September 27, 2013

Such a long hiatus!

My, oh, my! What a long unexpected hiatus this has been! I can hardly believe I haven't blogged in over a month and a half. I honestly didn't feel like turning on the computer at all and even though there were a lot of things going on, I didn't feel they were interesting enough to share. I believe I'm out of this funk and back to blogging regularly :). There's a long post I've been writing in parts but never got round to publishing; will do so soon though, I just thought I needed to say hi, I'm back first. It feels good to be here again and hopefully, I will catch up with your lovely blogs in no time. Also, a huge thanks to my new followers, hope I can get to know you soon! ;)

So, I suppose I should post a few pictures to show you what I've been up to, right? Mmm ... Where to start? 

I've been writing letters, as usual, although sadly, I haven't gotten as many replies.

I've been stocking on Halloween stuff for myself and to mail. And I might or might not already started buying Christmas trinkets as well :/.

We went to Disneyland after 5 years and I realized I'm too old for it, haha. Everything looked super cheesy and not as exciting as I remembered.


These 2 photos were taken at the Lego store in Downtown Disney; all the pieces looked so neat displayed on the wall!

We've been going to a lot of birthdays. I always regret not buying presents ahead of time ... We always end up rushing the last minute and ugh, even owing gifts :/.

Oh, I also wore a python as a necklace at our niece Breanne's birthday, haha :p.

At work, everything's been great. I was made a member of the Outreach Committee and I'll be giving ESL classes, which is exciting. 

I'm also planning to go visit my family and friends soon, hooray to that! :P And I guess that's pretty much it. Tomorrow we're going to see Depeche Mode and it turns out we'll be also seeing Travis and Placebo in October (best musical year ever!).

So, what have you guys been up to? ;D I've certainly missed you!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



lissa said...

I wouldn't say a month & a half is a long time but probably in the blog world, it might seems so.

it's nice to see you again! not much to report on my side though.

hope you have a great autumn.

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Good to have you back:D

We hit a blogging low at about the same time. And I've heard from others that they felt the same too. Blogging is fun, but when you do it a lot and for a very long time, I think you're bound to hit a dead end at some point.
Anyway, I went on vacation and came back feeling excited about blogging again and I decided not to let myself feel overwhelmed with it because of the move as well.

And where you were still a busy snail mailer, I sent practically nothing. But I'm going to change that too and when I've gathered a few more cute things, you can definitely expect some happy mail;)

I'm sorry to hear you've outgrown Disney Land. But perhaps that is a bit to sugary sweet for someone with a python around her neck haha!

Ooh, have fun at all those concerts! That is so exciting!!!

Katrin said...

I have missed you too, Miki! Glad you're back! I just sent you an email! Thanks so much for the surprise, you are such a sweetheart! :) I have never been to Disneyland but would love to at some point. But yeah, I can imagine that it is a bit cheesy! So many concerts! That is awesome! I have seen Placebo once, I think I still was a teenager. It was awesome! Hope you will have lots of fun. I would love to see Travis! They rock! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Tell teh cats I said hi! Hugs!

uncustomary said...

Glad you're back! I replied to your letter (belatedly, I know) but it's in an envelope and ready to go out to you on Monday morning! I love that you've started cultivating Halloween supplies. Are you going to dress up this year?

seelvana said...

Miki! cuando leí que hacía un mes y medio que no escribías dije what? pensé que mucho más! realmente se extrañan tus colores, tus ropajes, tus gatos y tus andanzas!

Hago un mea culpa por eso de las cartas que no has recibido! veré de ponerme al día mandándote algunas de las cosas que hago =)

Me alegro que andes bien, seguís lindiísima!

Cindy said...

Saying, "Hi" back :)

April said...

Welcome back!i too am a letter writer/spontaneous gift sender. I miss getting mail that isn't ads or bills. :/

Vix said...

I see dead people... no, I mean... MY ENVELOPE!

sucumbiste inicuamente ante halloween nomas. esta bien! toda excusa para divertirse y comer y disfrazarse es bienvenida!!

Lo de la serpiente, ahi ves? no. No te acompaño. Yo, ni en fotos!

Chrissy said...

Happy to have you back! Really missed you! And did I get that right, you will be visiting Argentina? Wow, how amazing!
Hope your weekend is wonderful!
Hugs xxx

Marisa Noelle said...

The bday gift thing sounds so much like me lately too...except I've been like that for wedding and shower gifts...ugh is right!

Glad to have you back Miki! I've missed your cheerfulness around these parts :-) I've been a pretty bad blogger/commenter myself being so busy with two little ones...hehe.

Aw - Disneyland. I may never actually outgrow it only because I'm a pretty big cheeseball myself. Your photos are so cute though.

Hope your week is as lovely as you are darling gal!
xoxo Marisa

vero mariani said...

qué linda estás, qué linda que volviste :) y qué buen collar jajaja! besos miki!

lisa said...

Miki!! I'm so happy to stop by your blog and see you're back! I miss you around the internet- but def understand needing to take a a break :) I am NOT a fan of Disneyland, I know that's controversial ;) Love that last photo- don't know if I could've worn a snake like that!

ceci a. said...

Mi ki hermosa de mi cora<ón
qué lindo verte por ahi con esa remera tan chula que dice amor
hace MIL años que no leo blogs
apenas logro abrir el mio
el enterito d patitos no le entra mas a tomi pero esta guardado como uno de sus mejores tesoros. NUNCA me voya olvidar de eso. Y tengo un reaglo pa ti que deberia mandarte si alguna vez encuentro tiempo par ahacer algo que no sea er mama y trabajar
Un beso y abrazo enormes

Gingham Ginger said...

I'm sorry I didn't notice your hiatus. While I have been writing for my blog and another I haven't been able to keep up with with others. I'm so far behind I have decided to start fresh with most or I will get overwhelmed and give up, again.