October 08, 2012

It's all a state of mind

Hello, everybody! Happy second week in October! And happy birthday to my great friend Cori! :D This week is like no other week to me. I feel anxious, happy and hopeful. One of my husband's complaints about me (the only one he's made public, anyway) is that I don't usually let my feelings out. And he's damn right. When he asks me if I'm nervous, I always deny it; if I'm worried or annoyed, I deal with such feelings within myself; if I'm sad, I cry alone. I try not to worry the people I love with my petty problems, because I know we all have our own issues and I'd hate to know I'm adding to someone's stress. 

This blog has helped me open up a little more, though. And I have to thank you all for always being so sweet and encouraging! I do not know most of you in person and still feel you so close!  You make me feel it's ok to throw a rant every now and then and what's more, you're there to offer your support, ideas and time; that is priceless to me and for that I'll be forever grateful. 

As I said in the first paragraph, this week is like no other week. For the first time ever since I moved to this country, I feel hopeful. As many of you might or might not know, I've been struggling (should write that word in capital bold letters) trying to find a job. And this week, on Friday to be more precise, I have the job interview I have so been waiting for :). It's only a part-time job and it's nothing out of this world, but it means so much to me! I am hopeful, but I'm also very scared. Scared not to nail the interview and not to get the job. It's amazing how this little piece of news has kept me excited these past few weeks (I mean it's just an interview!). I'm scared that if I don't hear the news I'm expecting, I'm going to go downhill and it's going to be hard to pick myself back up, dust myself off and start all over again. I'll try to stay positive, have confidence in myself for once and convince myself that it's all a state of mind.

It's amazing how being hopeful and happy has kept me "on the right track" so effortlessly. I've eating more healthily than ever (although, yes, I might have had a beer or two, hehe), I've been constant with my work-out routine, overall I've been feeling way better about myself, which, let me tell you, does not happen frequently. I feel positive and filled with great energy; and I do believe that a positive attitude brings even more positivity :). 

Anyway, let me show you some pictures from the weekend so this post is not just jibber-jabber. 

I really wanted to buy a blazer to wear the day of my interview. I think a simple black blazer is a must-have in every woman's closet and it's been too long since I last wore one! After some thorough online research, I decided that Forever XXI was the store to go. And I wasn't mistaken; I'm so glad we took a trip there! I tried on 3 or 4 different blazers and decided to bring this one home at the reasonable price of $27.90.

Erm, I couldn't help noticing that a lot of their inventory was on sale (50% off of the already reduced price!), so I tried a couple of other things I had not planned to buy. I ended up getting this cute skirt for $4, a make-up brush set for 50 cents and pink blush for $1.50. I'm very happy with my purchases :p.

This week I made the decision of quitting Coke. I truly believe I'm addicted to diet Coke :/. I know it's not good for my body plus it's a waste of money, so there was not much to put on the scale; I should've quit a long time ago! I do drink a lot of water every day and enjoy tea and coffee, but I also need to spoil myself with some sweet cold beverage, so I'm trying different powder juices. I usually get Crystal Light's mojito mix (non-alcoholic, obviously!), but they were out, so I chose their peach/mango green tea mix; I really like it.

I'm still trying to get the hang of the sewing machine. I'd never thought it was going to be easy, but I think I'm even worse at it than I'd expected, haha. I won't give up, though! I got frustrated because it kept making a mess of the thread, but of course, there was a reason for such mess and I was the only one to blame. I think I might now be able to start actually sewing little things :).

OK, guys, I'll wrap up this post here. If you have any tips about job interviews, would you please share them with me? I'd love to hear them! ;D

Thank you for reading and for being there. Know that you are very much appreciated!


seelvana said...

Amiga, felicitaciones por ese optimismo! es la mejor herramienta, bonita!
Vos misma has visto los cambios ya!

Ahora, muy lindas tus compras, pero te bajo el pulgar con los jugos, tienen mucho químico!
son puro coloranteacidulanteconservante caca caca para tu barriga.

No existe el sirope natural allá? Sino probá de hacerlo, porfi porfi.

Loves, seelvieah ♥

Katie said...

Hi Miki! I am so happy to hear you have an interview! I'm excited for you amiga!!! They will be CRAZY if they don't hire you! I know they will! You are right though, it is all a state of mind! Do you know that ONE just ONE POSITIVE thought is more powerful than a negative thought? If you think negative than it will be negative. In your mind, imagine yourself at the interview, FEEL how excited and happy you will be just to be there, then imagine they say you GOT THE JOB and how joyous you will feel ... really feel that moment. Don't leave room to think "I hope I pass the interview" or "I hope they hire me" or "I don't think they will hire me" instead think: "I WILL pass the interview!" "They will like me!" "They will give me the job!" "I will be working soon and very happy". Think positive thoughts, and in your mind actually FEEL LIKE YOU ALREADY HAVE THE JOB and imagine yourself working there. I guarantee it will work. =) I wish you all of the best amiga and remember think positive no matter what! :) TE QUIERO MUCHOOO !


Michelle (VINTAGECOBWEB) said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm so glad I'm following you, I hope you can put up some photos of your vintage books.

Good luck with the job!

lissa said...

I would love to give you interview tips, unfortunately I'm so bad at it that just saying hello causes my hands to shake but I had gone through a few interviews and it's not a complete failure. one thing I think that does help, I think, is to wear comfortable clothes that way, you won't be fidgeting through the interview like I did once.

good luck!

Naila Moon said...

Keep confident and nail it!
GOod luck!
~Naila Moon

JoAnna said...

Love all the positivism in this post. Good luck on your interview. Being nervous is completely understandable, just relax and think good thoughts :)

Chrissy said...

Ah, how awesome! I am so happy for you! Good luck for the interview, I know you will nail it! xxx

chantilly said...

i am so, so, so SO, SO happy for you that you got a job interview!! it might sound weird... but my best strategy has always been to make myself feel that i don't care too much about it. stay with me here... it relaxes your mind. and rather than being in the mindset of "i hope i'm good enough!" it turns it into more of a YOU interviewing THEM situation.

good luck, amazing lady! xoxo

Katrin said...

We have so much in common! I usually deal with my problems myself and don't want to talk about it. I know that it is stupid but that's just how I am!
Have a great week! Hugs!

Rosie Sherratt said...

Love the blazer and skirt!
I recently had a job interview too, so I know how you're feeling - nervous but excited at the same time!
I'm sure you'll be fine, and that you'll get the job - they are bound to love you just as much as we in the blogging world do :)
Rosie xo
A Pocketful of Rosie

Marisa Noelle said...

So excited and happy for you Miki! You'll do great. It's not hard to see your shining, cheerful personality even just being a reader through the words on your blog, but in person, I bet it's even far more infectious :) For several years I worked for an agency that specialized in getting displaced homemakers and single moms back into the work force. We would set up mock interviews with local companies for these women so they could get practice and feedback and we would train them before going. A good handshake, eye-contact, and smile go a long way. Also, know a bit about the company before you go and ask them questions too (not about salary or vacation though..haha). You probably know all this already though :) Very best wishes darling gal. Keeping my fingers crossed for you! xo Marisa

Nena Nadine said...

Good luck! I really don't have any advise for you. I don't think I'm any good at interviews. just do your best to prove you're the one for the job. And that skirt what a steal!!! Happy sewing!

lisa said...

Congrats on the interview Miki! That's so exciting- can't wait to hear the news. Your husband's complaint about you is funny to me because I think Brian's would be the opposite- I am a constant outpour of emotion :) Good luck with the sewing, you can do it! Wish we could hang out for sewing days :)