November 15, 2012

A compendium of somethings - Dualities

This week's compendium is about dualities: pairs, collaborations, 2 in 1, numero dos (nah, that doesn't sound good). I'm loving all the footwear and the food (because of course there's food!) in this post.

Something pretty + comfy: This is how you walk in heels without pain. You can get these stiletto sneakers right here.

Something fashionable: Here you have some cool collaborations.

I particularly dislike Starbucks, but I have the feeling a lot of people will be happy to know that they have joined with Rodarte to create these inexpensive goodies. More info here.

It's not just Chucks:

Something used 2-ways: Stairs + storage space under them.

Use your toaster to make regular toast and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Good and easy way to get rid of your yucky tissue paper when you've got a cold.

OK, this is not a real socket, it's just meant to hide your valuables, hehe; good idea, I guess.


Something that helps the less fortunate: By buying the following products, not only are you stuffing yourself with pretty stuff, you're also contributing to great causes.

5% of the sales will support the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to stop elephant poaching in Africa.

Chef Marcus Samuelsson has teamed with Harney & Sons on an exotic blend of teas called Ambessa to benefit UNICEF.

Something for you and your other half: Key to my heart necklace

I sleep on the other side of the bed, though.  Sleeping on that side feels totally wrong to me, haha. How about you, guys? Yes, I'm seriously asking; I'm curious.

Something to eat: I love it when they split the photo over at Bon Appetit. And the interviews are kind of interesting, too.

Something that combines food and fashion: Once again by Bon Appetit

A while ago ModCloth held a contest where you were supposed to match a meal with one of their pieces of clothing; this was my take. Sadly, I didn't win, but I like the combo; I'd absolutely wear that dress and eat that prosciutto, kale & butternut squash pizza, and not only that, I'd eat the pizza while wearing the dress, hehe :p.

1, 2 

And this is how happily place food on a dress :p. You can get them on etsy.

Something healthy: Yeah, more food. If you love baking and staying fit and healthy, you might get some use out of this post about Healthy baking substitutes. The article explains how and when you can use each one. As for me, I think I'd rather keep indulging myself with less healthy but easier options every now and then.


Something made of denim: A girl went through the trouble of trying on a lot of different pairs of jeans in the dressing room to see the differences and poured her insights on the matter in this post. If you want to read another article about the proper fitting of jeans, you can do so here.

Jeans + flip-flops? I'll pass this one. But if you do like them, you can find them on etsy.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend! ;D

We're going to see The Faint on Sunday, it's a band I barely know but David likes them a lot, so I'm excited. It'll be our way to celebrate his birthday, which is today! This is our second year celebrating it together :p. 


chantilly said...

i just read that whole jeans article. my god, those are HORRIBLE. i don't shop at old navy, but remind me never to go near gap either...

Marie said...

love this post
have to nitpick, though: stevia tastes like crap

Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

Hiiiiiiii!! :)

That little light socket thing is if only I had valuables :p


seelvana said...

la botella de agua es hermosa *_*
los cajones escalera siempre me gustaron, y el enchufe para joyas también!
Definitivamente la chica de la cama está mal ubicada! Yo también duermo a la izquierda :)
Los vestidos de Caitlin Shearer son un sueño, muero por uno de ellos :B

Que pases un divino finde y felicidades al escorpiano de la casa, tratámelo bien ;)

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

I am definitely trying that tissue box idea next time I have a cold! Genius:)

Also, I posted about the sunglasses I picked. In case you're interested:

Maria said...

Eeeks... I don't like the jean flip flops either. LOL!
I loved the pizza/dress you chose...that's awesome!! And those stairs used for storage - soo neat!! I need those! :)
Have a beautiful weekend!! Xoxox

Ceciliette said...

Please dont tell me that honestly people would wear the denim flip flopsssssssssss!!! Nad how is it that i've never heard about missoni + converse!!! how great!

Ceciliette said...

y te escribi en ingles cuando hablas en castellano! Jajjajajaj perdoname es que es viernessssssssssssssssssss mis neuronas no hacen mas sinapsis a esta hora.

lisa said...

What a clever compendium topic! I really love that stair storage- I love really using space to it's maximum potential- not that I do it well, but I like when other people know how! :) My side of the bed is the same as the girl in the picture, weird how you get used to one place, huh? ;) I never saw that contest on Modcloth but I really love your interpretation!!

Katrin said...

Aww, the cat pillow cases! So cute! Thanks for showing all these wonderful things, Miki! And have a wonderful Sunday! Hugs & love!

Nena Nadine said...

Those shoes are amazing. So inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

Magical Day Dream said...

haha those stiletto sneakers are quite funny. Not sure if I would wear them under a pretty dress though ;)



Marisa Noelle said...

Ok - that was shocking about the jeans (just read the article). This is probably the reason why I never wear them. I always just assumed Gap were the best ones under $100 and sheesh, was I ever wrong!

LOVE those foodie dresses. I love food, I love dresses - could there seriously be a better combination? :-)

Have an amazing Thanksgiving week Miki! <3 Marisa

Ms. Dainty Doll said...

Love this!! Those dresses are wonderful & I love the toaster idea too, makes sense ;) You have a sweet blog..glad I found it...have a lovely week :) xx

La Femme Nouvelle

Sol said...
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Sol said...

Muy buenas las imágenes, me encantan estos compendios!!
Las ojotas de jean...lascortas puede ser, las largas no creo que sean para mí! jajaj

Pam said...

What a fun post! My favorites are the sneaker stilettos (but my daughter would say I'm too old to wear them!) and the electric socket "safe." (And, I sleep on the other side too!) Thanks for the good wishes at my blog--they are appreciated!

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Hey Miki, Great post as usual! I love the drawers in stairs, when i have a house I want them for my shoes! The denim flip flops are weird! Love the food dresses! So cute! The plug idea is pretty cool though too.
I'll be putting your xmas parcel in the post this week, now I have it all and I have taken a leaf out of your fun postage book, so fingers crossed it all makes it in one piece!!

Penny'sMamma said...

I love this post! Im a new reader, found you through the bloghop! New follower here, for sure. :-)

Fern xox x

Kirsten Renz said...

that socket hideaway is the coolest thing! and i, for one, am confused by those rodarte cups at starbucks. i think they're hideous! i thought it was a play on minecraft, hahah. shows how up-to-date my fashion sense is.