October 29, 2013

Last minute Halloween mummies

Hi, y'all! Are you ready for Halloween? I have candy ready to give away (even though trick-or-treaters are more than likely not going to knock on our door), have lightly decorated the house accordingly, and, oh, yeah, my crappy carved pumpkin is already rotting, haha. I did not know they went bad so fast! It was my very first time carving and probably my last one, too, at least till we have kids. It was entertaining, though, and slightly painful on my fingers.

See? When I say "lightly decorated", I really mean it. I guess the holiday has to grow on me; maybe next year I'll go a little more overboard. 

But, anyhow, this post is specifically aimed at those of you, procrastinators like myself, who leave everything for the last minute. If find yourselves rushing trying to figure out what cute treats to take for your co-workers, this silly idea might come in handy. 
Supplies needed: 
- Oreos & Chips Ahoy or any wrapped candy that's about that width. 
- White streamers.
- Tape. I used both regular and double sided.
- Googly eyes.
- Scissors.

Simply tape one end of the streamer on a slight angle, wrap around your pack of cookies and tape the end on the back. Tape a pair of googly eyes on the top part and that's it!


Have a happy Halloween, everyone!


Fashion Matters said...

have a great halloween!

seelvana said...

me gusta la simpleza! y me gusta la de ojos pequeñitos =)

Besote Miki!

Chrissy said...

Ah, they are so cute! You always have the best ideas!! xxx

Laura said...

Totally last minute over here! I will carve my pumpkins tonight, to have the benefit of lighting them for 2 nights at least. Tonight I have to make a dish to share tomorrow for our office Halloween party. I do love Halloween though!

Katrin said...

Hey Miki,
that is an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing! Love the kitty picture. :) So cute! And your pumpkin looks great too!
Have a fun day! Hugs!

Anne said...

Hi dear, I really like your blog and style. It's so inspiring! I thought it would be awesome if we could follow each other. Just let me know! I'll follow back :) X Anna

Edyta said...

Awww how cute :)


Katie Frank said...

this is such amazing idea <3 i love halloween and i wish it was celebrated here in poland <3

lisa said...

What a cute idea Miki! Your trick or treaters were very lucky :) I like your pumpkins and I was too lazy to even carve any or decorate so you should feel better about your set up! Hope you had a good weekend!