February 04, 2013

Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary

Hello, everybody! Have you all started the week off with a big smile? Good! That's what I wanted to hear! ;D This might seem like a weird post, but trust me, I'm writing this for a good reason. I never take it upon myself to spread the news about charities or anything of the sort, but this one is really close to my heart. As you might already know I'm a crazy cat lady; one that dreams of opening a cat shelter for strays one day :). I keep thinking "one day" I'm going to do this and that to help kitties, even though I know we can all do something right now and I guess this is a little something I can do as of now to help a place I cherish a lot called Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary. As you may have guessed, it's a place that hosts helpless blind felines that were deemed unadoptable  by regular shelters and were about to be killed because of their inability to see. I can't write this without getting teary-eyed; if you click this link, you can read every cat's story, some of which are really sad :(. 

The point of this post is not just to show you sad photos but to get you to help a bunch of blind cats without spending a dime or giving out your personal information, I promise. The Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary has the chance to win $10,000 to keep feeding, vaccinating and putting up their kitties. There's a contest and they're currently runner-ups and I'd love it if you could spend less than a minute to vote so they can get the grand prize! ;D This shelter is located in North Carolina, far from where I live, but the reason why I'm cheering for them is the fact that as you can imagine hosting blind cats is much more challenging than hosting regular cats. I love them all but I thought it'd be swell if those 10 grand were allocated to help this particular shelter.

So this is how you can vote! And the great thing is that you can do it every day till the contest is over (in May) and with as many devices that have access to the internet as you have (David and I have used our laptop computers, desktop computer, cell phones and Kindle). 

You have to click this link to be taken to the voting page which looks like this:

To look for this shelter, you simply need to type:
Shelter Name: Blind Cat
State: NC

+ click "search".

 You'll then see the following:

And below this box, you'll see a VOTE button that you need to press.

After that, you need to confirm your vote and that's it! Easy peasy!

Once you have voted another window will open which will let you keep helping cat shelters without spending a dime; by a simple click, you can get the sponsors of the page to contribute with food :P. Isn't this amazing?

As I said before, you can vote every day till the contest is over and with as many different devices as you want.

THANK SO MUCH if you've made it this far and for voting!!! ;D
 I'm sure a lot of cats will appreciate your help!

If you would actually like to find other ways to help, please click this link. If you're curious to learn more about the Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary, visit their Facebook and/or website.

May you all have a wonderful week!

Tight hugs!   


Leticia Lipszyc said...


Jenstar_Blonde said...

What an amazing charity!! Great post Miki!! :D I voted

Jen xxx

Jenstar_Blonde said...
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seelvana said...

aw, votados. quiero ir a dormir con todos esos gatitos fruncidos :3

uncustomary said...

Voted yesterday and today! <3

Katrin said...

You are so awesome, Miki! Thank you so much for sharing! I have already heard about this shelter and voted for them before because I love the work they do!
And we should really open an animal shelter together someday! Wouldn't that be awesome? :)
Love & hugs!

Nena Nadine said...

Voted! My home town of Wisconsin Rapids, WI won the first year the did this contest. I still can't believe that.

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Voted and I shared your tweet in hopes of getting some others on board as well. Will vote again tomorrow:)

I hope they win!

Maria said...

miki, thank you so much for sharing this. omygosh, they are so sweet. i will definitely be voting and continue to. <3
have a wonderful weekend!

Corina said...

Love the photos <3
Thank god there are people helping them in this way.
The shelter already has one more vote :)

Chrissy said...

Awesome post, Miki! Thanks so much for sharing! xxx