November 30, 2012

The Totally Awesome Blog Hop

totally awesome bloghop

Hello,everybody! How have you been? Life's still pretty hectic in this neck of the woods, but I'm finally getting the hang of things at work and getting used to my schedule, so I'll visit you all guys soon :p. Today I'm happy to be participating in this awesome event; if you're interested in being a part of it, too, please read along! ;D

Welcome to the Totally Awesome Blog Hop! This will be an ongoing effort brought to you by three really cool ladies and myself, hopefully resulting in the biggest community link-love fest evar!

The hop will be linked between four sites, ensuring everyone's links get seen and clicked. We want our audiences to get to know each other! Our goal is community building between like-minded folks, and this is a place for of people to meet, make friends, and expand their following!

Participation is super simple-

#1 Follow your four hostesses- they are the first four links.

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(We promise you will love these blogs, and they are all totally worth getting to know!!)

#2 Link your blog/ website

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We love you, and thank you!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! ;D

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November 25, 2012

Hearts, polka dots and studs

Hello, everybody! How have you been and how was your weekend or long weekend if you live in the USA? Any black Friday scores? Or do you prefer to avoid the madness and are getting ready for cyber Monday, maybe? We tried to avoid the craziness on Friday, but since I need new everyday clothes for work (ha! It feels so good to say that!), I wanted to check out just a few stores. We headed to Victoria Gardens, my least dreaded mall (I'm not a mall girl) and walked quite a lot. This mall is in the open so it wasn't too bad, plus we went way past midday, so we were fine. I went through a few racks in H&M, Forever 21 and Anthropologie, and asked David to wait for me outside as I waited in line to try on and pay for my clothes. 


I was disappointed to see Anthro didn't have any good deals at all, so we left that store pretty quickly. But, as you can see, I didn't leave the mall empty-handed :p. These are clothes I'd have not normally bought, except for the pink sweater (I'm a sucker for hearts), but I am aware of the fact that I need more basic, easy-to-match pieces for my everyday life. At the library I'm constantly bending down, stretching and jumping onto kick-steps, so I need to wear comfortable garments; no heels, skirts or short tees that would expose parts of my body I'm not interested in showing, hehe. They're only four items, but I think they'll give me some variety.

I kind of look forward to wearing these red pants :p; I've never had colorful pants before.


I got home very satisfied with my purchases and was ready to call it a day, but then I got an e-mail from Shoe Dazzle and couldn't help myself :/. They had (still have, actually) products up to 60% off. I also had $15 credit from my previous purchase, so I only paid a total of $13 for these studded booties :p. Can't wait to get them in the mail! If you want shoes and don't want to splurge, I totally recommend Shoe Dazzle. They usually have awesome deals, I first bought from them when they offered 3 pairs for the price of 1.


Sadly, I don't have much to show you; I haven't had time to take pictures and the sun going down so early is not helping either :/. But that hasn't prevented me from eating, that's for sure! We didn't have turkey for Thanksgiving, but David made some kick-ass meat in the oven and then we indulged with these chocolate dipped cookies, yum :p.


We also had cat-shaped ice in our drinks, hehe. David surprised me with these ice cube trays I'd seen on Pinterest a few days ago. I see some colorful Jell-o cats in my near future :).


One more crappy picture before I leave. This is a mural that's right by the entrance door at the library, they put my name on one corn even before I arrived my first day :p. I'm so happy to be surrounded by friendly (and patient!) co-workers! :D


Have a wonderful week, everybody! ;D

I promise to swing by your adorable blogs really soon! Please, bear with me ;).

Tight hugs!

November 23, 2012

Did I tell you I got the job?

Well, hello there! I'm sorry I've been a stranger, but I have a pretty good excuse, I think. I've finally started working this week! ;D I can barely believe it myself; after so much stressing out, I ended up getting the one job I wanted the most. I am now working for the city library :D, not the one I volunteer at but one that depends on that one. I found out I'd gotten the job about a month ago, but the physical, fingerprinting and what-not took forever. I was finally called to have something called orientation on Monday morning at the HR office and from there, I headed to the library and started to work.


These three days have been a roller-coaster but in a good way. Can you believe that my second day consisted of attending Staff Development Day? I was so scared about it, I barely got any sleep the night before. Knowing that I had to spend a whole day in a hotel interacting with strangers terrified me. I was determined to do my best at socializing and schmoozing (which I really can't do) and do you know what?  I did better than I'd expected. I felt comfortable talking with the people on my table, I didn't get awkward when we had to play games and I even did the Gangnam style dance with 5 people in front of about 100 co-workers, ha. It was kind of an improv exercise and although my group didn't win, we were runner ups :). I was even able to handle eating out with some of my coworkers and do self-defense exercises with a couple of strangers. Yes, it was one of those events. I felt bad practicing how to choke and kick people I didn't know, but once the whole thing ended I felt good about myself.

On my third day, I think I finally started getting the hang of everything. There are a lot of codes I have to memorize in order to categorize the books and I also need to get familiar with the software they use to check books in and out. On Monday I made a lot of mistakes, but now I think I'm getting there. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll feel even more comfortable than on Wednesday. I am so incredibly lucky to be surrounded by very helpful, patient and friendly coworkers! :D Even my boss seems to be very nice and understanding. I really couldn't have asked for more. So far I love my job! And I don't mind having to work on Saturdays every now and then. The library opens Monday-Saturday, so we have to take it into turns to be there on Saturday; I'll work tomorrow but next week I'll have the whole weekend for myself.

So, how did you guys celebrate Thanksgiving (if you did at all)? David and I just stayed home and ate "vacio" (it's carne asada but cut thicker) and mashed potatoes with gravy. All my in-laws are out in the desert; they always celebrate Thanksgiving there. We were invited, of course, but riding quads in the dunes is really not our cup of tea, hehe. Plus, we wanted to check out a few stores on Black Friday. We're just about to leave to do so. We can't splurge, but if I see some piece of clothing I like and is really cheap, I'll treat myself ;).

As you can see, there's no compendium today but there will certainly be one next week. I'm pretty confident I'll get back to blogging regularly and visiting you all very soon ;). I miss you! Thank you for understanding and for sending your great vibes always! ;D Love you, guys!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and are ready to have an awesome weekend! ;D

Tight hugs!

November 15, 2012

A compendium of somethings - Dualities

This week's compendium is about dualities: pairs, collaborations, 2 in 1, numero dos (nah, that doesn't sound good). I'm loving all the footwear and the food (because of course there's food!) in this post.

Something pretty + comfy: This is how you walk in heels without pain. You can get these stiletto sneakers right here.

Something fashionable: Here you have some cool collaborations.

I particularly dislike Starbucks, but I have the feeling a lot of people will be happy to know that they have joined with Rodarte to create these inexpensive goodies. More info here.

It's not just Chucks:

Something used 2-ways: Stairs + storage space under them.

Use your toaster to make regular toast and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Good and easy way to get rid of your yucky tissue paper when you've got a cold.

OK, this is not a real socket, it's just meant to hide your valuables, hehe; good idea, I guess.


Something that helps the less fortunate: By buying the following products, not only are you stuffing yourself with pretty stuff, you're also contributing to great causes.

5% of the sales will support the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to stop elephant poaching in Africa.

Chef Marcus Samuelsson has teamed with Harney & Sons on an exotic blend of teas called Ambessa to benefit UNICEF.

Something for you and your other half: Key to my heart necklace

I sleep on the other side of the bed, though.  Sleeping on that side feels totally wrong to me, haha. How about you, guys? Yes, I'm seriously asking; I'm curious.

Something to eat: I love it when they split the photo over at Bon Appetit. And the interviews are kind of interesting, too.

Something that combines food and fashion: Once again by Bon Appetit

A while ago ModCloth held a contest where you were supposed to match a meal with one of their pieces of clothing; this was my take. Sadly, I didn't win, but I like the combo; I'd absolutely wear that dress and eat that prosciutto, kale & butternut squash pizza, and not only that, I'd eat the pizza while wearing the dress, hehe :p.

1, 2 

And this is how happily place food on a dress :p. You can get them on etsy.

Something healthy: Yeah, more food. If you love baking and staying fit and healthy, you might get some use out of this post about Healthy baking substitutes. The article explains how and when you can use each one. As for me, I think I'd rather keep indulging myself with less healthy but easier options every now and then.


Something made of denim: A girl went through the trouble of trying on a lot of different pairs of jeans in the dressing room to see the differences and poured her insights on the matter in this post. If you want to read another article about the proper fitting of jeans, you can do so here.

Jeans + flip-flops? I'll pass this one. But if you do like them, you can find them on etsy.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend! ;D

We're going to see The Faint on Sunday, it's a band I barely know but David likes them a lot, so I'm excited. It'll be our way to celebrate his birthday, which is today! This is our second year celebrating it together :p. 

November 11, 2012

Pretty free fonts

Well, hello there! How has your weekend been? Mine, pretty uneventful, but good. I didn't go to a bbq I was going to go, but didn't feel like attending the last minute (I didn't feel like interacting with a certain biotch ... Yeah, it was one of those events :/.). Instead, I stayed home, worked out a little, had some wine, did my nails (which I very rarely do) and made some milanesas; so it was a pretty good weekend if you ask me :p.

This post was originally going to be named "Life lately" or something like that, but I decided to include some pretty rad fonts to at least offer something of use and not just throw a bunch of random photos, haha. So if you click the links, they'll take to the website where you can download them for free.

I've been eating healthily and working out consistently for about 6 months now, but I haven't been able to eliminate waffles. I got addicted to them the day I tried them :/.

The same thing happened with Sriracha :/. I use it to spice up my transparent noodles (aka bean noodles or cellophane noodles), milanesas and ... pretty much everything. I'm not one who loves super spicy food, but for some reason I love this sauce.

This past week, I got a package from Julep. I had seen a special code in a blog thanks to which I got one of their subscription boxes for 1 penny :p.

I'm happy with the nail polishes I got, but I'm not going to pay to keep receiving their boxes; it's $20 per month and to me, it's not really worth it. I still have to try the glitter :).


How do you, girls, manage to keep your nails pretty? The second I do the dishes or clean, they start chipping. I applied only one coat, though.


On Saturday, I got one of  the most amazing packages ever! :D It was sent by the awesome Katrin from Germany! :P Thank you so, so much, Katrin!

Look at everything she sent! It's insane!


This weekend I ate meat, which I hadn't eaten for a long, long time. I love how pretty and fresh vegetables look here, so I've been eating a bunch of them.


I guess that's pretty much it for now ;)

Hope your weekend was great, too ;). And hope you all have a wonderful week! ;D