September 09, 2012


Hello, everybody! Are you ready to start a new week, yet? And can you believe we're almost in mid September?! Crazy. This past weekend we haven't done much, really, but I did get to send a few letters on Saturday morning :p. I'm so behind with my mail, but, please bear with me! I have so many things to send that I need to split them through time. Of course, I totally forgot to take photos of most of the envelopes and packages that we took to the post office, but here are a few I managed to snap.

A friend from Argentina told me she wanted a Hello Kitty toaster like the one David bought for me. I wish I could give her one (maybe when I go to Buenos Aires to visit? :p); but in the meantime, I sent her a few Hello Kitty goodies I bought over at Party City.

Every time I go to that store, I supply myself with little trinkets and sweets to send together with my letters.

I usually stock myself with things from Walmart's clearance section as well. Look at the little treasures I found :).

Mini erasers :p.

I also like to use free stuff to write my letters on such as these menus from The Hat.

They added a full Jelly Belly station in a local grocery store. I couldn't help grabbing a couple of bags even though I didn't buy anything :/. I plan on using them as envelopes.

I got to ship the prizes to most of my giveaway winners; here's one of the packages.

I wish I could send boxes to my buddies in Argentina, too! If only international postage wasn't so expensive! :(.

As for incoming mail, I got these letters from MaryKatie and Anne :D.

Look at all the stationery Katie sent p!

I got this awesome unexpected box from Ashley :D. She's the very first friend I made thanks to this blog and the designer of this blog's layout ;).

By the way, if you wonder why you see my last name as Gima and Iannetta, the first one is my maiden name. I got used to using David's, but I still have stickers with my old name printed on.

This is the Hello Kitty I got :P. It's now next to my little Teddy Bear, the only object that belonged to my mom that I brought with me when I moved.

Last but not least, my awesome husband has surprised me once again with a majestic package! A friggin' sewing machine!!! :O I really couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it. I've been meaning to learn how to sew for so long! :D Well, now I can, yay! I have no idea how to use it, but I'm sure I'll figure it out. If you girls happen to know of a website where I can find very basic tutorials, would you please let me know? ;) Thanks a lot!

This week should be quite hectic, I really need to get myself into reading and submitting assignments for school ... I hope I can get in the mood! I'll try my very best.

Have a majestic week, everyone! ;D


Lalav said...

Hi Miki, I've tried to get you on the email but maybe I've got a wrong address?! Check out my blog, there's a prize for you!


Laura L. said...

MIKI! Look at your stash of little things! Love it. Tell me the truth though, do you ever deliberately hold them just to feel like a giant? ;)

Happy Monday!!

Jessica said...

Good luck with the sewing! I have no patience for it, but I sometimes dream of giving it another shot. Thanks for linking up at Sweet Saturday and letting me know about my bloglovin' link, I fixed it now, and here is direct link to my Healthy Mommy, healthy Baby there if you still wish to follow: Thanks!!!!

seelvana said...

qué de papelajes divinossssssss!
feliz estreno de la maquinita!

Rosie Sherratt said...

such cute things!
i love the mini erasers, i used to collect them when i was younger ^_^
Rosie xo
A Pocketful of Rosie

BlogLoveTherapy said...

very cute collection! So theres this super CUTE hello kitty sew machine that I wanted a while back.. but it's a good thing that I didnt get it.. cause I learned to hate sewing. hehe But you should check it out. It's super cute

I am having a giveaway if you want to check it out

Anonymous said...

Scented cupcake stickers? I think my day was just made. Cute blog! :)

Debbie No Está ® said...

Noo que lindo todo!! y que buena amiga que sos <3 la prox que vengas a bs as traete un par de tostadoras y vendelas! jaja yo te compro.


Mary Has Sound said...

Such awesome mail, Miki! Thanks for sharing, :-)

Marisa Noelle said...

Ah - I swear you are the cutest and the most thoughtful Miki! All those trinkets and do-dads have my eyes swirling ... those little cupcake notes and stickers <3!

That was so sweet of your hubs to get that sewing machine for you. I wish I could give you some tips - but I haven't used one in years. I have my grandmother's vintage one, but have yet to move it into my house :( Looking forward to seeing what you will create with it :) Have one lovely week darling! xo Marisa

Kirsten Renz said...

I love these posts! you should definitely show us your stationary stash! i'm sure you have so so much.

Coquis said...

Hi Miki! Congrats on the sewing machine :D
The incoming and ongoing mail pics look awesome. International post from Argentina is also expensive :(
Hopefully it will be cheaper from Europe ;)
Have a nice week and keep us posted about how you do with the new present!