March 31, 2013

Happy Easter if you celebrate it! No egg dying or hunting, or chocolate (well there's actually brownie baking in the oven) or bunnies of any kind on this end. We've been home all day which is more than fine by me; this past week felt too long and the weekend, too short. We had dinner with friends at a ramen place on Friday, Saturday I worked and then David's cousin came over at night. I'm not ready for another week to start, especially one where we'll be having a meeting at work ... Don't you hate those? 

But anyway, here are a few photos I took this past week and today. More randomness, I guess; hopefully, I'll be able to take proper outfit pics and more soon ;). I have ideas for posts, but no time to write!

So, my workmates loved the Easter treats I'd prepared (bunny shaped organic Graham crackers by Annie's).


I took them to work in this very Easter appropriate shopping bag I bought in Argentina a long time ago, hehe.

Speaking of work, we're working on a little mural to promote poetry. Making paper flowers is fun :p. We're only half way through, by the way.

Nothing better to brighten up a long week than glittery shoes, right? ;p 
There's also a Belle & Sebastian vinyl there, why aren't they coming to California? Whyyyy??? :( They would make our musical year just perfect. We already have our tickets for Camera Obscura in June (woohoo!!! *insert cartwheel*), System of a Down in July and we're getting tickets to see Bjork and Depeche Mode as soon as they go on sale. Our ears and souls will be very happy; our wallet, not so much.

Edible confetti in my banana shake helped, too ...

And so did buying a new colorful lunchbox and hand soap.

Today I watched Anna Karenina and felt like pulling out some books I bought a while ago; I have so many books to read; I can't decide where to start! Seriously, I think I have about 25 books sitting all over the house ...

Have I started any of those yet? Of course, not :/. Instead I opened the latest issue of Nylon I recently got in the mail.

So what was your week and weekend all about?

Hope you had a great one regardless of what you did!

Now, let's start a new one with a smile, shall we? ;D


Katrin said...

So many wonderful things, Miki! You know how much I adore your beautiful bag from Argentina! And I have never seen edible confetti before. How cute!
Hope your day won't be too stressful! Hugs!

seelvana said...

divinas todas las fotos que acompañan el recorrido, ganaron la lunchera y el jabón!

Buena semana Mi! Acá seguimos de hollyday =)

lissa said...

I like the paper flower. how come I don't get to do fun things at work?

hope you have a sweet week.

uncustomary said...

Really love that mural. And let me know how Living Artfully is! I'm curious. :)

Marisa Noelle said...

Happiest Easter to you too Miki (though now belated...I am so behind in everything right now..hehe.) I must are one of the craftiest gals I know. I'm always in awe of the cute little projects you do. Those little carrots are the sweetest.

I love your glitter shoes and I am a BIG sucker for those Orla Kiely Method handsoaps too! I love the chai scented one to pieces.

Other than my long fine arts festival week - my family came up to our house to celebrate Easter with us and it was lovely :-)

Hope your weeks is fantastic darling! xo Marisa

Alice, Pretty Confused said...

Happy Easter! I'm totally in awe of those paper flowers, they are absolutely stunning xo

Laura said...

I love your Easter bunny crackers. Very cute!

I also love Jane Austen. I know what you mean about reading. I, too, have more books than I have time to read.

Having a crazy busy week here and glad that tomorrow is Thursday and soon it will be the weekend once again!


Yelle said...

That edible confetti is so cute! Will brighten up any drink!

Maria said...

Happy belated Easter, Miki! Thank you so much for your sweet wishes!! You are such a wonderful friend. That edible confetti is soo cute...I love the way you take photos and use your imagination. You should be a photographer...seriously! :) have a wonderful weekend! Xoxox

Miss Plaid Girl said...

i hope u had a great easter! and i love the edible confettie :0 i thin i might make myself a smoothie and just add sprinkles to it :p

lisa said...

I love the paper mural! I hope you show a pic of the finished product! So fun that you have lots of concerts lined up- this time of year is great for that! We are going to Modest Mouse, The XX, and of Montreal in the next couple weeks- I'm super excited. Depeche Mode is one of my fave groups and I've seen them 3 times. I want to go this time around but the tix are crazy expensive. Hopefully it works out! Hope all is well!