May 27, 2013

Contrasts: Babysitting our niece

Babysitting - before & after series

This weekend we had the pleasure to babysit our youngest niece, Breanne. She's such a good and smart kid! This time she taught us a bunch of stuff about the solar system that I didn't know :/. After she left, we couldn't help going online and buying her a telescope (shhh, she doesn't know it, yet); we know she'll love it :). 

Whenever she comes, I try to prepare a few activities so she doesn't get bored. We baked, took pictures, played the Crazy Cat Lady game, watched a movie and ate dinner and dessert. Here's s summary of that day in before & after pics.

Baking time. We also made stamped cookies, but the pictures are too dark :(.

Hot dogs & pasta; thank, you, Pinterest!

Sweet and colorful treats.

I hope you all had fun this weekend and are ready to start a new week with a smile! ;D


chantilly said...

haha, these ideas are so cute!! i love the swirly cookies. i miss you!! xxo

Chrissy said...

How fun - so many great ideas, I bet she had a blast! xxx

Corinne said...

The sausage pasta looks awesome!

Aw, I bet she will love the telescope =)

Corinne x

seelvana said...

quiero ser tu sobrinita Mikiiii!

ceci a. said...

SiiI! Adhiero a la moción de Seel. Nos adoptás a las dos?

uncustomary said...

Looks like so much fun!

Katrin said...

Sounds like you had so much fun! Love the Crazy Cat Lady Game! And you are so sweet for buying her a telescope!

Marisa Noelle said...

You are such an awesome aunt Miki! Sheesh how I would love to have you as an adopted aunt for my son...hehe, especially since our families don't live as close to us anymore.

You need to write a book of all your crafty ideas!

xo Marisa

Katie Frank said...

it seems like you had a lot fun :)!

Ellie Burns said...

ahhh this is like real life pinterest! so creative- love the spaghetti thing! xx

Suki Fourcade said...

You are the world's best babysitter, wish you could come babysit my son. Love the hotdog idea!

Hope you're well - have a happy weekend!

Maria said...

what a lucky little niece!! you are an awesome aunt, miki!! I love the hot dog idea and the cupcakes are so pretty!! I hope june has been good to you!
thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers! xoxox

lissa said...

would you be my aunt? it sounds like fun to be your niece. baking sweets, watching movies - sounds fun.

hope you have a sweet day.