February 17, 2013

Snow in Southern California

So, we decided to head over to Big Bear on the spur of the moment :p. We've been meaning to go before the snow melted and we felt like today was the day. We were a little hesitant because of an incident that took place a few days ago; does the name Christopher Dorner ring a bell? I'm not sure how far the news has spread, but long story short, he was a former cop who got fired unfairly and started taking revenge and killed a total of four people. He was finally killed after the cabin he was at was set on fire (right in Big Bear). Fortunately, life there seems to have come back to normal.

We had been to Big Bear once before but during spring, so we didn't see any snow then. I had only seen snow over 15 years ago when I traveled to England and it also snowed when I went to Japan but very lightly. It was a lot of fun! :p Plus, the change in temperatures felt good, too. It's been around the 80s (25C) in Ontario! We were actually kind of hot on our drive there but it started getting cooler and cooler as we drove up.

It's nice to have such a great getaway place only 65 miles (104km) away, that's an hour and a half drive, mostly on a winding road up the mountains. 


It was also neat to have the chance to wear real winter clothes; it's the perfect excuse to show you my brand new fingerless gloves by LumiStyle that I won in a giveaway over at Chantilly's blog a while back. 


Overcoat: Kosiuko (Argentina).
Cowl: H&M (present).
Fingerless gloves: LumiStyle.
Dress: DAM (Argentina).
Boots: Blowfish.
Tights: Target.
Purse: Prune (Argentina).

Time to pose like a bear!

I really loved the landscape both in winter and in spring, there are different activities to do in all seasons., but I have to admit that snow made the place a little more special :).

The traffic was a bit heavy on our way down, but at least we had a beautiful view to enjoy, especially from 1000ft downwards.

So what have you guys done this weekend? Is anyone in the States going to take advantage of the sales for Presidents' Day tomorrow?

May you all have a wonderful week! ;D



The Dainty Dolls House said...

Amazing place. You both look sweet x

Laura said...

Looks like such a beautiful place. I like the pictures! :)

I finished a quilt over the weekend and worked on some more items for my shop. It's nice to have a 3 day weekend!


Meli. said...

Que lindo paseo!!!!! me encantan las luces de la ciudad así de lejos.
Y tu saco verde agua? awwww lindo!!!!!

Katrin said...

You look so cute, Miki! Love the color of your coat!
Glad you got to see some snow. I can imagine that you haven't seen much of it living in California and Argentina. :) For me it is time for spring now. It is so cold here right now. 18 degrees F, -8 degrees C.
Have a lovely week! Hugs!

chantilly said...

yay, the gloves look so good with your mint coat! glad you like them :))

lisa said...

What a beautiful getaway- I'm glad you guys did this! It's so fun to get opportunities to play in the snow when you live somewhere so warm, huh? I love your mint green coat and it looks so cute with the yellow gloves. You are adorable :)

Marisa Noelle said...

Oh my - that does look like such a tranquil little getaway! It actually reminds me a bit of where I live (which is pretty much on the side of a mountain - those ares aren't quite as grand). Another adorable pic of you and the Mr...and that coat!!! I'm thinking I need a mint beauty like that in my life. I really love the mustard with it!

That news story was so's been all over the place on our side of the country. I can't believe that's where it took place!

Cheers to more gorgeous getaways for the two of you :-)

xoxo Marisa

Maria said...

Beautiful, beautiful trip, Miki! My kinda vacation. I am in love with snow and mountains and cabins and all things winter. I'm the weirdo who loves winter more than summer. :) So glad you had a wonderful time and got to break out your winter clothes/accessories. I have a couple pairs of fingerless gloves and love them. So fun! You look beautiful! Xoxox