October 03, 2012

It's that time of the year again!

You know fall has arrived when aisles in grocery stores are invaded by pumpkin-spiced everything, Party City starts advertising Halloween specials and craft stores start having Christmas sales. Wait, what? Yes, believe it or not, I snapped Christmas goodies at Michael's that were in the sales section. That combined with my coupon allowed me to make some early holiday shopping :p. Oh, and mind you, most of these pics were taken in early September; crazy.

Aren't these foam stickers the cutest? I couldn't help getting them.

Here are more Christmas goodies I found at Michael's. Remember how popular transparent Christmas balls were last year? Well, it turns out there's a wider variety of transparent ornaments this year; they're selling squared ones and flat balls :p.

I apologize for the poor quality of these pics; I took them really quickly with my cell phone.

They're also selling supplies to make snow globes :).

I don't know what these are (hangers, maybe?), but I want them. 

Going back a couple of pages in the calendar, there's Halloween. Look at the baby pumpkins I saw at Walmart! As you can probably imagine, they're way too expensive for what they are, but aren't they cute?

I'm coming to the conclusion that maybe I do not like pumpkin-spiced products. Last year I had pumpkin-spiced beer and thought it was too sharp; this year I tried these waffles and I must admit they're my least favorite so far. I do like fresh pumpkin, though; and I have yet to try the famous pumpkin-spiced latte. I hope I can find it in a regular coffee store, since I hate going to Starbucks.

I got these bags with erasers over at Target. Because you can't have too many erasers, right?

Has any of you ever had these M&Ms before? I'm curious to try them, but I hate candy corn; I actually don't know anybody who does, do you?

 According to Pet Smart, pets also celebrate Halloween.

Oh, and it's also election time in the States. Look at the cards I found at Target, ha.

Ok, pals, our journey into American stores has concluded, but there's more to come!

Today is a weird day to me because it'd have been my mom's birthday, but I'm determined not to think too much about it.

Have a great one! ;D


seelvana said...

me gustaron las pegatinas de hombre de jengibre!
y aderezo este comentario con un abrazo asfixiante para levantar el día!

Hello Naka said...

i hope you're keeping yourself busy, those ornaments look nice :)

Jazz said...

Oooo those stickers are so sweet! I'm getting so excited for Christmas already but don't want to be, otherwise I'll be sick of it by the time it actually comes around!
Hope you're having a good week xxx

Katrin said...

Oh dear, I know how you feel about today. I am thinking of you!!
And you found some great stuff! It is so funny that they already have a Christmas sale. haha.
I haven't tried pumpkin spiced latte either so you are not alone!
And David loooooves candy corn! :)
Have a great week! Love & hugs!

Kirsten Renz said...

I get so annoyed when they set out Halloween stuff so early! I saw some in JULY. It's teasing me!

I was never one to decorate for holidays but now that I have my own apartment, I'm all about it. I found really cute halloween cups at Target that are holding my pens on my desk now. I'm definitely going to stop by Michael's. Haven't been there in ages.

And those erasers are adorable! I might try and find some, too. I love giving away little freebies with each order I ship out. Those are perfect.

Can't wait to see how you decorate!

Anne's Mail said...

The things you thought were hangers - you're basically right. They are used to hang a wreath on your front door (or on any door really). The part covered in cardboard goes over the top of your door and the bottom hook holds the wreath! :)

PS - I love the Obama card!! Are you watching the debate tonight? (I'm a political junkie of sorts, so of course I'm excited.)

chantilly said...

oh man... those waffles don't look like they'd be good :P i love me some pumpkin spice, but i don't think i'd like those. and candy corn-flavored m&m's? so weird! if i see them, i'll have to try them, even though i'm sure they'd be disgusting/ awesome.


Seeking Style said...

Ah the holidays are upon us! I can't wait!

xo Jennifer

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

What a lovely post! Whenever I visited the US I used to love spending hours at Michael's!
You picked some amazing things! Those stickers are really cute indeed, and those little cat erasers are adorable as well:D

P.S. YES! Wow, thank you! I'm so excited! And I still live in the same place:)

ceci a. said...

Ay Mikiii estás en el país donde hay de todo para todos los gustos, qué geniales cosas! Me encantaron tus elecciones. Eso sí; basta de keep calm, pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssss
Un beso enorme :-)

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Oh the christmas stickers are cute! Not a halloween fan myself and really dislike pumpkin flavour! I have never tried candy corn as we dont get it in the UK so have no idea if I would like it or not. Will be sending you out a letter this week, so ill explain the props reference! and all the chaos ive been having!
Daisy Dayz

Chrissy said...

I sure do miss Michael's and all those other big craft chains! :(
Love all the sweet ornament craft thingys you can get there!
Have fun crafting!
Hugs xxx

Maria said...

Those transparent ornaments are so neat...and would be so fun to fill and decorate!! I have never heard abt those candy corn m and m's...I am one of the crazy ppl who actually like them. Haha. My friend just made a comment the other day "Eww, you like them?! Gross!" Lol They are sickingly sweet!
Glad you had a fun day @ the craft store!
Have a relaxing night, Miki!

lisa said...

I really can't believe it's that time already! And since it's still in the 90s it's impossible for me to think about xmas :) I hate Starbucks too but most of my local coffee shops have seasonal flavored lattes like pumpkin, gingerbread, peppermint, etc. I tried making some pumpkin syrup but it just turned out okay- it would kind of sink to the bottom... oh well!

Printing Ray said...

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Corina said...

How different from Argentina! We barely see this stuff here. It looks fun!