October 14, 2012

Some might say

* Some might say that I'm anxious about my interview last Friday. I hope I was able to convince my 3 interviewers that I am the right the candidate for the job; I think I am :).

* Some might say that I'm a bit upset because Blogger, for some reason I don't know, has reset the views to my blog, so I moved from over 134,000 views to what? 35 right now? Thank you very much, Blogger. Update: this problem has been fixed, yay!

* Some might say that I feel sick in the stomach and tired of having a runny nose (I got the very first cold of the season already).

* The gardeners accidentally broke a gas pipe which affects our house and one of our neighbors'; that has certainly frustrated me.

* However, they might also say that I feel grateful for this unexpected sunny and hot day (95F/35C degrees!).

* I'm also happy that one of the ladies from the library called me today to ask how the interview had gone :). She also reminded me that this Wednesday we're having our monthly meeting and we're exchanging cookies, hehe. I'm going to prepare my colorful stamped ones once again. We're also hosting an ice-cream social at the senior center soon to recruit more volunteers; ice-cream makes me and my tummy happy :p.

* I'm also thankful for all the good vibes you've sent! They have all been received and are very much appreciated! ;D. 

* And I'm excited to have joined Swap-Bot, finally! I'm getting ready to send my first swap: 3 handmade envelopes.

* This past week, we found the perfect birthday present for our 15-year-old niece: a subscription to My Glam (now Ipsy). I asked her if she'd like that and she was thrilled! That made me really happy :).

* I opened my mailbox on Saturday and I found some kick-ass letters (that I'll share in a later post) from some of you; that always makes me smile :D.

There have been a lot of little great moments, there always are! And they sure outdo all the not-so-cool ones ;).

And to close this brief post, here's a proper song that takes me back to 1997 when I was a big oasis fan. Have I ever told you that my friend Val and I actually got to talk to Liam Gallagher? Ah, the old days ...

May you all have a wonderful week! ;D


Jenstar_Blonde said...

Hey miki! Hope your ok :) I'm sure your interviews went great!! they will be fighting over you :D hehe

lucky you on the hot day! when i woke up this morning it was 1C and my car was all icy!! it was so cold! :(

also i want some of those cookies! they look so good :D and blogger keeps doing that to me too! i keep having panic attacks when i see the 0 and then a couple of seconds later the numbers come back!! hehe :D keeping my fingers crossed for you getting one of those jobs lovely!

Jen xxx

Salvaged Strawberry said...

Good luck with the job! My fingers are crossed for you!! xo

Chrissy said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you! I'm sure the interviews were amazing! They'd be so stupid not to choose you!
Ah, happy mail is always the best!
Happy Monday xxx

Dreams Do Come True said...

my fingers are crossed for you.

I follow your blog and would love for you to follow me

Dreams Do Come True

seelvana said...

me llegó tu cartaaa!
gracias! sé que estoy mezclando todo y no debería comentarlo acá pero hoy y mañana no tengo tiempo de nada y te quería avisar!

ya se irán viendo los diferentes regalitos en fotos

Katrin said...

Blogger did the same to me too!
Oh poor, Miki! I am so sorry you are getting a cold! Feel better soon! I am thinking of you all the time and I knwo that you are the perfect person for the job!

Debbie No Está ® said...

Ohhh que lindas las galletitas!
Espero te sientas mejor y te haya ido genial en la entrevista, despues nos contas!


vero mariani said...

boniiiiiiiiiiiii, vamos! muchas pilas con el laburo! ojala te salga y que seas muy muy muy extra feliz for a long time! jejeje!
(y esas coookies POR DIOS!)
beso enorme mikiiiiii

lissa said...

those cookies looks good, wish I could there to exchange cookies, although it's probably not possible since I can't bake.

have a great day.

chantilly said...

those cookies are really, really beautiful miki. i'm so rooting for you to get that job!!

Kirsten Renz said...

I hope your interviews bring good news! And that the gas issue gets fixed (we were without water all weekend in my apartment complex, ehh).

MyGlam is the perfect gift! Great idea.

Hope you've been well!

Katie said...

Those cookies look sooooo good!

Maria said...

I bet you were awesome with the interviews!! I'm sending positive vibes your way!! That was so annoying that Blogger did that...I noticed it too...mine went back to normal after the night...I think it was a glitch...oh, Blogger!
I hope you are feeling much better and enjoying the beautiful weather!