December 03, 2012

Let's catch up!

Well, hello there! How are you all? Ready to start a new week? I kind of am :). It's nice to finally sit in front of my computer and take some time to have a chat with you, my lovely friends. I don't have anything planned through for this post, so it might end up being a bit (or very) messy; I just wanted to catch up with you and tell you what life has been all about here in this little and far away place called Ontario, California :). 

See? When I say little and far away I mean it. This is a dairy that's right by the library.

First and foremost, I'd like to thank the awesome Chantilly for having included me in her Totally Awesome Blog Hop and all the people who have joined us! It's been really fun to get to know so many cool bloggers :p. If I still haven't visited your blog, please bear with me, I'll probably do it later today/during the course of this week. Thank you so much for reading and following! I can hardly believe this little blog of mine has reached 450 followers, woohoo! It means so much to me; seriously. I find it quite hard to make friends in person (not that I'm unfriendly or anything, just shy), so I really cherish your friendship ;D.

Chantillysongs Blog hop

Having said that, let me tell you a bit about what's been going on. Where shall I start? Ok, work. I am really happy to be getting the hang of things. I felt a bit overwhelmed the first few days, but now I'm confident and able to do things faster. Let me tell you something, being a library page takes a lot of physical work! My arms and legs are sore at the end of the day, it's good training, hehe. My coworkers are incredibly cooperative and friendly, and my schedule works fine with my bus schedule, which is a relief. Two nights a week I get off at 8pm which allows for David to pick me up :p. I was told it could change any time, but my boss promised to try to keep it the same every week, fingers crossed.


On Saturday, the Friends of Ontario City Library (my volunteer group) had our end of the year party slash meeting, which to me was bittersweet. I was glad to see my friends and fellow volunteers, but sad to inform them that I won't be able to volunteer with them on a regular basis. By law, I can't shelf books as a volunteer because I am now paid to do that; I can only participate in special events that do not involve any contact with books :/. Since I won't be around as often, I decided not to nominate myself to be the vice president of the Friends in 2013. It felt weird to give up my title, but I know the new VP will do a great job :). And since attendance this year was pretty lame, some of us won not 1 but 2 raffle prizes :p. I got this little snowman I'll place by our tree (when we put it up) and a $20 gift card to the library cafeteria.


On Friday I got started with my Christmas cards; I wrote a whole lot and already started sending them out. 


Keeping up with mail, I got some awesome letters and goodies I had :p and had not ordered :/. Here's a kick-ass envelope I got from Mary :p. I also got some swaps I'd signed up for at Swap-Bot and the high-heeled boots I bought on Black Friday.


And here's what I hadn't ordered and got in the mail anyway. Last month I got a promo code to get a Julep Maeven box for a penny. As it usually happens with this kind of boxes, I needed to subscribe and then cancel my subscription at any time. I called to do so, got a confirmation e-mail but a few days later, oh, surprise! I got charged for their December box :/ ... I was determined to fight it and return it, but I like the Chrismassy vibe to these nail polishes, so I decided to keep them. There's one I'm not showing you because I want to gift it.


My nails are so bad they're probably not worth the polish, but I like to see them all colorful every now and then. My job are making them even worse, by the way.


Before I say goodbye, here's my cute Dimitri just because :p.


Now your turn! What have you been up to? Please, do tell! ;P

Hope you have an awesome week! ;D


Anonymous said...

Hey! I started following last week through the blog hop :)

Dimitri is soooo adorable!

Yelle said...

Ahh Dimitri is adorable. I have such a weakness for black cats, so cute!. I'm new to you from the Blog Hop!

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

i am glad to see you're doing well! thanks for always checking up on me.

Marisa Noelle said...

Aw that last photo of Dimitri <3! Sounds like you are settling into your new job quite well. I always dread starting new jobs (because I am shy), but it always helps to have kind people to work with. And getting paid to be in a library - not bad :)

Have a sweet week darling gal! You just reminded me - I better get on the ball with my Christmas cards too!

xoxo Marisa

vero mariani said...

mikiiiiiii! hablando de cartas de navidad, mandame tu dirección por mail :p jejejeje! ok, sí, vaga vero, ya te escribo! muaaaaaaaaaaaaa y buena semana!

lissa said...

your id photo kind of remind me of me. they always tell you to smile when they take your photo but really, it just looks better if you don't, at least I think so.

don't have much going on to tell so I'm wishing you a wonderful holiday.

Laura said...

Hi Miki,

Oh my Dimitri is so cute! Glad that your job is going so well. :)


seelvana said...

yo tengo lío y estoy cansada. pero vengo a decirte que yo sí sonreí en mi pasaporte, si te visito te lo muestro =)

Kirsten Renz said...

So glad to hear you're liking the library job. Again, we're in such similar situations. My job is pretty surprisingly physically demanding too. Sorry to hear about the conflict of interest with the volunteering and working. But it's nice that you'll still get to see your friends.

I was always interested in that Julep 1 penny situation. Always too scared to try. But those nail polishes look pretty!

Katrin said...

Hey Miki!
So glad work is going great for you! I am so happy for you! You rock!
And thank you for the picture of Dimitri! So cute!
All the lovely mail you got and sent! I just love it!
I am doing fine, nothing special to tell!
I thinking of you and I hope your week is going fine!
Tight hugs!

Courtney said...

Such a cute kitty! And your stash of Christmas cards and the fact that you're getting started on them makes me feel all festive! I just LOVE this time of year!

daisymay aka Chantele said...

I hate when companies send you stuff even though you cancelled, then charge you. Love Film subscription are well known for doing that, they did it to me and Jon! But at least those 2 varnishes are pretty! That swapbot parcel looks awesome! Will heave to show us more of your swap parcels.
Daisy Dayz