If anything, it feels like an insult more than a plain question. It hurts me to see that others don't understand that I am genuinely having a good time even I'm not jumping and being loud; I'm always smiling, though, I learned that I needed to convey approachability somehow and a smile is always inviting, I guess. 

Sorry for the diversion. Coming back to celebrating, I've decided to celebrate friendship. I believe I show my friends that I love them although I don't necessarily say it enough, so as a special project for this blog post, I wanted to make it a point to tell my loved ones that I do and why I do it. I know I could have just picked up the phone and dial their numbers, but guess what? I hate speaking on the phone, so instead, I wrote some heart-felt notes on some library note pads I just so happened to find at work and mailed them. These note pads were in a closed package ready to be taken to the recycling bin, but lucky me, I saw them before they were trashed. 

Before I did the writing, I embellished them a little with pictures and words that represented each person in particular. This was my lucky week, because I stumbled upon a whole bunch of donated fashion magazines at work, and guess who's in charge of donations? ;D Haha, that's right, moi! :p Side note: why people get rid of magazines right away is a mystery to me. I scored some October and November issues, what the heck?!

I also made envelopes out of magazine pages to send the notes in.

I still need to take some to the post office, so who knows, you might get one soon! ;)

Here's an outtake - Dimitri wanted to write one for his brother ... NOT, hehe :p.

What do you guys feel like celebrating today?

If you want to see what other bloggers are celebrating and/or want to share your own post, hop on over to Mary's link up ;).

Have a great weekend! ;D


uncustomary said...

Thank you so much for participating, Miki! What a score on that notepad! I love that you celebrated friendship for this project. You're wonderful!

Magical Daydream said...

Nice take on celebration :) I found you through Mary's blog because I also participated in the link-up. About the introversion and being quiet: I struggled with that too.. then I dove into literature to understand the topic better and wrote a post about it, because there is, in fact, an answer why some people seek less stimulating environments or have so much going on in their head that they will remain calmer on the outside:

mim said...

Brava to you introverts for coming round to the extrovert side for this link up. As usual, Mary's exhuberance is contagious.

ankyl said...

You can use google translate :) I have this on my blog :)!

Thank you for comment! Hugs!

Candace Jedrowicz said...

How fun! I love the ideas!

Katrin said...

Aww, I love Dimitri and Dante! :) You are so inspiring, Miki! :) Such a great idea!
And by the way: I hate people who ask dumb questions like that...I am the same at parties when I don't know everybody really well. Just leave me alone with your stupid questions. :)
Hugs to you and the kitties!

Cindy said...

Really loved this post!!!

Michelle said...

This is a really wonderful way to celebrate, and I love those notecards! It's very important not only to recognize how awesome our friendships are, but to share those thoughts-- oftentimes, they don't know how cool they are! I agree on your points about being quiet in gatherings, too!

lissa said...

those cards looks great! perhaps I should try to write a few cards?

I really like the idea of celebrating friendship, even to those who I have never met. I am grateful to kind of know you through blogging.

have a great day!

Chantele Cross-Jones said...

Totally your style, your post is always so pretty!
Daisy Dayz

lisa said...

I bet your bangs look really cute, although they can be annoying. I've been debating getting them again but I keep talking myself out of it because the grow out process takes so long once you're tired of them :) I agree- those kinds of questions are annoying and I feel like when there's times I just don't feel like talking, people think I'm upset. What a fun project- you always put so much into your mail and it's really special! I bet you're getting excited for your trip- when do you leave?? Hope you're having a good weekend!

Marisa Noelle said...

You have to be one of the most creative/innovative gals I know here in blogland :-). (and thoughtful too!) Those little clippings from the magazines are adorable embellishments!

And yes, I cannot stand when people make remarks about me being quiet too. Large gatherings in general make me nervous for this very reason...ha!

Have one lovely week lovely lady!!

xoxo Marisa

MontgomeryFest said...

Such a cute idea! I love your little lady cutouts!