November 01, 2012

A compendium of artsy somethings

Oh, wow! Is it Friday already? And is Halloween already behind us? Where does time go!? Well, I guess it's now time to dust off the Christmas tree once again and start writing to-do lists for 2013 ... But before we do that, let's enjoy some eye-candy, shall we? ;)

Something for your feet: Don't tell me these are not the coolest flip-flops you've ever seen! Sandalista even lets you design your very own pair :p.  

Something moth-watering: Of course there had to be food in this compendium; there always is! :p But since this one is devoted to art, I've chosen the food blogs with the most wonderful fonts. Isn't it funny how a lot of blogs about food happen to have the neatest typo? Hungry Girl por Vida is one of my current favorites.

Shutterbean is pretty rad, too.

Something about pasta: Ok, ok, one more about food. The Geometry of Pasta is ... well, pretty self-explanatory, right? I dare you not to click the link, ha :p.


Something made with Jell-o: Mmm, ok, I guess there's a third link connected with food.

Something made with pencil shavings: By Maria Altes


Something to draw with: Pretty crayons

Something to wear: Do you like satchels? I do and I think I've found my very favorite ones at Basso & Brooke. Yep! They have joined their forces with Cambridge Satchel Company and came up with these awesome and colorful creations. *drooling*

Not a fan of satchels? Then how about these bags from La Mazelle? ;)


Something for your walls: Neat wallpaper. I think I want the first one.

Something creepy: Jewelry (or something like that) by Margaux Lange.

Something glamorous: I've never owned anything by Dior, not even perfume or make-up, but I love their campaigns and their videos. I'm currently loving everything Dior addict. Bah, I hate being so vulnerable to marketing!

Last but not least, I'd like to announce that the winner of the Sunglasses Shop giveaway is comment #27 which belongs to Blue Eyed Night Owl. Congrats!

Are you bummed out that you didn't win? Do not worry, you can still enter my Moo giveaway for a chance to win the coolest Holiday cards ever! And there will be 3 lucky winners ;P.

Have a great weekend, everyone! ;D


Niken said...

love that sandals. love the food!
love the jelly. basically love love love these things.haha
have a great weekend, Miki!

seelvana said...

increíble como siempre, las gelatinitas zarrrrpadas!

lissa said...

very colorful stuff, the food pics looks so good, especially with those nice fonts.

hope you have a great day.

uncustomary said...

Impressed by the jello, in *love* with the wallpaper, and freaked out by the body part jewelry.

PS - is moth watering what happens when winged insects get hungry? ;-)

Milex said...

just wonderful

Dorothy Explora said...

YAY! congrats heather!!!

Flor said...

Coincido con Baylac, increíble como siempre. Mi preferido: la bijoux con barbies, yo tengo tendendcia a desmembrar Barbies.

daisymay aka Chantele said...

OMG so much fun stuff!! I have blogges the barbie jewellery before I think, its just so wacky! You always find fun stuff Miki!
Daisy Dayz

Elizabeth Murguía said...

wow!! I love the satchels!

Hello Naka said...

the jelly is so pretty ^^ and i love dior addicts advert too :)

Katrin said...

Oh wow! I need that dog wallpaper! And the crayons! :) So many beautiful things! As usual! Thanks so much, Miki!

eli said...


Kirsten Renz said...

i love those crayons! i must admit to having melted crayons together to create fancy ones. they were a mess but fun!