June 28, 2013

Do you want to know what all these images have in common? Then, hop on over to Daisy Dayz, where I'm guest blogging today ;).


1, 2, 3

May you all have a wonderful weekend!


June 23, 2013

A week in retrospect & a giveaway winner

This has been one hectic and pretty awesome week. In retrospect, starting last Sunday ...

We celebrated father's day with my in-laws prior a phone call to my dad. I baked garlic cheese sticks and the cats gave David this Dwight Shrute wooden pin as a little father's day gift, hehe :p.


I baked 2 of this but was so busy cutting the sticks when I took them out of the oven that I totally forgot to take a picture of the finished product.

I've been wearing these guys a lot. Finally, a pair of shoes that are truly comfortable!

On Tuesday, I saw Camera Obscura for the first time and miraculously made it to the very front right by the stage! :D The Wiltern is such a beautiful old building! Travis are playing there, too, in early October; we'll see if we can afford to see them. We've spent so much already on tickets! Next up, a huge one: freaking Belle & Sebastian in Santa Barbara!!! That will involve taking a day off work (since Santa Barbara is 3 hours away) and spending a night in a hotel; I can't wait :p.

In one moment Tracyanne looked to her left and I swear I think she smiled at me, hehe.


On Wednesday, I attended a potluck the library employees organized for the Friends of Ontario City Library. No photos of the event, though, I was too busy eating like a pig :/.

One of my co-workers and I were told the last minute that we were going to be in charge of the Summer Reading Program on Thursday, which was great news, but a bit overwhelming. We had fun with the little kids, ate "Gummy worms on dirt" (basically, chocolate pudding covered in smashed Oreos and a couple of gummy worms crawling out of the cup) and played some quiet gross games. The theme this year is "Reading is so delicious", but the games this day were under the theme "It's not so delicious", ha. The activities involved grabbing spaghetti, spelling words with letter noodles, etc.

Also, it was time for me to fill out my first evaluation and I got a raise, woohoo! Just a few cents, I guess, but it's better than nothing :).

I don't know why this is worth saying but the other day, a cockatoo escaped from a lady's tote bag while we were on the bus. It started flying all over the place till she was able to grab her bird; needless to say, it wasn't very happy to go back to the tote bag. Weird things happen on the bus.

Today, we woke up to Dimitri sleeping on our bed :p, which is always a great start to any day.

The rest of the day will be spent at home, reading, writing letters; maybe I'll stop by Jo Ann to buy some stationery (with my 40% off coupon, of course!) and I'm pretty sure I'll have a beer or two.

Last but not least, I'd like to announce my giveaway winner. Drum roll, please!

According to, the lucky winner is Katrin! Hope you buy something pretty with your $50 gift card, girl!

Stay tuned for another giveaway coming soon.

May you all have a wonderful week! ;D

June 16, 2013

Judging me by the covers

I haven't been able to blog as much as I'd have liked to lately, but I think I've just figured out a way to show you bits of my life by impromptu posts which are just a glimpse at what's going on over here. 

This time, the topic is books. As some of you know, pretty much as soon as I arrived in California almost 2 years and a half ago I started volunteering for the Friends of Ontario City Library which let me stock on a bunch of awesome books for very little money. Last November I was hired by the library and have been serving more as a liaison between the Friends and the library and no longer as a regular volunteer anymore (aside from being an employee). This weekend, I felt the urge to organize some of the books in 3 big Home Depot boxes, because honestly, I didn't know exactly what I had and where I had it anymore. This is probably only 75% of the books that were lying around the house :/.


As I was pulling out books, I started wondering what impression someone who doesn't know me would get by just looking at the books I own. These are some of the adjectives that came to mind.


Judging by the books I own, one might think that ...

* I like books with pretty covers - guilty as charged.


* When reading fiction, I prefer classics - true; since I'm not a good reader, I prefer to stick to books I know are well-written. Not only am I lame reader, but also a pretty dumb one, so I usually get some Cliff Notes to help me understand the texts in more depth.

* I'm into British stuff (especially Irish and Scottish) - that is correct :p.


* I'm an erudite in history - nothing farther from the truth; I'm such a huge ignorant that I keep getting material to try to learn at least a little.

* I love smoothies and cooking - I actually have never had one and I'm a terrible baker. I'm trying to tame the oven, though!

* I'm weird - yeah, I'll take that one.

* I'm a crazy cat lady - So, what else is new?

*  I'm a utopian - sure, sometimes I can be.

* I'm a business person -no way; although I have to admit that I'm very curious about marketing.

Bonus picture! I just couldn't help myself :p.

What would your books say about you?

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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June 12, 2013

5 Senses

Last night, I finished reading a book about introversion called The Introvert's Way, by Sophia Dembling. This is probably the book I've read the fastest; I've enjoyed every single sentence and agreed to 99% of the facts. One that struck me is that most of us introverts are Highly Sensitive People (HSP), we're sensitive to other people's moods, hyperaware of what's around us. A blog post started cooking as soon as I read this part. I've always felt I was overly sensitive to my surroundings; everything I see, hear, taste, touch and smell sort of triggers a reaction (sometimes an over-reaction) which can be positive or negative, but things don't usually go unnoticed to me. This is kind of a blessing as well as a curse.

So, I started writing a list of things I am particularly sensitive to when it comes to our 5 senses (because trust me, it's better not to dig deeper than that or else this post would turn into an endless pile of boredom and who knows what else). And I would really, really love to read your list, too! So, please, don't be shy and if you feel so inclined, tell me what triggers positive/negative sensory reactions! ;D

I love ...

* to feel our cats' cool fur when they come back home on a cold winter day.

* the way my scalp feels when I untie my hair.

* to see bubbles in my "mate" when I first start drinking it.

* to read mistakes in the close captioning.

* my mom's soup. I can't get over the fact I'll never taste it again :(.

*  the sound of sprinklers running at night; it's so soothing!

* when they play my favorite songs on the radio (it rarely happens here).

* the noise the computer makes when I empty the recycling bin.

* the smell of brewing coffee, especially at work.

* the first whiff I get every time I step into an airplane.

I dislike ...

* when popcorn gets stuck in my back teeth.

* touching mustard/mayo/ketchup when doing the dishes.

* wearing wet clothes and shoes.

* that everything shocks me on dry days! Even wood and water shock me, which David thinks is not possible, haha.

* shedding snakes. Brrr! Goose bumps!

* cargo ships. They give me vertigo even when they're kilometers away.

* the taste I get when I blow balloons. And also, Pepto Bismo.

* the noise styrofoam makes and markers on white boards. Again, goose bumps!

* the smell of melting butter. It makes me gag.

I'm undecided weather I like or hate ...

* touching bruises. It sure is painful but I can't help myself, ha. (Wait! Does this mean I have issues?)

* candy that pops in your mouth.

* using a song I like as a ringtone. I'm not sure this is good since I truly hate to speak on the phone.

Your turn now! ;)

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June 07, 2013

Shabby Apple Giveaway

Happy Friday, everyone! Today I have the pleasure to announce an awesome giveaway. Shabby Apple is offering a $50 gift card to one of my readers! I'm sure you're all familiar with the brand, but just in case you're not, let me tell you that Shabby Apple is an online dress boutique that specializes in vintage and retro dresses. Click here: vintage dresses to see their collection!

I am particularly smitten with their Color Pop and Fete de Fleurs collections. These are some of my favorite picks:

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Good luck and have a wonderful weekend! ;D