November 11, 2012

Pretty free fonts

Well, hello there! How has your weekend been? Mine, pretty uneventful, but good. I didn't go to a bbq I was going to go, but didn't feel like attending the last minute (I didn't feel like interacting with a certain biotch ... Yeah, it was one of those events :/.). Instead, I stayed home, worked out a little, had some wine, did my nails (which I very rarely do) and made some milanesas; so it was a pretty good weekend if you ask me :p.

This post was originally going to be named "Life lately" or something like that, but I decided to include some pretty rad fonts to at least offer something of use and not just throw a bunch of random photos, haha. So if you click the links, they'll take to the website where you can download them for free.

I've been eating healthily and working out consistently for about 6 months now, but I haven't been able to eliminate waffles. I got addicted to them the day I tried them :/.

The same thing happened with Sriracha :/. I use it to spice up my transparent noodles (aka bean noodles or cellophane noodles), milanesas and ... pretty much everything. I'm not one who loves super spicy food, but for some reason I love this sauce.

This past week, I got a package from Julep. I had seen a special code in a blog thanks to which I got one of their subscription boxes for 1 penny :p.

I'm happy with the nail polishes I got, but I'm not going to pay to keep receiving their boxes; it's $20 per month and to me, it's not really worth it. I still have to try the glitter :).


How do you, girls, manage to keep your nails pretty? The second I do the dishes or clean, they start chipping. I applied only one coat, though.


On Saturday, I got one of  the most amazing packages ever! :D It was sent by the awesome Katrin from Germany! :P Thank you so, so much, Katrin!

Look at everything she sent! It's insane!


This weekend I ate meat, which I hadn't eaten for a long, long time. I love how pretty and fresh vegetables look here, so I've been eating a bunch of them.


I guess that's pretty much it for now ;)

Hope your weekend was great, too ;). And hope you all have a wonderful week! ;D


Laura said...

Hi Miki!

What a fun package your friend Katrin sent. Lovely stuff!
I like you red nails very much. I find I have the same problem, that my nails chip so easily. I rarely paint them because of this.

The bok choy looks amazing! Glad you are enjoying your veggies. :)


seelvana said...

mmm sólo tengo un consejo, que para las uñas uses dos manos de esmalte, y que te las pintes de noche, cuando ya no queda nada por hacer, yo evito hacerlo los días que hago natación porque sino también se me despintan.

Katrin said...

I am soooo glad you like the package, Miki! YOU ROCK!!!
Love & hugs!

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Oh lots of mail, lucky thing!! You dont usually do much make up so thats a change for you! Hope your well chick, I'm putting together a little package for you to send out soon too. Hopefully an xmas parcel I think.
Daisy Dayz

chantilly said...

that plate is so cute!! i also have the font you paired with it. i was using it a lot awhile ago... it's so cute!

have a great day, miki :)

ceci a. said...

Buenísimas! Donde conseguis estas cosas?
Me bajé las primeras que me encantaron =)

Pam said...

Oh thanks so much for the fun fonts! Love them! I enjoyed your fun updates on life too. Yours is officially one of my favorite blogs. Thanks!

vero mariani said...

jajajaj muy buenas miki! y tus posts siempre, de alguna forma, me dan ganas de comer dulce de leche jeejej! (gorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrda mariani! dejá de ver dulce de leche en todos lados!)

Suki said...

Love these fonts, they are great!

I just wanted to say hi and hope you're well (you had a lovely weekend so that is a good start!)

Also to let you know that I blogged recently and you can see one of the adorable teddy bear buttons you gave me in use... ;)

Hugs & smiles, Suki

Maria said...

Love the fonts!! What a sweet friend to send so many great gifts your way. I wore the headband you sent me the other day...I love it - thank you again, so so much!! I love your bfast plates...I saw them at Target and got my brother a Cadillac Ranch mug (he loves cadillacs lol).
My nails start chipping after a few days too. My friend always tells me a base coat helps and I always forget. ;)
Hope you're having a wonderful day, Miki! Xoxox