September 11, 2012

What Miki ate

How annoying of me to refer to myself in the third person, right?

Anyway, I am obsessed with taking pictures of everything and food is no exception.  This is what I've been stuffing my mouth with lately.

Did you know that black potatoes are purple inside? One more reason to love them.

White tea tastes better if served in my favorite teapot.
And yes, there's a chair in the cup.

I finally found raspberry M&Ms; they're really good, but I think my very favorite are still coconut M&Ms ... And I don't even like real coconut, ha.

I'm in love with baked asparagus. You can find the recipe here.

Healthy homemade strawberry ice-cream. Recipe to come soon.

Of course I've been eating way more meals, but these are the prettiest ones, hehe.

Have a great one, kids! ;D


Maria said...

You take the prettiest food photos!! I love those raspberry m and m's...they are addicting. And your kitty teapot - omygoodness, that is adorable and amazing!! :)
Hope you are having a wonderful September!

Dorothy Explor'r said...

purple potatoes! had those for the first time over labor day weekend when i was visiting my chef friends! <3

Jessica said...

Love the heart-shaped plate! And the cup with the chair in it ;)