August 12, 2013

I want candy

Yes, there is a place in the world where they sell gummy bear rings and a bunch of other whimsical candy! :p That place is called Sweet and is right in the heart of Hollywood, by the Chinese Theater.

Sweet had been in my "to go" list for a while and last Saturday we had the perfect excuse to drop by after a friend's birthday in a nearby restaurant. It's not just a regular candy store, it's divided into 14 different boutiques: Wonka, Cholocate Lab, Tinseltown, Tasting Machines, Lollywood and the list continues.

As you can imagine I took a gazillion pictures, but since they're too many, I'll just share the most amusing ones. I apologize for their poor quality, they were taken late at night so the light was scarce :/.

The Jelly Belly section was my second favorite.


This is Eminem made with Jelly Bellies (not M&Ms, haha). They change the imagine periodically.


My most favorite room was one called Yucky. They have toilets and urinals that are actually candy dispensers! How wacky is that?!

I couldn't help myself ...

I now realize we should have totally bought some chocolate from the chocolate lab (can you see their eyes?)  and tennis gumballs.

This weekend I'm checking off another place in my "to go" list; can't wait! :p

Hope you're all doing great! ;D



August 04, 2013

The OC Fair

Well, hello there! It's been a while! It seems I'm unable to keep blogging constantly, which stinks, but on the bright side, life is all good in this neck of the woods. We've been going out quite a lot, working hard, too, and planning fun things for the near future :).

We actually took these photos not this weekend, but the previous one over at the OC Fair. It was my very first time visiting a big and popular fair and it was fun :p. Luckily, it was not scorching hot, so we enjoyed walking all over the place, petting cute animals and oh, yeah, eating unhealthy food.




If you're from Argentina, like myself, a fair looks pretty much like a huge old style kermesse (remember the good old days?), combined with some rides, a petting zoo, food trucks and tent-stores. Now when I say food, I don't mean just pop-corn, hot dogs and sandwiches; I mean really crazy and unhealthy food! Think about all things deep-fried (covered in doughnut batter) and/or wrapped in bacon.


Although it was my chance to go nuts and try something new I couldn't have tried anywhere else, I decided to have some blue cotton candy. Our friends were more adventurous and had a deep fried Reese's peanut buttercup and a Krispy Kreme blueberry jelly doughnut cheeseburger. I didn't dare take a bite of any.

My favorite part were the cute animals :p.

This sand statue was pretty neat, too.
David was amused by this scared pickle, haha.

It was a weekend well-spent in the company of great friends.
Hope you all have a wonderful week! ;D