October 19, 2013

A Tour in Everyday America - Seasonal products

I think I started to understand the scope of the phrase "seasonal products" after spending a whole year in the US. My, oh, my the things you can find! It's hard not to fall for beautifully packaged goodies, the smells, the colors. Let's start a little graphic journey through some of my favorite seasons and holidays.

Fall & Halloween

I hate winter, but I gotta admit that October through January in the Northern hemisphere has a whole different look and taste to it. 

Halloween treats for pets!


I love these transparent ornaments, they come in different shapes and sizes. I filled mine with colorful pompoms and shredded paper :).

 Snow globes.

Chewable toys for pets.


Edible Easter confetti :p.

Even though Easter and Christmas are religious holidays, I'd never seen candy that is so religiously bold. Nor had I ever seen the Jesus fish before.

Election time

Not an actual season, but it's funny to see the political merchandise they come up with.

There are so many more pictures I could show you, but this post is photo heavy enough.

Which is your very favorite season? What seasonal products do you love?

Have a wonderful day, everyone! ;D



Sian said...

wow! i love halloween, but we don't get all those pumpkiny things in the UK! i did try pumpkin beer last year in san franciso and it was delish!

Chrissy said...

Love all those seasonal products and I agree, it's so hard not to fall for them! Cannot wait to have that all back again! xxx

Milex said...

I just really love it.

Katie Frank said...

wow, these products are amazing <3 i wish i could try at least one <3

seelvana said...

dame una semanita en esos shoppings y me proveo de por vida! están loquísimos todos los productos!

lisa said...

Haha that keep calma card is a funny example of "political season" :) People/stores get crazy about seasonal decorating although I really don't remember pumpkin flavored everything becoming a thing until the last few years. Maybe I just didn't know about it, but all I remember was pumpkin pie. I'm all for it though! Love the dress you wore to the pumpkin patch!

Katrin said...

Hey Miki, I love this post! Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful pictures! I love to see all the seasonal products in the US, especially the Halloween and Easter stuff. Halloween is not as popular in Germany so I always want to buy all the Halloween themed things to decorate the house!

Cindy said...

I actually really like that pumpkin butter from Trader Joe's!

Marina Carstens said...

love all this stuff!

makes me a little homesick. :(

Vix said...

wow! mori con todo pumpkin!
esos patches son tan bonitos... quiero ir a buscarme una calabaza!

Katta said...

pretty cool. i really love it! <3


Maria Malik said...

Such an amazing post.
Greetings from Pakistan!

Maria Speaks Prada

Iwona said...

Cool post and blog!!!

Marisa Noelle said...

Love this post Miki! As much of a summer girl that I am - I am smitten with the pumpkin tastes of fall for sure! Though I do love in the spring when the cadbury eggs emerge :-) It's funny how much from my perspective I don't really think about seasonal items because they were such the norm growing up. It was so cool to see it from you eyes!
xo Marisa

ceci a. said...

Eso sí es inventarse una razón o excusa para salir de compras!!!
Qué bueno Miki!

lissa said...

I like seeing christmas decorations and the color leaves in autumn but other than that, not much into seasonal things but just things in general.

hope you have a great day.

Gingham Ginger said...

I sapose we a crazy about holidays. I kinda think tjat is great in some ways but the over consumerism aspect gets to me. BTW Nico is going to be Curious George. She loves him and is just like him. If you don't know who that is it's a monkey that gets into alot mischief but always because of a need to learn more.