November 04, 2012

Fun mail: Halloween packages + what to send in a cassette case

Last year, we didn't do anything for Halloween ... This year we didn't do anything either, haha, but I did send a few little packages to the kids in our family and some friends. 

Most of them were made up of blow pops (lollipops) disguised as ghosts and black cat and pumpkin erasers, plus a few little trinkets here and there.

Mary, I used the glow in the dark stars you sent me! I split them in 2 different packages and the kids were delighted to find them ;p.

I filled the boxes with orange and black shredded construction paper and decorated them a bit.

A few weeks ago, we received a lot of donated cassettes at the library, many of which were mixed tapes that we had to trash. Fortunately, I was the one going through them and could get my hands on these pretty cases. I cleaned them, filled them and mailed them for $1.95 each.

Here's some more outgoing mail.

And some of my awesome incoming mail the past couple of weeks :p.

Before I click "publish", let me leave you with a song by Best Coast, a Californian band you might like. I'm not sure if they're well-known outside of Cali; they got featured in a Windows 8 commercial but I have the feeling it's only being broadcasted on this side of the country.

And one last reminder! You still have some time to enter Moo's giveaway for a chance to win one of three pretty rad sets of Holiday cards of your choice ;). Anybody in the world can enter; you have time till Monday night.

Have a wonderful week, everybody! ;D


Katie said...

HI MIKI!!! GOSH, YOU ARE SO AWESOME!! that cassette tape was so neat! Seriouly... I was like OHMYGOSH!!! LOL Even my boyfriend was like "Oh that's really neat!" lolz... Thank you so much're so sweet.<3

Hugs, Katie

Sian Lile said...

your packages are so great! the kids are so lucky!!!! i have a best coast cd.... lovely.x

ceci a. said...

Buena semana para vos Miki!
Todavía te debo un envío que agradezca con un poquito de cariño ese container de amor que me mandaste vos apenas conté que había un bebucín en camino. No me olvlidé, es sólo que no me organizo. Pero ya sé qué va a ser!!!!
Un beso enorme!

uncustomary said...

I see mail for me, mail from me, my stars and ahhh, so much fun Halloween stuff! The ghosts look fabulous, Miki.

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

These are amazing! Such great ideas! And I love the cassettes as well<3

Those cards are really cute! I'd join in too if it weren't for the fact that I got lucky not too long ago already;)

Esquina48 said...

que lindas cosas!!
me puedo anotar aca en el sorteo
besos y te sigo

Eli said...

We had no trick or treaters last year, so we got no candy this year. And we got ONE person, we had to turn them away with nothing. But these ghost pops look too cute to eat :)

seelvana said...

siempre maravillantes tus sobres ida y vuelta!

Katrin said...

I love your mail! You are so awesome, inspiring and wonderful!
And Best Coast is great! :)
Have a wonderful week, love!

Anonymous said...

Everything is cute, but I love the ghost blow pops.

Dorothy Explora said...

whoa! AWESOME!!! ;D thanks, mikki! def super stoked about the moo giveaway! yay.

Kirsten Renz said...

awesome as usual!