December 15, 2012

Confessions of a library page

I find it funny that according to the Dewey Decimal System we have to classify fairy tales under non-fiction (# 398.x). I understand that fairy tales are considered folklore, but Cinderella, the Sleeping Beauty ... ? Really?

We're doing a gift exchange next week. I got a girl who made it easy for me ;), she wants a restaurant gift card or movie tickets. She also wrote that she reads "game instructions", hahaha :p.


On Tuesday I sat on one of the tiny wooden chairs for the youngest kids (on the back in this pic) to reach the bottom shelves more comfortably. Apparently that offended a 3-year old who kept looking at me with eyes full of rage and telling her mom (more than 10 times for sure), "But that's for little kids! That's for little kids!" Haha!


I love being able to help people find the books they're looking for. I'm usually tired at the end of the day, but I feel happy to have this job; I truly enjoy it! :P I also enjoy its perks, I get to borrow books, magazines, DVDs and blu-rays for free and get no late fees.

One teenage girl told me she liked my green eye shadow the other day. Before that, another young girl told me she liked my green Christmassy shirt. Some kids can be rude and sassy and others are kind and friendly.

Some of the children's books I need to re-shelf every single day are: We're in a Book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid (all 5 books), The Magic Tree House series. Books about the Missions are very popular, too.

To my surprise, cookbooks are very popular among adults. I'd have never thought of going to a library to check out a recipe, hehe.

The library I work at (which depends on the one I used to volunteer at) also has a book sale area. Today I found the latest issues of Vogue, Glamour and Elle and was told magazines are given for free! I still felt like donating a little money, though.



I like this place so much I'd go hang out during my free time if it were within walking distance. But that's because maybe I'm just too pathetic ...




We had a staff meeting on Wednesday. My boss went to the doughnut shop to get doughnuts (duh!) for everybody but they had run out of doughnuts, haha. He had to bring the only thing left: doughnut holes. I then discovered something called doughnut holes existed. When he said he had brought doughnut holes because they had run out of doughnuts I thought it was a joke, haha. Get it? I guess nobody understood why I kind of chuckled. I mean, come one! Doughnut holes? That's a funny name! :P Hahaha! 
* I apologize for overusing the word doughnut.

If you're from Argentina like myself, you might find the following picture funny. I found these 2 books in the foreign section, hehe.


On Monday, one of the librarians almost called the police because there was a young girl who didn't want to leave the computers area (which closes a bit earlier than library). The girl even threatened my co-worker ... I mean, what the hell!


Hope you're all having a great weekend! ;D


uncustomary said...

Cook books were super popular when I worked at the library too. They are constantly coming in and out. Also, the fairytale/non-fiction set up made me very upset and confused as well. I don't know what the area is like that you live in, but I can say that if my area is any indication that police encounter is the first of many that you will experience. ;-) I'm glad you're enjoying your job so much!

Sian said...

hey miki! i'm glad you are enjoying your job! it looks like a great place to work - other than the girl who won't leave the computers of course....x

Yelle said...

I had no idea that fairy tales are classified as non fiction! Kind of cool to know!

Gogoché said...

Qué chula la carta!!!!!! cómo mola. Yo ya tengo mis reyes pero aún no me los puedo estrenar!!!!!!!! Ayyyyyyyy

seelvana said...

me encantó conocer tu lugar de trabajo, pero no entendí la diferencia entre las rosquillas y las donuts!

Laura L. said...

I am so glad to hear that you're enjoying your job so much! It sounds that you're having a fabulous time.

However, I'm a little dismayed to hear that you're sitting in tiny wooden chairs, Miki! Don't you know?! Those chairs are for little kids!!! Shame, shame. ;)

Kirsten Renz said...

wouldn't leave the computer area?! that's insane. people are strange. and having a job where you work around a lot of people can definitely be interesting. and kids can get weird. obviously don't take little kids seriously. who knows what goes on in their heads. but you always know when they compliment you it's 100% genuine, which always feels nice.

i like this post! i'm so glad you're enjoying your job. it sounds rewarding!

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

i'm so jealous that you work in a library. i was going to go to school for library science.

Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

Even with some rude kids sounds like the nice ones make up for it. Quite an unusual and interesting job! Looks like a cute little library too. And just read your about.. How long have you been in LA? My Venezuelan hubs came here for love too :)

Maria said...

You crack me up, Miki! So glad you like your job and find it rewarding...that's so important. You were making me laugh at the doughnut holes! :)
I bet the green eyeshadow looked fabulous on you - I'm buying new makeup soon...I need to update my dwindling stash! It was so fun to read about your days at work...and awesome you can get magazines and books/dvds for free. Steve would be in heaven!

Katrin said...

A library is definitely one of my most favorite places to be! Great that you enjoy your job so much!

Unknown said...

I love hanging out in libraries. I use to all the time. But I have less time now. Before I found the DIY blog world I photocopied projects from books and magazines at the library all the time.