June 16, 2013

Judging me by the covers

I haven't been able to blog as much as I'd have liked to lately, but I think I've just figured out a way to show you bits of my life by impromptu posts which are just a glimpse at what's going on over here. 

This time, the topic is books. As some of you know, pretty much as soon as I arrived in California almost 2 years and a half ago I started volunteering for the Friends of Ontario City Library which let me stock on a bunch of awesome books for very little money. Last November I was hired by the library and have been serving more as a liaison between the Friends and the library and no longer as a regular volunteer anymore (aside from being an employee). This weekend, I felt the urge to organize some of the books in 3 big Home Depot boxes, because honestly, I didn't know exactly what I had and where I had it anymore. This is probably only 75% of the books that were lying around the house :/.


As I was pulling out books, I started wondering what impression someone who doesn't know me would get by just looking at the books I own. These are some of the adjectives that came to mind.


Judging by the books I own, one might think that ...

* I like books with pretty covers - guilty as charged.


* When reading fiction, I prefer classics - true; since I'm not a good reader, I prefer to stick to books I know are well-written. Not only am I lame reader, but also a pretty dumb one, so I usually get some Cliff Notes to help me understand the texts in more depth.

* I'm into British stuff (especially Irish and Scottish) - that is correct :p.


* I'm an erudite in history - nothing farther from the truth; I'm such a huge ignorant that I keep getting material to try to learn at least a little.

* I love smoothies and cooking - I actually have never had one and I'm a terrible baker. I'm trying to tame the oven, though!

* I'm weird - yeah, I'll take that one.

* I'm a crazy cat lady - So, what else is new?

*  I'm a utopian - sure, sometimes I can be.

* I'm a business person -no way; although I have to admit that I'm very curious about marketing.

Bonus picture! I just couldn't help myself :p.

What would your books say about you?

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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Cindy said...

Wow, this was a really creative post. Sometimes spontaneous is best! You're not a dumb reader if you don't understand something. Not all writers seem to care about being understood!

HilLesha said...

What an impressive collection! I've been doing some much reading lately after a LONG, LONG hiatus.

Roville said...

que grosa!!! y todos en ingles!!!
yo soy la peor lectora de este mundo,,,siempre digo lo mismo!
pero lo tuyo es too much!!! :D

1984! Dickens! ya eso dice mucho de vos! ;)

y si leiste la divina comedia! ya esta! :D sos una genia!


Maria said...

Love the crazy cat lady books! Ohmygoodness, the covers are so cute and funny! Sending love, Miki. Xoxox

Katrin said...

Aww, love the Dante picture! :) It is so adorable!
I love your book collection! Cat lady books, books about Ireland and Scotland! Amazing. You know I can't get enough of books. Thanks for this great post!

Dilan Dilir said...

oh, so many books! the post is lovely :D

Cookie Monster said...

Tengo que admitir que también elijo los libros por su portada, principalmente con las diferentes ediciones de Jane Austen (y principalmente con la portada que lanzó Penguin


Lula said...

They all look so pretty! Don't you love the covers in this country? I wrote a post about it in the past, glitter, sections that come up, puzzles (I am not very eloquent today0 and bwt I love your English)

Recommend me some books!

Lula said...

My books would say

1) I like pretty covers
2) I like to read Young Adult literature because I haven't gotten over those years -getting to that.
3) I like classics too
4) I like dystopian books
5) I am a Literature Major and was forced to read things that I don't necessarily loved - more like hated- but no one is buying them on Amazon yet.
6) I like Julio Cortazar.
7) I attempted to read in French, but I actually like French authors from the 19th century.

Good enough?

Laura said...

Interesting post!

Mine would probably say I go for books with pretty pictures/well designed covers! (Lots of graphic novels.) I am also a sucker for old Penguin books. x

Franca said...

aaw that cat picture is so cute! I am trying to reduce the number of books i have - I'm only allowing myself one shelf. I get everything from the library!