February 26, 2013

Contrasts - before & after

DIY stationery made with magazines & origami paper.


Valentine's tulips on VD.


One week later.

Chocolate spoons for a co-worker's daughter's first birthday.


Alphabet soup.


Have a great day! ;D


Roville said...

ame el primer DIY con los recortes de revista! sos un genio Miki! :D

y me encantaron todas las fotos! tus paso a paso son geniales! ;D

besos y que tengas un lindo dia!!!

seelvana said...

todas lindas!

Katrin said...

You rock! And I love the "Love David" made with noodle soup. Obviously! Have a fab day! Hugs!

lissa said...

you'r so good with the cut and paste! I like the mustaches. actually, you make everything look so good.

hope you're having a great day.

ceci a. said...

Genia! Le hiciste una sopita con su nombre, Eso es amor verdadero. Me encantó Mikii!

Suki said...

awesome post that encapsulates your awesome it!

Hugs from a super-tired Suki xo

Katie said...

Oh my gosh, Miki! I lovee the Oragami Stationary! What magazine did you use for those clippings? So cute! And the chocolate spoons look so yummy!!!

Kirsten Renz said...

those cards! awesome.
and those spoons!

everything's perfect as always, miki!

Maria said...

those oragami cards are so neat!! i have the card you made me on my fridge! :)
miki, i LOVE your photos! you could be a photographer, seriously!
those tulips are so pretty. i'm sorry they got sad a week later. ;)
i hope you and david have a wonderful weekend! xoxox

Miss Plaid Girl said...

soso cute ^^ origami paper over here is so expensive though :<

Miss Plaid Girl said...

soso cute ^^ origami paper over here is so expensive though :<

Lau (Bulubú) said...

que lindas!!! Un beso!!!! Hacía mucho no pasaba por acá! :)