September 06, 2012

Outfit post & giveaway winners

Hello, everybody! It's been a good while since my last outfit post or since I last showed my face for the matter. I want to make outfit posts a regular thing not because I like posing in front of a camera (it actually makes me feel uncomfortable and awkward), but because I want to try and make a greater effort when it comes to getting dressed. I love clothes, don't get me wrong! It's just that I put on very basic garments to go to the library; we are constantly dusting off books, sitting on the floor and stepping on ladders, so I'm very limited with what I can wear. And other than the library, I don't go out much, ha, so I have no reason to put much thought into my outfits. But I want to make it a point to dress nicely when we do go out and I believe that showing you what I come up with will help as motivation :). Plus, I appreciate being told when pieces do not match and getting advice from gals (and why not boys, too?) with more experience in the fashion department, so please do not hesitate to say I'm doing things wrong, haha ;).

Today we're going to a comedy club to see Adam Carolla (the recording of a podcast). Do you by any chance know him? This is my outfit for tonight. I tried it on yesterday to see if I liked the combo and took a few pics. I have to say that even thought I love the dress, its fabric is so thick that I don't think it's flattering :/. I'm ok with its cut, quality and color, but the material tends to wrinkle in unfavorable spots (such as around the waist) and that sort of gives a weird effect to the eye.

Since I decided to give my fuchsia lipstick a try, I paired the dress with a satchel in a similar color. I never ever wear lipstick, just a little pinkish gloss, but having won this one has made me think that maybe I can wear a little color on my lips every now and then. It makes me feel weird to be honest, but maybe it's just a matter of getting used to it, right?

I was going to go with black sandals, but these ones have a little pink/fuchsia, so I thought they matched the rest of the outfit.

The hair clips are my mother-in-law's, but she generously passed them on to me.

I look too serious in all the pics, so here's a little smile (or something like that), hehe.

OK, now onto important things! The winners of my giveaway are:

Paris necklace: Katrin
Tulle pleated shirt/dress: Serenap95
White vintage dress: Marisa
Cashmere cardi: Tita
Black vest: Marie

Congrats! I'll be contacting you all soon.

Have a great day, everyone! ;D


Marisa Noelle said...

What!!! I just got your email pretty lady and I couldn't be more excited :) Thanks so much! Oh and btw, you are gorgeous! You seriously should post more of your outfit/makeup photos here. I love the pink/green color combo so much. As for the makeup - I am totally boring when it comes to my routine for eye makeup. I need more color in my life - I adore Urban Decay shadows and really want to try that color. Have a simply fantastic week my friend! xo Marisa

Serenap95 said...

Hi I got your email, but my hotmail account is messed up. I emailed you through my gmail account - serena6504(at)gmail(dot)com
Hopefully you will get it.

Thank you so much!

Heike said...

I like pretty much EVERYTHING in that outfit. You look very pretty and skinny in that dress!
One concern I have (but this might be a personal thing) I don't like the green eyeshadow that much! It is either accentuating your lips OR your eyes, but not both!
But like I said it is probably just me. I got for LESS IS MORE when it comes to Make Up!
You'll have a great night out. Is it he Ice House Comedy Club?

Chrissy said...

Ah, Miki, you look amazing! Love the entire outfit! Wow, you've really lost some weight....awesome! You are beautiful! xxx

seelvana said...

me gustan todos los accesorios pero el vestido no me convence, ufa!

y yo que vos me meto un poco de rubor rosado, cambia muuuuucho la cara :D

ceci a. said...

Hola Mikiii! Qué lindo lookete! Te qureda MUY bien

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

This is lovely, Miki! I really love those shades of green and pink together. It's such a happy combination. And so girly, yet mature. I love ti!

chantilly said...

you look beautiful!! i love the color of that dress on you! also, i think even though it makes you uncomfortable, you should get in the habit of taking more outfit photos. you'll gradually get used to it, and i think it will make you more comfortable with yourself and the way you look :) xoxo!

Mary Has Sound said...

I've seen his stand up special on comedy central! That's awesome that you are going to see him tonight, I hope you have a great time.

You look really cute and I'm glad you are dressing up, :-)

Marie said...

oh gané, gané, victory dance

me encanta la combinación verde rosa, incluso hay una novela de stendhal que se llama así (no, no me confundo con El rojo y el negro, esta es ooootra)

vero mariani said...

mikiiiiiiiiiiiii te queda divino nena! me encanta el vestido, la cartera y el combo de colores :)
aay qué bien me hizo entrar acá. hace MUCHO que no tengo vida virtual, este robo a mi tiempo de arduo laburo me sienta muy bien, te extraño! jejeej!
beso enorme linda!

Anne's Mail said...

The dress looks great! It's structured and a great length and I don't think it's unflattering at all :)
I may start taking outfit pics too, because I don't wear a good chunk of the clothes I own and I want to change that! I'm not photogenic though :-/

Dorothy Explor'r said...

hey miki! awesome giveaway and idea :) i may just have to do that! such a kind gesture - i heart good people.


Katrin said...

YAAAAAAAAYYYYY! You make me so happy, Miki! Thank you sooooo much! Yayayyay!
And I am in love with your outfit, I love the combination of green and pink, I love the dress, the shoes the bag, the lipstick, you! You're so beautiful!
And no, I am sorry, I don't know that guy. :(
But still: YAY!

Lalav said...

Hello Miki, I am back and overjoyous to be on your blog again!

I love you in green!

Oh, I've thought of you during my holidays cause I've met an Argentinian couple and thanks to them I've finally tasted mate: I love it and I'm trying so hard to find it here in Italy!


Kirsten Renz said...

I'm obsessed with Celebrity Apprentice and Adam Corolla was on it (I'd heard of him, but only really know him because of that). Hope it was fun!

I really love that dress! It looks great on you, too.

Rosie Sherratt said...

love love LOVE your dress! great outfit :D

it's lovely to come by here again and see what you've been upto ^_^
Rosie xo
A Pocketful of Rosie