March 23, 2013

Happy accidents, cats, shoes and food.

So, this post is just a bunch of random thoughts and stuff put together; I really can't gather these photos under a common criterion, but hey, there a cat pics, so it'll be worth it :p.

I wrote "happy accidents" in the title, because in the middle of my taking photos, Dante and Dimitri decided to make their appearance making the photos even better, that's for sure!

I was snapping a picture of my new blue bow shoes, which I love but still haven't worn! 

And then this happened, hehe :p.

The other day, David brought a brand new roulette/card game table he got for free from work. I set it up on the table to see what it was all about and Dimitri decided to make it his bed.


I love to catch our cats when they're yawning!


... Or being naughty! If David saw this one, he'd say I should've taken him off the barbecue instead of grabbing the camera.


As you can see, our cats own our games, the bbq, the couch, pretty much everything we have in the house; brats!

Speaking of cats, if you want to help out a blind cat shelter in North Caroline, you can do so by visiting this site and voting for the Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary. They're currently 2nd, but wouldn't it be great if they could win the big $10k? You can vote every day till April 18th ;).

Onto yummier things now. I'm am preparing some Easter treats for my workmates. I've gotten things from them for Christmas and Valentine's Day and I've never given them anything. They caught me off-guard! I didn't know people in America gave treats and cards on these holidays. I decided to go with a quite healthy snack, so I bought some organic bunny-shaped Annie's Graham crackers.

As I type this, I totally wish I could be having one of these awesome cherry-dipped ice-cream cones from Dairy Queen ... 

Last but not least, let me announce that the winner of the giveaway is the wonderful and mother-to-be (maybe she's having her baby girl this very second, woohoo!), Maria! :) Congrats, girl! And thank you, Soledad for sponsoring it and everyone who enter! ;D

May we all enjoy the rest of the weekend and start the last week in March with the best vibes! ;D

Tight hugs!


Erin Dawn said...

I want to come cuddle your cats and eat ice cream with you!

Katrin said...

Your cats are so awesome, Miki! Love all the pictures! And how cool are the bunny cookies? And I love your shoes. :) I have shoes that I haven't worn either. But it is fun to look at them! :)
Have a wonderful Sunday, my friend! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Cutest cats ever!! Those blue shoes are so pretty!!

Maria said...

ohmygosh, your cats couldn't be any more awesome!! i love that they are all over the place. and that picture of him stretching/yawning - amazing!! :)
thank you SO much for everything, miki! i was so excited i won the giveaway. steve LOVED the site and helped pick out a sticker/button. we went with the walking dead one and the vegas one. :)
since i didn't answer you on ig, i just saw, i will answer you here...i am due TODAY. lol. she's still in there! thanks so much!
and um, i want that cherry cone right now...that looks insane.
hope you're having a sweet weekend!

vero mariani said...

arameo travieso!!! (explicación arameo: viene de miau --> mau --> amau --> aramau --> arameo).

feliz domingo miki oliver!

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Haha, yeah, cats always go places they're not allowed. I spent the day reorganizing my clothes and my cat jumped into my closet even though she knows she shouldn't. I told her "No" and she answered me with a meow that translates to "but I really want to!", this always goes back and forth a few times before she either leaves or jumps in anyway;)

Your Easter treats are so sweet! And I love that you went for a healthier choice:) And I have to say, these bunnies look a lot cuter than chocolate eggs!

P.S. My weekend was quite nice:) Yesterday I went to the smallest vintage market in the history of the world. But I managed to pick up some adorable cups!
Hope you had a nice weekend too!

seelvana said...

un gran awwww a esos gatos!

lisa said...

How cute are those carrot bags?? I love Annie's- I'm totally hooked on the snack mix with pretzels and cheddar bunnies :) Those shoes are awesome, I hope you take some pics wearing them soon! I love that your kitties were sneaking into all you pics, cat posts always make me happy!

Marisa Noelle said...

Those shoes, those shoes!!! They are awesome Miki! I definitely want to see how you style those beauties up. And your cats crack me up...they remind me much of mine...sneaky little buggers. Now I want one of those cherry dipped cones...sadly they closed the Dairy Queen by us. Hmm, I'm going to have to go on the hunt for something like that today...cold or not, ice cream is always something I crave :-)

Happy Tuesday! xo Marisa

ceci a. said...

Morí con tus zapatulis! Me hicieron acordar a los que usé en mi casamiento. Tan similares! Daaaale ponételos, tienen TODO el glam! Un besote!

lissa said...

super cute shoes though I don't think I'll be able to wear it given a pair.

have a sweet day.

Kirsten Renz said...

i didn't know dairy queen did cherry dipped cones!!! that sounds so so good.

Jenstar_Blonde said...

Awww Dante and Dimitri are such characters!! They are just like my two, they love getting in the way of photos being taken and i love cat yawn photos!! Dante's yawn photo is awesome!!! Oh and you might want to see my post today! I went to where you told me to go :D

Jen xxx

Courtney said...

Too cute! I especially love the one of the cat with the AMAZING blue shoes. So adorable.

Miss Plaid Girl said...

so much icecream on the cone! and i love the shoes, i wish I could walk in heels :3