February 19, 2013

My weight loss story

Hello, everybody! Today I feel like sharing my recent weight loss story. I was hesitant to talk about it and even went as far as writing a post and never publishing it because it was too long, personal and I didn't think anybody was going to be interested in reading it anyway. I'm giving it another go today because maybe, just maybe, someone out there might find a helpful idea or two and that would be really neat :).
First things first - I am by no means stating that this is the best way to embark on a weight loss journey. I am not a physician or a dietician; I am just a person who has had weight issues for a long time and has tried several methods. As a teenager, I was labelled obese, I tried different kinds of pills (including amphetamines) which did not work in the long run, I attended self-help groups for the obese, I saw nutritionists for years. I've learned a few things along the way and that's what this post is all about, sharing what has worked for me.

I should also point out that this time I did it the cheap way, so to speak. I wasn't willing to splurge on the healthiest organic produce or all natural foods or buy special lotions or even pay a fee to the gym or join Weight Watchers. I am aware of the fact that there are healthier options out there than the ones I've used, but I had to work within a somewhat limited budget. Money should not be an excuse not to start dieting when you're overweight. If I could lose 30 pounds (13kg) in about 6 months, you can definitely do it, too! ;D

Set a goal.
The first thing is to set the weight you want to achieve. Be realistic when it comes to setting your target weight and do not rush to meet that goal. In my experience, when you lose weight fast, you're prone to put it back on more easily. You have to get in the mindset that this is not something momentarily, it's about changing habits, a lifestyle, so naturally it'll take some time to adjust to it. 

Keep a track of what you put in your mouth.
Back in the old day, the nutritionist made me write every single thing I stuffed my mouth with; now, it's much simpler! There are websites and apps that make this task easier. I've been using Lose It, recommended by the wonderful Ms. Jenna ;). Once you enter your target goal, this app puts together your personal daily budget (calorie-wise); it has a wide inventory of foods and lets you save your own; there's also a section where you can record how much exercise you've done and how many calories you've burned. You can also choose to share some info with a group of people if that helps you be accountable.

Eat healthily.
Duh? Too obvious, but I couldn't not say it. Don't get obsessed with only buying products labelled low-calorie; it's more about portion control than gorging on "diet" foods. Again, remember that this involves a change in habits, eating in reasonable amounts. If you do, you can afford to eat most kinds of foods.

Discard what's not working for you.
If you decide to try something drastic, such as say getting rid of flour or sugar altogether, and you notice that doesn't really work for you, stop doing that and try something different. It's pointless to force yourself to stay in a routine that's not meant for you and will probably throw you off completely. Don't stick to methods that discourage you because you will be more prone to going back to your bad old habits. I tried not to eat flour and could only do it for a day, ha! I also tried protein shakes but I realized that replacing a meal for a shake made me miserable. I kind of like veggie smoothies, though :p; I have one of these once or twice a week instead of my regular breakfast, they're filling!

Make your meals look pretty.
Does this sound shallow and pointless? I'm sure my old philosophy and theology teacher would say this is gluttony, however, I've realized that I enjoy seeing a dish that has been nicely put together. Maybe it's just because I went through the trouble of making it look pretty? I dunno. It makes eating smaller portions more enjoyable. Maybe beauty makes up for the smaller amount of food? If you don't have time to "pimp your dishes", just use a neat plate (one that's not too big or typically red).

Keep yourself motivated.
If meeting your target weight is not motivating enough, try buying a dress to wear when you do, for instance. Or buy pretty work-out gear; a nice pair of sneakers might make you more inclined to exercise. Can't afford new sneakers? Get a nice new water bottle; that's what I did, hehe. The library I work at started a "The Biggest Loser" kind of challenge and a lot of people joined; if you're a competitive person this might help spice things up.

Don't be scared to try something new.
If you get bored with eating string beans, spinach, broccoli, etc, try something new for a change even if you have no clue how to cook it. I recently tried spaghetti squash and rice noodles which I'd never cooked before, looked up recipes on Pinterest and was delighted to find out that they're both yummy and easy to prepare! :p

Keep healthy treats in your pantry.
Yes, I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night craving chips or something sweet. These are probably the most difficult moments for me. David is not on a diet, so I can easily find ice-cream in my freezer or Doritos somewhere on the counter. It's for situations like this that I buy yummy treats such as string cheese (50 calories per stick) or frozen yoghurt packaged in individual containers. I sometimes even eat a Hostess cupcake, but just one (because there are times when an apple or a banana just won't do).

Exercise regularly.
I think this is what made the biggest difference for me. I was determined to work out 5-7 times a week for at least 45 minutes the first 3 months. I'm lucky enough to have a treadmill in the garage, but if you don't own one, go out for a jog instead. Bear in mind that it's always better to combine cardio with weight-lifting or any other kind of exercise to work your muscles. And remember to change your work-out routine every now and then. I've found plenty of fun exercise videos on YouTube. If you hate working out, don't give up! I used to hate it, too, I swear! But once I started noticing changes in my body, I learned to appreciate it and I even kind of like it ;). It's super motivating to see that all the effort and stamina you put into it really pays off; that's what kept me going, really. Unfortunately now that I have a job, I don't exercise as often, but I always try to do it 3 times a week. I also like to play my favorite songs as I watch something different on my laptop; it makes time goes by faster. 

Yup! Take care of your skin. If you're dieting and working out, you need to help your skin adapt to the changes your body is going through. I mean, moisturize always, ha, but I'm mentioning this tip a nutritionist gave me years ago, because up until then I'd never thought this had any relevance. This time I didn't get any special lotion to reduce sizes or anything like that, I just use the good old generic Cetaphil (I usually get Walmart's or Rite Aid's generic version).

Indulge every now and then. 
But do not gorge yourself on fatty food. I prefer not to do "free" weekends because I know that would only lean me towards going back to my bad old habits. Instead, I eat cake without guilt when I go to a birthday party or have a burger and fries every once in a while. I do not use junk food as a reward for staying in a diet, I occasionally have it in small amounts to ease the craving 

Find no excuses.
The "I have no time" excuse is BS and you know it; we all do. Seriously, who needs more time to eat less? And I'm sure that we can all squeeze in a 45 minute work-out 3 times a week. Who is so busy to not even be able to go for a jog on the weekends, right? If you feel you need more time to cook healthier products, plan your meals wisely ahead of time. I like to throw a bunch of vegetables and chicken or beef in a huge pan with boiling water and that yields 3 meals minimum. I first have the broth and some chicken; the next meal, I eat the squash and cabbage instead and the third time I use the remaining squash and mash it to make it feel and look different (you'll find tons of great and healthy recipes on Pinterest). When you go grocery shopping, buy ingredients you can mix and match in the blink of an eye for those days when you don't feel like turning on the stove.

Be realistic and smart.
Leave stupid stereotypes aside and set a goal that is suitable and reachable for you. Again, accept the fact that it might take time to meet your goal and know that this will involve a change in lifestyle. Once you get there, you'll be able not to be so strict, but you'll still need to watch what you stuff your mouth with and keep exercising. Do not use pills or any other silly method that will only help you lose some weight at first but will not teach you how to be healthy. If something sounds too good to be true, it's probably not worth trying. Reaching your target weight will take work and persistence, but that's not a bad thing, on the contrary, it'll make you feel prouder of yourself once you get there and the fear of losing what you have accomplish will motivate you to keep on track. The determination is in you; you can totally do it! Trust me, if I could do it, you can, too. Be determined, be focused, be strong and embrace this journey to a healthier you!

I hope I didn't make this post too long and boring. If you have any questions about my personal experience or would like me to give you recipes or whatever you can think of, don't hesitate to talk to me. I'm right here ;). 

Have a wonderful week, everybody! ;D



seelvana said...

Me alegro de que hayas posteado ésto. Hasta me dan ganas de salir a correr, no miento!
Estás hermosa y me encanta que cuentes cómo lograrlo =)

Mocinder said...

fantastic! I'm sharing this with my weight loss group. I love when people share their stories. :)

Chrissy said...

This is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing, Miki! I understand why you hesitated first, but I love that you shared your story! And congrats on your weight loss success! Hugs xxx

Jenna said...

Here is my current excuse. I'll get back into the swing of things after the wedding. Blogging and working out are on the top of my to do list once the wedding/honeymoon is over and done with! I'm not unhappy with where I'm at but I know I SHOULD lose some weight...I envy your determination and stick to it attitude!

Katrin said...

Thanks for sharing this, Miki! You are so awesome! Congratulations on losing 30 pounds, that is a great success! And your tips are perfect, I mean, it is about being healthy and not losing as many pounds in a short time. I want to lose 3-4 kg which I gained over the last months, thank you for motivating me! Hugs!

Unknown said...

great advice :) i think my favorite is make your meals look pretty!

Maria said...

Miki, this was such a wonderful, inspiring and motivational post. I'm sure it is going to inspire many!! I really admire the way you went about losing the weight. You didn't try any gimmicks or crazy tricks. You did it the healthy way. I don't think it sounds shallow to make your food pretty...I totally agree...and um, you DO make your food (and lots of things) look so pretty. :) That Hello Kitty meal - adorable! :) and the spaghetti squash looks amazing. I had some when we were out the other night and loved it. I agree, you have to treat yourself every now and then and excercise makes SO much of a difference. Thanks for sharing your journey! Sending love always! Xoxox

Marisa Noelle said...

This is all so great Miki. After years of not being able to shed the baby weight I gained from my son, I finally got myself motivated, cut the sweets, and started a better exercise routine (which I will admit is the hardest thing). Cutting my need for night time snacking also helped my cause. I love the tip you gave about making your food pretty. I never thought of this, but I can see it making eating healthy a lot more fun. Congrats on sticking to your goals. It's not easy. You are inspiring :-)

xo Marisa

Kay said...

When I went to uni I gained 15pounds and it was almost impossible for me to loose weight. This may sound weird but styling food and taking pictures of it helped me to eat less. Full plate just doesn't look good on photos. I also choose an organic food restaurant when I eat out. I managed to loose all the extra pounds and now I'm on my way to loose some more. Good luck on your journey! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you :))

Kirsten Renz said...

i'm definitely going to take this as inspiration!

Unknown said...

If you can do it other girls can do it too! Your tips are quite creative and it makes losing weight sounds like a fun thing to do. The most important thing about your post is about keeping your self motivated. A lot of people just start out with a plan but they end up stopping their program in the middle just because the results aren't as satisfying as they expected. Girls should be more realistic and they should push themselves harder. I used this video as an inspiration too I was too shy to go to the gym since I consider myself too big so I started at home. A lot of information can be found online.
Just look at the right places. I am proud to say that I am successful! I've lost enough weight! I want other girls to try it too! Believe me if you work hard you will get your dream figure.

Unknown said...

Thanks ! :DD i like it <3

CrazyBlogger said...

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Unknown said...

Thank you for detailing all of this out. I'm getting ready to try my hand at some molding and this was exactly the info I needed! I'm your newest follower!


Unknown said...

Amen to everything that you said! Weight loss is one thing, but getting fit is another. You have to believe that you can do it! It's okay to let yourself have a piece of chocolate once in a while to satisfy your cravings, as well as chewing gum when you feel like you want to eat again. Always remember that it's our responsibility to control what we're putting inside our mouth and we shall face the consequences if we get careless. Laraine Leet

Trevor Linden said...

“Money should not be an excuse not to start dieting when you're overweight.” – This is a very inspiring passage, Miki, and I totally agree with that. Weight loss doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking. In fact, you don’t need money if you really want to lose weight. Let your eagerness to lose weight drive you to finish what you’ve started.
Trevor Linden @ Trevor Linden Fitness