February 24, 2013

Cake pops

After having used one of my co-workers' cake pop maker on Valentine's Day at the library, I knew I had to make cake pops for the next event I attended. David suggested getting one for ourselves this week :p and so we did! I'm glad my co-worker had given me a few tips, because the ones written down on the instructions manual didn't help at all, ha.

This past Friday the ladies in the family had a little girls' night out over at David's cousin's house. I made this batch of cake pops for that event and left some for Saturday night's gathering with friends at home. Since the cake pop set (mix, sticks, icing and  sprinkles) by the same brand of the maker was ridiculously priced, we opted for getting Pillsbury's Funfetti brownie cake pop mix ... Huge mistake! The balls either burned or didn't cook all the way through :/; after reading the instructions on the box, I realized that batter is just meant to be baked as regular brownie mix and then split it and form the balls with your hands, bahaha! Fortunately, I had a box of regular Funfetti in my pantry and that one worked perfectly fine :p.

If you so happen to buy one of these cake pop makers, I suggest only cooking the batter for 3 minutes (not 5-7 as stated in the instructions manual), then flipping the balls with a toothpick (no worries, they won't break) and cooking them for and extra  30 seconds to 1 minute with the lid open, also not using oil on the molds, it's not necessary.

The icing of the cake pops is the most challenging part if you ask me. I tried icing, which, sadly, didn't work, so I just coated them all with melted chocolate. Dipping them in the chocolate proved to be too difficult, so I just used spoons to spread it all over them; and then the fun part - throwing sprinkles all over the cake pops :p.

Since I didn't want to spend on a Styrofoam ball to stick my cake pops into, I bought some small liners which came in handy. The balls are not so perfectly rounded after you cover them in chocolate and sprinkles, so you need something to keep them standing.

The process took longer than I had anticipated, but they were a success; they ate them all. I could only eat one finished cake pop, although I have to admit that I ate a lot of the failed brownie balls, haha. I have the feeling we'll be making cake pops for several future gatherings and maybe when we babysit our younger niece :); they're fun!

Hope you all have a sweet and colorful week! ;D

Tight hugs!


Katrin said...

I need a cake pop maker too! :) Your cake pops look so perfect, like from a cook book! You should write a cook book, Miki! Have a wonderful Sunday evening! Hugs!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Amazing, I need one of these!! xx

Chrissy said...

They look amazing! I already saw them on IG and was all in awe! xxx

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

They look amazing! And that machine thing looks pretty cute too:)

Hope you're week started off lovely!

Flourish said...

THOSE LOOK AMAZING!!!! You did a fantastic job!!!

Roville said...

aaaaah yo quiero una de esas bolitas....quiero saber como se hacen!
no lei nada del post...jajaja porque es tarde y tengo fiaca de abrir el traductor...pero volvere y sere cupcakes jajajaja :P

te re re re debo mail de agradecimiento pero me estoy guardando todo lo que tengo para contarte via correo!!! :)

un abrazote guapa y que tengas una buena semana! ;)

Marisa Noelle said...

What a cute spread! I have a cake pop maker too, but I need to pretty mine poor little suckers up more just like you did. I've never tried Funfetti ones - just the normal vanilla and chocolate which is strange for me considering all the odd cupcake flavors I experiment with. I think you've just inspired me pull that little cake pop machine out again and start having some fun with it :-)

Have a sweet week darling gal!
xo Marisa

Maria said...

i have wanted to try to make cake pops for a while now and am a little intimidated. i'm not too swift in that baking department yet. omygosh, miki, they look amazing. i've seen the maker you bought and always considered buying it. maybe i will have to once baby girl arrives. everything you make is so pretty and colorful and FUN! i love the banner too.
i hope your week is off to a great start. thank you SO much for all your beautiful words last night. you brightened my night so much. lots and lots of love xoxox

lisa said...

These turned out so cute and I love your display of them! I'm glad you shared the process and pros and cons because I think I will think twice before diving into cake pops :)

Kirsten Renz said...

definitely want to try these someday. yours are so so pretty!

Oh, My Darling said...

Cake pops are so very fun! These look great!