January 01, 2013

Inspiration: Dream wardrobe

This post was going to be about the New Year and I was going to post a few photos I took, but having already posted them on facebook and Instagram (yeah, I surrendered and opened an account there; you can find me as mikimelina), they already feel old. Plus, to tell you the truth, I'm a bit sick of seeing similar pictures everywhere so I don't need to add to that.

Instead, I'll share some inspirational images of my dream wardrobe ... Awe, let's daydream for a little while before it's time to wake up to reality, start eating healthily again and go to work to earn some bacon, shall we? ;)

In my imaginary world, I am able to mix all kinds of different patterns I love, such as both vertical and horizontal, pink and black and even transparencies. Isn't this dress just perfection? But I guess only a privileged few can actually pull it off.

Speaking of transparencies, ever since Rachel Green wore that transparent black skirt (can't find it on Google, but if you were a Friends fan, you know exactly what I'm talking about), I've been seeing lots of daring similar interpretations. Would you dare wear something like this? I particularly like the first one.


I'm known for being bad at matching textures and patterns. I wonder how it's possible to come up with outfits like the following ones. Love the messy, slightly overwhelming yet balanced vibe to them.

I've also always admired those girls who are able to incorporate lingerie into their outfits without looking cheap or overly sexy. I think these pieces could totally be used to spice up a sober attire.

1, 23

As for accessories, there are so many things I covet and/or would like to replicate. The Chloe pointe shoes are way beyond my budget, but matching 2 different pairs of socks does not sound too far-fetched :p.

I'm a sucker for hair accessories, but then I have no idea how to wear them/put them on, ha.

1, 2, 3

Lindsi makes the most adorable crochet crowns.

To conclude this little journey, let me show you two more accessories I'd like to add to my collection: harnesses and the Margiela for H&M Candy wrapper clutch. How can I even want a bag I'm not sure if it looks cool or ridiculous!? Ah ...

1, 2

1, 23

What pieces are there in your dream wardrobe?

Have a wonderful day and oh, yes, an amazing 2013! ;D


LoriLynn said...

This post just made me geek out, hard. LOOOOOVE these ideas...I have become OBSESSED with mixing patterns and even more-so with variations on patterns...I adore that stripe on stripe combo!

XO Lori

Chrissy said...

Ah, those pointe shoes are to die for! I LOVE your taste, Miki! Such a wonderful collection of fashion! Happy New Year, may 2013 rock! Hugs xxx

Ms. Dainty Doll said...

Love all of these...stunning items!! Happy New Year...I hope you have a wonderful one xx

ceci a. said...

Hola Mikiii que lindo todo! Mi ropero soñado es el de la actriz de 500 days with summer cuyo nombre ahora no me sale!!
Feliz año para vos, tu marido Dimitri y cía! Mucho amor!!! Gracias por estar siempre! Y de habrme hecho llegar el primer reegalito de este bebé. Nunca me voy a olvidar

pd:no estan subalimentadas las chicas de las fotos?

Marisa Noelle said...

And my heart melts...hehe. This is one pretty collection of swoon-worthy outfits. Those mixed print ones in the middle especially have my eye :) Any kind of full skirted vintage dress with an oversized collar lives in my dream wardrobe :) I need to stop though - or I may just head over to Etsy and shop till I drop.

Have an amazing New Year Miki!

Maria said...

Happy New Year, Miki! I hope it was amazing and relaxing. Yay for Instagram..I will look for you tonight. I loved all these crazy finds...especially the cat hair accessories! :)

seelvana said...

wooow el bolso caramelo me sorprendió mucho! capaz que me hago uno!

Katrin said...

Oh Miki, I love this! Your taste is great! Those cat hair pins are too die for! I want to wear more dresses this year! I wanted to do that last year too but never did. Haha.
Hope you are doing great, I still haven't written you a longer email, it is a shame. In february we went to go on a vacation! Not sure where yet! Well I better write you an email soon! I am thinking of you! Hugs!

Burkha said...

era yo la del comentario anterior, no se si te llego. te decia que me encanto este post, en especial los vestidos negros translucidos, y los outfits de estampados combinados.