April 14, 2013

Life lately in random facts

Hello, my darlings! I can't believe I haven't blogged in a whole week, but then again, I'm not that surprised. These past few days have been quite hectic; there's nothing too exciting to tell, but, in sum this is what's been going on in this neck of the woods:

* I've discovered that my blue shoes are very popular among girls aged 2-12, haha! I wore them yesterday to attend a 3-year-old birthday party and got a lot of positive reactions. Some said they loved the shoes overall, others liked their color and others, their material. Even a toddler approached me so she could touch them :p. It's amazing how girls are attracted to shoes even at a young age! Needless to say, I now love these heels even more.


* I've realized I keep seeing faces on the back of the cars. The lights and the bumper usually form a bear face or a Pikachu face ... Please, tell me I'm not the only one.

*  I've been obsessed with eating more fruits and veggies; I think I'm doing good so far. Instead of eating 2 pancakes or waffles for breakfast, I eat only 1 and load it with blueberries, strawberries and plum; not only is it a healthier meal, but also much prettier :p.

*  We've been shopping at our local farmers market and I've been daring to get products I wouldn't normally buy. It's fun to experiment with new flavors!

* Work at the library has been great; I'm getting more responsibilities and get involved in different activities. The only thing I hate about it is having to deal with teenagers; geez, are they disrespectful?! They really get to my nerves. It's not unusual to find them making out in the aisles, grrr! When I feel I've had enough, I look at my fellow pages and take an imaginary shot of alcohol. Yes, that means that I raise my invisible glass and gulp down the booze, haha. It works better than counting to 10.

* Some of the best books in the library can be found in the picture books area. I couldn't help checking out Kat Kong :P.


* On Wednesday, Ontario City Library and Barnes & Nobles sponsored the presentation of J.R. Martinez's book (bio); he gave an inspirational speech and at the end of the event, the staff had a picture taken with him. I just so happened to be standing next to him, so in the official photo I'm hugging him to his left, haha. After he left, we headed to his private room and ate all the food he didn't eat :/.

* One of the perks of working in a library is that I can borrow BluRays and DVDs for free and get no late fees. Last night I watched Marie Anttoinette. 


* This week I got some pretty rad mail from the amazing Vero and the always hilarious Laura Ly. That made my week :D. 


* Dimitri looked sick on Monday and then started sneezing quite a bit, so yesterday we took my poor baby to the vet. Fortunately, it's only allergies. She prescribed over the counter pills for humans :O that we bought at Rite Aid.

* The weekend is coming to an end, but I'm not sad about it; I'll spend the rest of the day writing letters and hopefully, running on the treadmill for a little while. 

Enjoy what's left of this day and let's start a new week with a huge smile, shall we? ;D


Kirsten Renz said...

miki!! i've been telling people for years that i see faces on cars (back and front) and different cars have different personalities and everyone looks at me like i'm crazy.

Marisa Noelle said...

I've definitely had my share of disrespectful teenagers this week too - mainly just one on the drama team I have been directing. Haha, I feel your pain :-)

Your definitely not the only one seeing faces on cars. I always thought the front of the car looks like some kind of anime character!

I'm with you on the fruits and veggies thing! This week I cannot get enough carrots and blueberries in my diet.

PS - LOVE those shoes!!

Have one lovely week Miki! xoxo Marisa

Katrin said...

Poor little Dimitri! I am so sorry he has allergies! But I am glad it is nothing more serious!
And I love your blue shoes too! They are superspecial!
I think I immediately fell in love with Kat Kong when I saw the book on Instagram! How cool!
Have you tried the Couscous yet! I love it soo much! I always make a spicy sauce and mix it with chick peas!
Have a wonderful week, my sweet Miki!

Roville said...

Linda! los sintomas del pobre Dimitri son porque finalmente esta llegando la primavera no?! :D
acá de un dia para el otro llego y yo ya empecé a estornudar fuerte y los ojos rojos como si fuera una drogona jajaja

me encantan esos panqueques los estoy viendo en todos lados ultimamente ja! me gustaria aprender a hacerlos...tenes alguna receta para prestarme?! :D

que lindo debe ser laburar en una libreria!!!! acá en mi barrio tenemos una que durante los primeros años que vine a vivir acá la usaba muchisimo para traerme libros y peliculas gratis y tambien para usar internet!!! :D
tambien recuerdo que en mi viaje a Cleveland, visité varias veces la biblioteca del barrio de mi tia, y era increible! me hiciste acordar!!! :)

abrazos y que tengas una linda semana!!!

Maria said...

kat kong!!! lolol! i love it!! and i love that even toddlers love your pretty blue shoes! that drink looks refreshing and yummy! so glad to hear work is going so well for you!! have a sweet day, miki! xoxox

Katie Frank said...

oh my <3 your blog is so so so wonderful! i just can't <3 thank you for following me!!

lisa said...

Wow, those shoes! They are amazing and you are right, it's funny how we are attracted to them right off the bat :) I love that you wore them to a kid's bday party! I sure like that idea of imaginary shots- I think that could come in handy in the restaurant industry!

Katie Frank said...

what a lovely post <3 i love such :) those photos are amazing + the cat <3 aw!

Chrissy said...

Good to see you, Miki. Life's been super busy here as well and I can hardly find the time to keep up with my fave blogs to read! Hugs xxx