October 11, 2012

A compendium of seasonal somethings

Fall has officially started here and spring, in the southern half of the world, so here's a compendium devoted to seasons. And yes, I took the liberty to include a few celebrations that are not exactly seasons.

Something yummy for cold days: Hot chocolate on a stick sounds neat to me :p. 

The Daily Mixer managed to create these awesome and colorful S'mores.

I am so going to make these twice-baked sweet potatoes!

I thought picnics were only suitable for spring and summer, but this article proved me wrong. Having soup outdoors actually sounds like a great idea :p.

Something for winter: These mug sweaters are cute! And the hot water bottle takes me back to the old days :p.

I'm not sure if clothes with patches are only worn in the cold season, but they have winter written all over in my humble opinion. Aren't these the cutest?

Something for Halloween: Hello Kitty jelly bellies.

Use toilet paper rolls + glow sticks to make glow in the dark spooky eyes; what a great and inexpensive way to decorate a garden!

Decorating this Halloween cake roll is time-consuming, but it does look good.

Something for Thanksgiving: Every Thanksgiving table should have an inflatable turkey, right?

Something for Christmas: I need all of these pretty ornaments.

Something for every celebration: I'm thrilled to have discovered The Pasta Shoppe. I mean as if food were not enjoyable on its own, these guys created a brand which sells themed packages of noodles; and yes, when I say "themed" I mean the noodles are shaped according to the topic on the label. So you can have leaves and pumpkins for fall, cats and spiderwebs on Halloween, pine trees and ginger bread houses and men for Christmas. Cute!

See what I mean? And since we're in election season, they're also selling donkey and elephant-shaped pasta for democrats and republicans respectively, haha.

Something for spring: Or any day which is not too cold or too hot, I guess. Here's a DIY so you can make your own lace socks

Something to have a dip in: The following are probably the most beautiful bathing suits that I ever did see (not necessarily practical and/or comfortable, though).


Something mouth-watering: I can eat ice-cream all year round. I don't care if temperatures are below zero, it's always a great day to have ice-cream.

These are not edible, they're just paperweights, but I want to bite them. 

Something for every season: Bee Raw Honey sells a wide variety of seasonal and flavored honey.




Something for fall: I left the video for the end, because nobody watches them unless they're at the end of a post, right? Do you ever watch videos posted on blogs? I rarely do; it depends on who posts them. But anyway, Lisa Mitchel's "Clean White Love" music video is the epitome of fall to me. 

Hope you have an awesome weekend! ;D


Chrissy said...

You always find the best things! I love those awesome paper weights!
Happy weekend xxx

Maria said...

Okay, so I am still Ohh'ing and Ahh'ing over that adorable black cat pumpkin - what an awesome idea! Ahhh, I have to make one of those this Halloween! Thank you so much for the idea! And the cat pasta...I love the cat lady in you! Haha!
The hot chocolate on a stick is too seriously find the best ideas, Miki! :)
Happy weekend to you!

Hello Naka said...

the green pocky was green tea flavoured :p
I think a winter picnic would be very romantic :)

seelvana said...

cómo la pegaste con el video al final!
es muy verdad que si están al comienzo uno los saltea!

ADORÉ la malla! mucho mucho
la quedé mirando largo rato jajajjaa

y lo de las mieles me re sirve! estoy viendo un proyecto similar en mi zona y la verdad que está re bueno ver el mismo mercado pero yankee, siempre tienen la punta los tipos ;)

Gracias y volvé rápido a contarnos cuándo arrancás con ese trabajo nuevo que seguramente agarraste :D

Mary Has Sound said...

I want to eat those colorful s'mores and also.. oh my god those ornaments. I love the whale and the jellyfish so much!

Lucia M. said...

ughgh habia comentado algo y me lo borroooo decia q hace mil q no paso por ningun blog, q no te tomes mi ausencia de manera personal hahaha es tarde, no pongo ni comas ni puntos y hasta creo q escribo las palaras mal.... (si, 4 puntos suspensivos)

Katrin said...

I had hot chocolate on a stick once and it was delicious!
I need these Christmas ornaments too! Imagine how wonderful the Christmas tree would look!
Have a wonderful Sunday, my dear Miki! Hugs!

Kirsten Renz said...

Suddenly very hungry... those hot chocolate on a stick sticks are amazing!

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Oh my god the amores!! Amazing! The little lace shoe socks! Sweet! And christmas ornaments! Heck its nearly here isnt it!

Daisy Dayz
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Corina said...

Miki, I've just gained some weight after reading this post... shame on you! lol

Nena Nadine said...

Loving those little lace socks that peep out.