January 11, 2013

Social media clichés

Today's my day off (hooray to having Fridays off!); I was planning to sleep in, do a couple things round the house and then go thrifting and maybe head to the stores to see if I can find a nice journal that catches my eye. Instead, I got up at 6:00, have not done anything round the house yet and out of nowhere started thinking about the role that social media play in my life.

I owe social media so much! I can proudly call a lot of you, fellow bloggers, my friends even though we haven't met in person and I found my husband on MySpace, for Christ's sake! After giving it some thought, I accidentally came up with a list of social media clichés that I have and haven't done. 

Haves & haven'ts


Blog. I haven't shown you what's in my bag. I mean who cares to see my inhaler, sanitary wipes and mini lint brush, right? Haha.

Never left a "follow you and follow me back?" comment.

Influenced by both big and smaller blogs, I've been drooling over ModCloth items and Frankie magazine's journal for a while. I have purchased none, but not because I didn't want to.

Facebook. I would never check in at a gym on Facebook. I don't need facebookers to be aware of the fact that I'm working out and take a look at how bad/good I'm doing! I have no problem talking about my weight, diet or work-out routine here in my blog, though. I guess this space feels more intimate (it probably isn't but I feel it is) and I feel comfortable talking to you. Facebook to me is more about gossip and curious people; I dunno.

I don't write LOL, I prefer the classic "hahaha".

Instagram. I refused to join it and after much consideration I ended up opening an account. I still have not said "Link in profile", haha.

Twitter. I opened an account mostly to be able to enter giveaways :/. Haven't tweeted any duck face photo.


Instagram. Posted photos I took at work. And food, ha.

Pinterest. I've done some mason jar crafting/baking. I didn't nail it as the original pinner, though.

Facebook. I have an album devoted to our pets. It's probably my favorite one :P.

MySpace. As I've mentioned before I met my wonderful now husband here! I also got to know indie musicians some of whom I have met in person.

All in all, I can't deny I'm totally dependent on some of these media and I'll be forever grateful for the wonderful people I've met thanks to them :D.

What about you? What are your social media haves & haven'ts?

Hope you all have an awesome weekend! ;D



Kirsten Renz said...

I'm curious to see your bag! It looks so cute. Like an animal shape!

Follow you and follow me back comments are the worst. I've never understood that.

And I like my "haha"s, too! They seem more genuine.

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

ah i am guilty of 'link in profile' when it comes to my etsy shop!
you're so cute.

seelvana said...

uy yo tengo más de los que quisiera, estoy pensando en darme de baja alguna cuenta de mail porque quiero dejar en el pasado algunas contraseñas!

Averigüé por tus cartas y me dijeron que nunca entraron al país, que tenés que reclamar vos, tenés ganas? :(


Maria said...

I loved this, Miki! I love your IG pictures! :) You take beautiful photos all the time. I am with ya on the checking in...I would feel weird and a bit scared checking in somewhere and then people knowing exactly where I am at every moment. I was just talking to my friend about Twitter. I don't understand it enough to join but Steve finds some funny stuff on there!
I'm a fan of "hahahahaha" too! :)
Hope your and the Mr have a fabulous weekend!

daisymay aka Chantele said...

I swore I wouldn't join twitter, but someone mentioned how easy it is to contact PR people on there, and now look waht happened!! It is great for quick messages, and people check it more than emails as its simple!
I very rarely use facebook for personal use anymore, simply for my blog and promoting stuff. But never mind.
Now MySpace! I know your a fan, obviously! but I just didn't get it! I had an account for about a week and got bored.
Hope you managed to have a bit more of a productive day after the blog post.
Daisy Dayz Blog
New Alternate Day Diet Blog

Heather said...

Your mason jar baking looks amazing! :)

Suki said...

I love this feature! I totally joined twitter and instagram, haha (and oh good, now I know I can follow you on both - follow me back LOL {hahaha!}) Yes like you I prefer hahaha, or sometimes hehehe depending on whether it's more of a belly laugh or a sly chuckle!

And here's one more Instagram cliché for you: photos looking down at your feet! (I actually kinda like these but have never done it myself)

lisa said...

Your bag looks adorable! I'm with ya'- I prefer the classic hahaha (and I love how it's jajaja in Spanish!) :) There are a lot of funny cliches out there but over all I love social media because I'm happy for the people I've met! I'm guilty of lots of Instagram shoe pics ;)

Chrissy said...

Love this post, Miki! I have done a few of your haven's...I normally prefer the hahaha as well, but sometimes - depending on where I comment, I do use the LOL, cause I think they might refer to it better than to the other...kind of stupid now that I'm writing it out...haha
Well, whatever, love your bag and your mason jar that you are on IG....well, basically I love you!
Hugs xxx

Katrin said...

I love this post, Miki! You are awesome and I love that you met David on Myspace. :) And as you can imagine I love all your cat pictures!
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! I need some more time to write, that is for sure. But I am thinking of you all the time! Tight hugs & love!

Cindy said...

I just joined twitter but seriously have nothing interesting to tweet. I do LOL but that's because I'm plain lazy and the fact that it's slightly faster to type is what does it for me. Sometimes I forget what LOL stands for though! I love pet albums and still have a myspace account I access every so often. I love mason jar crafts and I super love this blog!