February 10, 2013

Some weekend fun

Hello, everybody! How's your weekend been? Ours, pretty fun! :p Here's a glimpse.

On Friday we did our grocery shopping as usual and I snapped the following awesome goodies - Hello Kitty crayon rings :), doughnut and burger coasters.

Friday night we finally went to Club Underground, woohoo! It's in Chinatown in LA and as I had predicted it was fun. Britpop is right up my alley and free tickets and $3 drinks till 11PM made the night even more worth wile. This is what I wore. I was going to take outfit pictures, but I didn't get round to it.

Erm, some lame Instagram pics. (You can find me @mikimelina).

Funny thing - I drank a little too much and I can now say that I did get drunk once in my life. I didn't pass out or have a hangover, but our surveillance camera can prove I had a hard time going up the stairs as I repeated "I'm ok! I'm ok!" like a dozen times. I'm not planning this to happen any time soon, ha. Note to self: those heels are not made for walking when drunk.

Saturday was spent in bed and watching movies + Breaking Bad. Does anybody else think Drive was not such a big deal? I'm disappointed.

I also got some awesome mail :p, well, except for the issue of Cosmopolitan, ha. I've been getting it in the mail (my name and address on the label) and have no clue why. I have certainly not paid for a subscription or recall ever signing up to get it for free. It's probably my least favorite magazines, but at least I can use its pictures to make collages :).

On Sunday morning we drove to Bell Gardens so that David could set up a former coworker's wireless router. His wife happens to have worked for Disneyland so she got us free passes :p. It was a great and very pleasant surprise.

The day was followed by a little cleaning, some laundry and David made his kick-ass homemade Alfredo sauce. I hate bottled Alfredo, but looove his; seriously, it's the best. You should all come over to try it, haha.

Now, I'm sitting on the couch not wanting a new week to start; this is going to be a long one, but hopefully a good one, too.

So what did you do this weekend?

Are you looking forward to Valentine's Day? Me? Not really. I don't care much for VD to be quite honest. I am more looking forward to our wedding anniversary which is only a few days away <3 .="" span="">

Hope you all have a wonderful and profitable week! ;D



Diego Martín Arakaki said...

What did I do on this weekend?
Well, me and my friends had a bachelor party as one of them will marry next saturday.
I had several Fernet & Coca Cola shots and some wine too and can't believe I ended up in one piece.
Another things happened on the party but... Can't write it in here, jah!...

I got drunk a few times... alright!... quite a few and I know that feeling: Come on! You can do it... ok, ok! Baby steps.

Glad you're ok, and on the way to your second wedding anniversary, congratulations for that!

Jenstar_Blonde said...

Hi Miki :)Love the outfit you wore on ur little night out! :) Free passes to Disneyland! Woweee :D R u going soon? I cannot wait to go! Im there right at the start of March!!

Jen xxx

Anonymous said...

Free Disney passes! Woohoo! Sounds like fun.
Sounds like you had a fun weekend. I worked, installed a chandelier, went to an Asian market, sampled some new beers and watched a movie at home. Pretty easy! :)

Marisa Noelle said...

Free Disney passes?! You lucky lady! I have such a big heart for Disney parks and anything related to Disney for that matter.

What cute Hello Kitty items. Totally reminds me of being a kid and makes me kind of wish that we had a Hello Kitty store near us.

Sounds like a fun weekend Miki. Sheesh I haven't been to a club of any sorts in ages. I suppose I would feel out of place at one now - though it does sound totally fun :-)

Happiest Monday darling! xoxoxo Marisa

Esquina48 said...

Hola!me encanto tu vestido es super bonito y el posa vasos es genial!
A mi tampoco me motiva ya el dia de san valentin,sino la fecha de casamiento con mi marido,eso es mas para los novios jajajaa
un beso

Chrissy said...

Awesome! I love Whip It and I love Drive and are those passes for Disney - wow!!
Happy Monday xxx

seelvana said...

Aló! lo de la Cosmo creo que es una especie de movida de marketing, a mi novio se lo hicieron durante 6 meses con Lonely Planet, creo que buscan que te enganches, que te acostumbres a tener tu revista por ahí.
Bien por las tarjetas de Disney! espero ver fotos de por allí ;)
Obvio que decirte que etsás mona, flaca, chula, coqueta y pelilarga ya está de más a esta altura.

Que tengas una buena semana! La nuestra comienza el miércoles.

Oh, My Darling said...

Wow! Looks like your weekend was a blast! Sounds like a heck of a fun night out. Also, those coasters are all sorts of awesome.

uncustomary said...

A+ on the cheeseburger coasters. I'm glad you got my valentines :-) And free Disneyland passes? How awesome!! When will you go?

Kirsten Renz said...

Free Disney passes?! How awesome!

PS: I've only been drunk once, too. Just not my idea of "fun," but in certain situations it's a little fun to be a little tipsy. ;]

Maria said...

Ahhh, I got a pack of those Hello Kitty crayon rings at Target last week! Aren't they so fun and cute?! So glad you had a fun night out...I loved your IG pics. You are too funny and cute...glad you weren't hungover...that's a major plus! :)
So awesome you get free passes to Disney Land! Your weekend sounds wonderful! I hope you're having a great week, Miki!

Katrin said...

Hey Miki!
I hope you will have a wonderful anniversary! I don't care much about Valentine's Day either! :)
A Britpop party sounds awesome. i hope we can go together someday! Love your outfit by the way!
We had a fun time in Vegas! Took lots of pictures and I will share them soon!
Oh wow, I am relieved. I thought I was the only one who thought Drive was just okay. David loves that movie. I thought it was fine, a little boring even. I have to admit that I fell asleep for a couple of minutes. Maybe I missed the best parts!
Have a great day! Hugs!

lisa said...

What?? I love Brit pop nights! I haven't been out dancing in SO long but I used to go to a Brit pop night regularly when I first moved to AZ. It's my favorite music! Love your outfit- it looks pretty bad ass :)

~*~ pEpPeRoNi ~*~ said...

The coasters look so cute! Love the doughnut one in particular! :3