October 14, 2013

Mailing unconventional packages

Happy Monday, everybody! I still don't understand why we got the day off at the library for Columbus Day when kids had classes and all businesses seem to have open. I'm not going to complain, though, I really appreciate not having to leave home on a Monday; plus, this week's going to fly by and it's a good one! We're seeing Placebo on Friday, hooray to that!

But anyhow, this post is about snail mail, one of my favorite things in the world. Soon after I moved to America, I realized that USPS is way different from Correo Argentino, the biggest mailing company in Argentina. It always pissed me off to drop off letters in my home country because 1) the lines were always too long, and 2) they always, always had something to say about my envelopes ... You can't use tape ... I'm pretty sure your DIY envelope will get rejected ... blah, blah, blah. My reply was always the same "Well, I'll take my chances ..." And most of the times, I ended up getting away with the employee sticking the stamps on my packages. Sometimes they didn't reach their recipient (and sadly were not returned to me, either), sometimes they did. Here it's a whole different story. You can mail pretty much anything you want (except the obvious, e.g. explosives) and there are certain procedures to follow if you send items that are poisonous or liquid, but generally speaking, you can send whatever the heck you want. Here's a very interesting article if you want to learn more about unusual packages.

It's become an obsession of mine to mail letters and things in unconventional envelopes and containers. Aside from using magazine pages, I've been mailing Zip Lock bags and popcorn bags from the 99c store.


I also resort to free downloadable printables; my favorite page is Design is Yay, that's where I downloaded the designs below. 

If I need to mail something bigger, I like using cello bags instead of boring manila envelopes.

And when it comes to sending packages, before getting a regular box, I check inside my pantry where I keep a ridiculous amount of empty jars, bottles, tins, etc.

Using transparent containers is particularly fun to me. I like to embellish them with magazine scraps and stickers.

Right now, I'm in the process of preparing some Halloween little packages. You can find so many light and inexpensive things at the 99c store, Walmart and Target!

There only a few rules to abide by. You should always:

* Write the recipient's address on the bottom right and the sender's info on the top left;

* Cover the bar code (if any) on the container you're mailing.

 - If the employee gives you a hard time, have him/her bring the manager, chances are you'll be able to send your package. Employees need to write a report every time they get an unusual looking package, so sometimes they try to discourage you from sending it.

If you want to see what other unconventional packages I've mailed, you can check the following posts:

Have a wonderful week, y'all! ;D


Caron Richard said...

This is soo awesome! What a great idea for packaging.
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seelvana said...

tus envíos son de lo mejor! lástima que el correo argentino se ponga tanto la gorra :(

Roville said...

sos mi idola! tus sobres, lo mas lindo que recibi hasta ahora!!! claro con los tesoros incluidos!!! =D

ps: no me odies, todavia no pase por el correo, pero la prox, semana calculo q ya voy a estar mas relajada!!! :D


Katrin said...

Your packages are always awesome! :) I remember that bottle you once sent me, I love this so much!
Hope your week is going great! I can't wait to hear about the Placebo gig! Have fun! I have seen them once years ago and it was so fantastic!

Katie Frank said...

omg, i'm so in love with all these papers *_* woooow

ceci a. said...

Qué lindos paquetitos MIki! Son TAN vos!


Kristian said...

Clever idea to use ziplock baggies to display things you are mailing..

Unknown said...

Have you ever been charged extra for unusual packages? It says on the website they charge extra for tubes and rolls.