March 31, 2013

Happy Easter if you celebrate it! No egg dying or hunting, or chocolate (well there's actually brownie baking in the oven) or bunnies of any kind on this end. We've been home all day which is more than fine by me; this past week felt too long and the weekend, too short. We had dinner with friends at a ramen place on Friday, Saturday I worked and then David's cousin came over at night. I'm not ready for another week to start, especially one where we'll be having a meeting at work ... Don't you hate those? 

But anyway, here are a few photos I took this past week and today. More randomness, I guess; hopefully, I'll be able to take proper outfit pics and more soon ;). I have ideas for posts, but no time to write!

So, my workmates loved the Easter treats I'd prepared (bunny shaped organic Graham crackers by Annie's).


I took them to work in this very Easter appropriate shopping bag I bought in Argentina a long time ago, hehe.

Speaking of work, we're working on a little mural to promote poetry. Making paper flowers is fun :p. We're only half way through, by the way.

Nothing better to brighten up a long week than glittery shoes, right? ;p 
There's also a Belle & Sebastian vinyl there, why aren't they coming to California? Whyyyy??? :( They would make our musical year just perfect. We already have our tickets for Camera Obscura in June (woohoo!!! *insert cartwheel*), System of a Down in July and we're getting tickets to see Bjork and Depeche Mode as soon as they go on sale. Our ears and souls will be very happy; our wallet, not so much.

Edible confetti in my banana shake helped, too ...

And so did buying a new colorful lunchbox and hand soap.

Today I watched Anna Karenina and felt like pulling out some books I bought a while ago; I have so many books to read; I can't decide where to start! Seriously, I think I have about 25 books sitting all over the house ...

Have I started any of those yet? Of course, not :/. Instead I opened the latest issue of Nylon I recently got in the mail.

So what was your week and weekend all about?

Hope you had a great one regardless of what you did!

Now, let's start a new one with a smile, shall we? ;D

March 23, 2013

Happy accidents, cats, shoes and food.

So, this post is just a bunch of random thoughts and stuff put together; I really can't gather these photos under a common criterion, but hey, there a cat pics, so it'll be worth it :p.

I wrote "happy accidents" in the title, because in the middle of my taking photos, Dante and Dimitri decided to make their appearance making the photos even better, that's for sure!

I was snapping a picture of my new blue bow shoes, which I love but still haven't worn! 

And then this happened, hehe :p.

The other day, David brought a brand new roulette/card game table he got for free from work. I set it up on the table to see what it was all about and Dimitri decided to make it his bed.


I love to catch our cats when they're yawning!


... Or being naughty! If David saw this one, he'd say I should've taken him off the barbecue instead of grabbing the camera.


As you can see, our cats own our games, the bbq, the couch, pretty much everything we have in the house; brats!

Speaking of cats, if you want to help out a blind cat shelter in North Caroline, you can do so by visiting this site and voting for the Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary. They're currently 2nd, but wouldn't it be great if they could win the big $10k? You can vote every day till April 18th ;).

Onto yummier things now. I'm am preparing some Easter treats for my workmates. I've gotten things from them for Christmas and Valentine's Day and I've never given them anything. They caught me off-guard! I didn't know people in America gave treats and cards on these holidays. I decided to go with a quite healthy snack, so I bought some organic bunny-shaped Annie's Graham crackers.

As I type this, I totally wish I could be having one of these awesome cherry-dipped ice-cream cones from Dairy Queen ... 

Last but not least, let me announce that the winner of the giveaway is the wonderful and mother-to-be (maybe she's having her baby girl this very second, woohoo!), Maria! :) Congrats, girl! And thank you, Soledad for sponsoring it and everyone who enter! ;D

May we all enjoy the rest of the weekend and start the last week in March with the best vibes! ;D

Tight hugs!

March 20, 2013


Hi, there! Sorry it's been a little quiet here, these past couple of weeks have been pretty busy at work and I'm glad to say that I'm volunteering again :p. By the way, if you so happen to live in or close to Ontario, we're currently having a 3 bucks a bag sale till Sunday at Ontario City Library. There are a lot of books and magazines ;); I'm filling a bag or two for myself.

Anywho, if you've been friends with me long enough, you probably know that I love taking my Mameshibas for a ride (you can see them in action here and here), and our little trip to Palm Springs was no exception. 

Breakfast at King's Highway.

Chilling at the hotel.


At Moorten Botanical Garden.

In Pioneertown.

You don't know what mameshibas are?? Then you might wanna check a few (or all) of their hilarious videos. You're welcome ;).

Hope you're all having a great week! ;D

And if you want to enter my giveaway, click here; it ends tomorrow night ;).

March 15, 2013

Ponja Hija Giveaway

Hello, everybody! Hope you're getting ready to have a fab weekend ;). Today, I'm happy to announce that artist Soledad has offered one of her adorable products as a giveaway prize for one of you, my friends. If you're a cat lover like us, you can't miss it! Take a peek at what's available in her etsy Ponja Hija

My favorite designs are her movie, TV show & music inspired stickers; their feline version, of course! :P I own this one inspired by Snatch. 

Soledad also sells pins and notebooks; take a look around her Etsy to be delighted with some eye candy ;). And visit her Facebook fan page: Ponja Hija.

If you'd like to win a sticker & a pin of your choice, please enter this giveaway through Rafflecopter (below).

Have a great weekend, people!

March 13, 2013

Guest post on Uncustomary

Hello, fellas! Happy midweek! This is just a note to tell you that today you'll find me guest blogging over at wonderful Mary's blog. Wanna know what these smiley faces are all about? Then, hop on over to Uncustomary! Don't be shy ;).

Tight hugs!

March 09, 2013


Are you ready for a little journey to the Wild West? Then jump onto my horse and let's ride! Hehe :p. Last weekend, on our way back from Palm Springs, we visited Pioneertown, a very small town located in the desert, between the mountains. It was originally built in the 1940s as a movie set and as a place for the movie stars to stay while filming. Today, there are no famous actors, but only a bunch of families who live there and decorate their surroundings very peculiarly. 


We arrived right on time to see a band perform a few songs :).



There are a couple of stores, a restaurant and even a hotel, but the whole place is only probably 3 blocks long. 



The way the locals decorate the place totally reminded me of Salvation Mountain. Look at these neat typewriters!


Neighborhood watch, haha!

It's an interesting spot to stop by if you happen to be in the area, but I would definitely not want to live there. 

Have a great one, everybody! And stay tuned, there's a giveaway coming soon ;).