October 30, 2012

We made it to the pumpkin patch

Ah! I'm so not original! Aren't you tired of looking at photos of bloggers in pumpkin patches? Hackneyed, I know! But hey! In my defense, this was my very first time in one ... Because, you know, I'm Argentinean ... And I (and my husband) suck at planning things, so we didn't make it last year, ha. To make it up to you, I'll make this post funny escatological, I promise.

We almost failed to visit one this year as well because I got sick in the stomach on Friday night. Why did I get sick ... ? Damn, I can't recall ... Oh, wait, yes, I had a beef burrito (aka the killer) followed by a dose of cough medicine (no, I'm not working on a meth lab! I get bad colds and coughs even when it's hot - FYI it's still hot in SoCal). Anyway, the next day I felt almost just as bad, but given that most pumpkin patches/corn mazes close by Halloween, we had to go this weekend. It was a very short visit because I needed to know there was a restroom available as soon as I needed one, haha. TMI? Sorry.

So, without further ado, here are a few pics we took at the pumpkin patch.

A lot of pumpkins were already going bad or rotten, haha, but it didn't matter to me, I was a happy bunny just enjoying this new experience.

I guess this is the most Halloweenish outfit you'll see me wear this year: a skeleton tee I bought in Argentina a while before taking off. Well ... you can't actually see much of it.

I don't know why I thought I had to pick up a pumpkin every time David was about to take a photo of me, haha. 

This is the corn maze we didn't get to do because of what I told you in paragraph #2; plus I don't think my footwear was corn maze-friendly (it never is. I'm so short, I try not to wear flats when we go out). Don't ask me how I managed not to fall walking on the dirt up and downhill, dodging holes and lumps; I'm well trained, I guess.

After seeing these pics, I realized I have a pizza face :/. So from now on, you can totally call me pizza face if you feel so inclined ... I can almost see the olives spread all over the circumference of my face, bahahaha!

We didn't buy a pumpkin, but we didn't leave empty handed :p. This farm is part of a college field where students grow a lot of veggies and put them up for sale.

They have a market where you can buy goodies grown or made outside the farm, too. I accidentally found the themed pasta I included in a compendium a couple of weeks ago :). It was over 5 bucks, so we didn't get any.

Not chocolate, but candles.

And these are the goodies we did buy :p. I love the glass milk bottle and yes, that's an empty honey bear, ha. You could fill it with their own honey, but I just wanted the container ... I wonder who's going to get it in the mail :p!

OK, this was another boring pumpkin patch blog post ... But it was a fun experience to me :p!  

Have a fun Halloween if you celebrate it! And a wonderful day!

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October 28, 2012

Moo giveaway ~closed ~

It's that time of the year when you have to start getting ready to send your Holiday cards. Picking the right one, the one that is original enough, portrays your personality and will become the recipient's favorite can be a tad daunting. Lucky us, there's Moo to make things easier! They have a wide selection to suit all tastes. These are some of my very favorites ;).
You can choose colors and fonts for the custom message inside, and you can even upload your own logo.

And it gets even better: for all of you talented artists out there, Moo lets you upload your very own art work and photos, so you can have your own design printed on the cards.

Now on to the giveaway details! Moo is going to give 3 lucky winners a set of 25 Holiday cards. Awesome, right? ;D
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This giveaway is open worldwide and closes on November 5th. 3 lucky winners will be drawn randomly and announced shortly.

Have a great day, everyone! ;D

October 26, 2012

A compendium of somethings for my friends

Ok, yes, this compendium might look like a bunch of unrelated somethings. However, if you're lucky to know the same people I know, you'll understand why I chose every link. So, this is a virtual gift from me to some of my favorite people/bloggers ;). Enjoy!

Something for Jenna: And all my fellow crazy-cat ladies out there (knowingly: Katrin, Seel, AshleyLisa, Mary, Ceci, Chantilly

CAT BOUNCE! A website of bouncing cats.

Something for Cori: She's one of my dearest friends from Argentina and she's about to tie the knot with her beloved Henne. I'm really bummed I won't be able to witness such an important moment (this is the first big event I'm missing), but, Cori, if I could be there and had loads of money to splurge, I'd used this idea as inspiration to throw you a colorful Fiammi-friendly bachelorette party ;).

Something for Mary: She might know or not know about The Elevated Envelope Exchange, but just in case she doesn't here's the link. The name of the blog is pretty self-explanatory, right? Look at one of the envelopes involved in the project! 

And Plenty of Colour, which I've talked about before, but a great blog is worth mentioning twice, right? ;)

Something for Seel: She makes the cutest dishes and not only that, she draws them majestically! ;P If I were to invite her to dinner, I'd treat her to some fun pasta like the following. I can already imagine her watercolor drawings! You can see some of her yummy and cute creations here and here.

And how about furniture-shaped waffles for dessert? I want this waffle maker!

Something for Katrin: Because she is always cold, haha. Can you believe she sleeps with 3 water bottles? You can buy these knitted socks here.

Something for Ceci: She recently moved, so she's still decorating and making her new house her home. Plus, she's expecting her fist baby. Thank you, Vero,for having introduced me to Lucat!!! I am so in love with all of their products :p. They make the prettiest wallpapers, decals and fabrics! And they even print your custom design; it doesn't get any better than that.

Something for Lissa: Because it rains a lot in New York, where she lives and because it honors the name of her blog, Don't rain on Mondays ;). Yes, these are transparent rain boots! And you can purchase them for $35.

Something for all of you who want to temporarily dye your hair: We've all heard about hair chalk, but it turns out there's even a cheaper way to dye your hair: Kool Aid, ha! There are a lot of tutorials out there; here's one.


Hope you all have an awesome weekend! ;D

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October 23, 2012

Sunglasses Shop giveaway - Closed -

Well, hello, there! I have some great news for you ... It's giveaway time! ;D Yesterday, you read my review for Sunglasses Shop and now it's time for one of you to get a pair of Jeepers Peepers of your choice.

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Have a great day, everybody! ;D

October 22, 2012

Sunglasses Shop review

When I was contacted by Sunglasses Shop to review a pair of sunglasses of my choice, I was thrilled. My heart was set on finding the perfect pair with a tortoise frame and retro vibe, so when I saw these Jeepers Peepers, I knew I had to get them.

They are similar to the ones my mom used to wear when I was a child, but with a modern twist. I know I'll be happy to show them off in sunny California!

I wore them this past weekend for the first time and I have to say that they meet all my expectations; they're big but not insanely huge, stylish and easy to match, and most importantly absolutely comfortable.

If you're looking for the perfect pair of sunnies to match your style and personality (and budget!), don't hesitate to browse through their wide variety of designer sunglasses.

You'll be able to find your favorite pair of Ray Bans or Oakley sunglasses, or something totally different that's right up your alley ;).

So, what kind of shades are you coveting these days?

Hope you all have a wonderful week! ;D

* This post was sponsored by Sunglasses Shop.